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Vagisil Anti-Itch Creme

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/ Type: Feminine Powders, Cleansers & Deodorisers

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    5 Reviews
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      10.05.2013 16:22
      Very helpful



      An excellent treatment for itchy female genitals!


      Us women have a lot to put up with: periods, thrush and unexplained genital itching being just three of life's trials. Until a couple of years ago Canesten was the only product I was aware of for any sort of vulva/labial/clitoral itchiness, but since it's specifically designed to treat thrush I was always stuck when I was thrush-free but uncomfortable.

      On a trip to Boots I spotted Vagisil and asked the pharmacist about it, particularly when I noticed it was several pounds cheaper than Canesten. He explained it worked as an anaesthetic, rather than an anti-fungal cream, and so was specifically designed to relieve 'feminine itching'.

      Female genital itching is very common and can have many causes, including using certain toiletries, sweating, sex, periods and even the wrong washing powder! The latter seems to be the main culprit in my case, and we've now switched to a mid-brand non-bio washing powder. It seems that if I wash my knickers in anything else I feel like I've got a flea infestation!


      Vagisil is widely available over-the-counter in the UK for around £3-4. It comes in a metal tube packaged within a cardboard box. It's relatively discreet to buy as the packaging is coloured a non-descript purple. The tube is opened by piercing the film lid with the spike on top of the screwtop lid.

      The product itself is a thin, white cream which is thinly applied to the itchy area (often around the labia) with clean hands. It is not intended for internal use. The active ingredient is lignocaine, a form of anaesthetic. The cream has no obvious smell, and upon application, relief is instant.


      I'm unlucky enough to suffer both thrush and general genital itching on a fairly regular basis. I keep both Canesten and Vagisil in my bathroom, but Vagisil gets used far more frequently. It's been a huge relief, in more ways than one, to find a product that soothes and relieves this miserable condition.

      If you do suffer from feminine itching it's always worth talking to your doctor, especially if it's accompanied by pain or smelly discharge as this can indicate an infection.


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      05.10.2011 21:40
      Very helpful



      a good cream which tackles the misery of feminine itching

      This product does what it says both on the box and on the tube so luckily I do not have to provide any graphic detail about my problem - basically it claims to provide 'fast relief for feminine itching'. I read somewhere that live plain yoghurt helps but unfortunately it did not work for me and just made a mess on my underwear, bathroom floor and did not smell too good the next morning.

      This 30 gm tube cost me £3.99 from Superdrug yesterday and I have to say it is worth every penny and I would recommend it for we women who sometimes experience of itching due to either yeast infections or allergies etc. but it should not be used internally.

      It should not be used by pregnant women nor girls under 12 years of age but as neither of these apply I gladly paid my money and used the Vagisil as soon as I got home and had washed my hands thoroughly.

      The tube has a top on which, when turned over, allows the piercing to open the aluminium container which looks is roughly the same size as a toothpaste tube. The white cream looks like Savlon and is the same consistency but without the smell.

      The cream is easy to apply and caused almost instant soothing and finally today the dreaded itching has stopped and my life is back to 'normal'.

      It tells me on the tube that it should not be used for more than a week and if itching occurs it is advised to see your doctor. I'm soooo glad I did not have to see the nurse who works for our GP as she wears huge false fingernails....

      The ingredients are listed on the tube in a clear format although I do not understand many of the terms only recognising zinc oxide, stearic acid , caster oil and glycerin although there are plenty more to choose from.

      However, I have to say in all honesty, that the ingredients of this tube were not the main thing on my mind when I purchased it - I just wanted to start applying it as soon as possible!

      So, in conclusion, compared to a few days ago I am a very happy bunny as my itching and dryness has gone and Vagisil is responsible in my opinion as I have made no other changes in my life nor have I applied anything else.

      I am therefore awarding a full 5 stars for this little tube - for the price, ease of use, quick results and availability and would recommend it to all ladies who have a mild - moderate itching in their precious parts.


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        07.08.2010 19:32
        Very helpful



        Good stuff.

        I was a bit reluctant to write this review. It makes me feel uncomfortable writing it as it will some people will reading it. I will remind people, that this is a product to treat female genitalia, so some content of this review may be discomforting. I will remind men, this is for a yeast infection!! An infection caused by germs, so don't think you're reading anything 'interesting' here.

        I used Vagasil after seeing the advert on television. I constantly have bad thrush. Now, you have to be careful when diagnosing yourself, because what may seem like Thrush could be an STD. Regardless of whether people like it or not, I'm going to add some advice for knowing how you have thrush, what it is, and how you could stop it. My biggest concern is that this commonly affects teenagers, and I don't want 15 year old girl reading this from Google, and buying the cream without acknowledging that it could be a sexual disease. Some may say this is irrelevant product information, but I think I would rather sleep at night knowing I'm not putting a teenager in a dangerous position, rather than walk on eggshells just to keep a few Guides happy.

        Vaginal Thrush:

        This is when you have yeast germs on your privates. This causes irritation (itching) and a white, creamy discharge. This is very common, affecting 1 on 2 women. You can get thrush in nearly any part of the body. It is more common in the vagina because the germs grow in moist, warm conditions where there is little air. This is why it is a perfect place for it to grow on your privates. You will possibly feel the most itching on the inner and outer labia area, these are the two dangly 'lip' areas. You may also feel it on the surroundings. You must remember that this is perfectly normal, it is not dirty, or disgusting, it is a perfectly normal part of being a woman. All you need a few little pills, or a bit of cream, and you're all sorted!

        If you are sexually active, please go to your doctor before assuming it is thrush.

        Now, back to me. When I first asked for this cream, I thought I was getting Canesten. Wrong. I was quite annoyed at it not being canesten because I quite liked canesten. But I hoped this would do the trick. I got this free from the chemist, but you can buy it for £4. A little cheaper than canesten.

        ****Note, detailed descriptions below.. Completely for medical purposes and for the benefit of the user ****

        The cream is usually cold from it's aluminium container. I like putting it on when I am at the very highest of my itching. You are supposed to apply a thin layer, but I like to add a few to ensure I get the best relief.
        However, you must first do two very important things. Shower your privates down all over. You must get a clean pair of pants, and wash anything that it may have came in contact with. This includes pants, sexual toys... your other half. I would then shave, the pubic hairs around the area of the vagina. For two reasons. One: it could be the hairs touching the vagina causing the itching itself. Two: the fungal infection could lay on the hairs. Then rub the cream onto the affected areas. I would pull the labia up straight, and in a circular motion rub the cream gently but fast. Rubbing in this motion can sooth the itch itself because it is just like scratching, although not as painful. I would then do the other side of the labia before rubbing a small layer to the clitoris, and finally a line down the area between the two lips, and a little bit around the vagina opening. Finally, please for the love of god, wash your hands. Otherwise, the whole process was pointless!

        The itch should go away within a matter of minutes. It is not as good as canesten, where the itch goes away the second the cream touches you, but it is a good substitute.


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          24.10.2009 22:20



          Worth every penny

          This product is absolutely amazing and I really mean it. This product is usually for people who have thrush which can be very irritating. I had never had thrush at all until the day that I became pregnant and then I could not get rid of it all through my pregnancy.

          The burning sensation was driving me up the wall and I could not have certain medications due to the pregnancy. I saw this in sainsburys brought it and put it on. The INSTANT relief was actually surprising. It also has this sort of colling effect and I was annoyed that I had not had the product earlier or that my doctor did not tell me about it.

          DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE. If the area is sore, rather than itchy this can still help. The aneasthetic basically helps to reduce any pain or irritation and a little goes a long way. I cant tell you enough dont hesitate just get it.


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          11.07.2007 16:15
          Very helpful



          soothes my red snapper!

          ***Warning - This product is an intimate feminine hygiene product and as such there WILL be references to my vagina and vaginas in general, as well as some mild humour. If you are easily offended, please bypass this review***

          ***A woman goes to a doctor, and says, "Doctor I want an operation to reduce my vagina lips." "Oh, I don't think so," says the doctor. "Please," the woman begs. "Oh all right," sighs the doctor. "But no one can find out, not even my family" the woman insists. The doctor agrees.
          After the operation, the woman finds two roses at her bedside. "Oh," she screams, "no one was supposed to find out about my operation!”Oh, it's okay ma'am," says the doctor. "One rose is from me, and the other is from a man in the intensive burn unit, who thanks you very much for his new ears!"***

          The Bitch with the Itch
          Vaginal itching is incredibly common, and contrary to common belief, it doesn't always mean an infection such as thrush. You could itch as a result of an allergic reaction to another product - such as washing powders, contraceptive gels, or latex. Stress and the menopause can also cause vaginal itching, as can the rubbing of clothes in hot weather, perspiration and of course, some infections. In my particular case, my itching was located on my clitoris, which I had pierced about a year ago.

          It's healed up beautifully, but every so often I'll forget it's there, and catch it quite painfully on my underwear or while washing , which then tends to make it itch, especially if I have soapy hands. As far as I could see, I had three options - Walk like John Wayne till the itching went away of my own accord, scratch the itch and look like a serial masturbator, or buy a cream or ointment that might alleviate the symptom.

          There’s no doubt that an itchy frou-frou is something most women are probably very reluctant to talk about , especially to a doctor or to friends when they can treat it themselves, and over the counter products such as this are a godsend - In, out, and on within a few minutes with minimal embarrassment.

          How does Vagisil work?
          The active ingredient is Lidocaine 2% . (It used to be Lignocaine which is the same thing, just renamed!) , a local anesthetic that works directly on the area to soother it and stop the itching. Basically, you spread the cream over the area you want to treat, it stops and soothes the itching, and it leaves a protective film over the area to prevent you from getting further infections. It’s also lightly scented to mask any smells. However, Vagisil do recommend that people who are experiencing itchiness for the first time, have any redness or bumpiness, or have any unusual scent to their vagina, go and see a doctor first as it may be better treated medically.

          Vagisil also contains Stearic Acid, Glycerol Monostearate, Glycerol, Triethanolamine, Zinc Oxide, Sulfonated Castor Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Chlorothymol, Perfume, Docusate Sodium, Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether, Purified Water.

          I'm not going to go into too much detail on the packaging, as I will include a picture with my review, but I will say it’s feminine in tones of pale blue and pink, and not at all scary looking, with purple lettering. It comes in a tube inside a box, which is perhaps a little wasteful, and the tube has a white cap, with a spiky bit in it for piercing the inner foil seal of the tube.

          I like the fact that the tube is none threatening - it’s something that I wouldn't be horribly embarrassed if I left it out on the side in the bathroom.

          How to use.
          Always wash your hands before applying creams to your 'lips that never speak'. The instructions for applying this are simple - squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip, and apply to the labia, vulva, or clitoris as required. Vagisil Crème is NOT for internal use.

          The crème had an iridescent sheen to it, and had a light feminine fragrance, which thankfully wasn't overpowering. It felt a little greasy to the touch, and I was a little concerned it would feel greasy when applied, but decided to go ahead anyway.

          Applying the cream to the area, it spread easily, and began to soothe within 5 minutes. It didn’t feel greasy at all when applied, but I imagine it would if you put too much on. After a few minutes I could see a mild shininess around the area, which I assume is the protective film.

          After a further 10 minutes, the itching had completely subsided, and remained gone for a good 7 hours, when it came back, but not as intensely as before. I gave the snatch, a quick flannel wash, and then applied again, and kept doing this for the next couple of days until the itching had completely gone. While using this cream, I felt soothed, clean, and fresh.

          To Avoid Recurrence of Itching
          • Keep your genital area clean and dry. Use plain, unscented soap, or a special wash for the area..
          • Avoid colored or perfumed toilet tissue and bubble bath.
          • Wear cotton underwear and tights, and avoid synthetic materials.
          • Change out of wet swimwear as quickly as possible.
          • Avoid feminine hygiene sprays and douches, as these strip your natural bacteria.
          • Make sure you wipe from front to back! .
          • Avoid scratching, which only makes it worse!
          • Use condoms to avoid catching or spreading STD’s., and use lubricants during sex and masturbation.

          Talking of masturbation, an anagram of David Ginola is Vagina Dildo!

          I'm happy. It did the job it was meant to do, wasn't overly expensive at a mere 3.69 for a 30g tube. I don't itch, so I'm happy! Even my Quim is smiling!

          The manufacturer is Laleham Healthcare, Alton, Hants, GU34 2PR, U.K.


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        • Product Details

          Vagisil creme is a feminine hygiene product used to treat a yeast infection or to provide freshness. Vagisil is distributed by Combe Incorporated. Its slogan is A better understanding of better intimate care. nstant, long lasting relief from feminine itching. Anaesthetic formula contains lignocaine. It works directly on the itch nerves to stop feminine itching, burning and irritation.

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