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Vagisil Feminine Powder

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Brand: Vagisil / Dosage Form: Powder / Type: Feminine Powders, Cleansers & Deodorisers

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 13:21
      Very helpful



      An excellent feminine body powder from Vagisil

      There's an old saying that goes "horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow". I've often found it highly amusing but of course it's a polite way of avoiding discussing body odour in females - and that doesn't just include odour from the armpits.

      Vagisil feminine powder is a product which designed for the more delicate parts of the female anatomy as well as general use on the body. For years I was told that any form of deodorant was to be avoided in this region and of course good personal hygiene will combat smells and perspiration well. The problem I had was no matter how clean I kept myself I found myself sweating not just in my armpits and as such I needed something to combat this. Hot weather and just being hot also could lead to my skin chafing and I had a yeast infection which I can assure you is not pleasant.

      After having a boil removed underneath my breasts several years ago I was told that using a non-talc product would help deodorise the area and stop the forming of infections and boils in hot weather. I've been using Vagisil since then.

      ~~The Powder~~

      This is quite an expensive product but I have yet to find a cheaper alternative. A 100g bottle costs around £5 but a little does go a long way.

      This is a non-talc product which means it's more absorbent. It's not designed for internal use around the vagina but it's perfect to sprinkle on your pants or panty liner to help keep you fresh and prevents the dreaded chafing whether that be with thighs rubbing together or excessive sweat under your breasts.

      The ingredients are:-

      Corn Starch
      Magnesium Stearate
      Sodium Bicarbonate,
      Nipagin M(Methylparaben)

      The bottle states the active ingredient is Micro-encapsulated Mineral Oil which is a natural deodorant.

      The bottle is an odd shape with a small base at the bottom to hold the curved part of the bottle upright. It has a lid just like talcum powder bottles which you turn to shake the product out and then close by turning back again.

      The product is very fine white powder - I don't use talc much but I do sometimes use baby powder and it seems finer than both. It certainly doesn't clump like talcum powder can sometimes do. It has a light fragrance which is very delicate and only barely perceptible. .

      Application is easy - just rub in on the hand a little and then rub onto your skin, covering the area you wish to protect.

      ~~My Experience~~

      I have used this to great effect for several years now. I first started experiencing chafing skin and excess sweat under my breasts, and I found dusting under them with this powder solved the problem and prevented it coming back. The chafing had led to a yeast infection but the Vagisil saw that off too.

      As I get older I am more self conscious about smells and sweat between my legs - I am guessing this is due to the onset of the menopause - and even with careful daily washing (sometimes twice daily) I find I need this powder not just in hot weather or when I am menstruating but on a daily basis.

      What I like about the Vagisil is how it makes me feel more comfortable. I sometimes find my thighs rub together painfully when they are sweaty and a liberal dusting of Vagisil keeps this discomfort at bay. Because the powder is far more absorbent than talc, the product lasts for much longer too.

      The powder is also very good at coping with wetness in the vaginal area which I can find uncomfortable at times. It absorbs the moisture leaving the area feeling far more comfortable and minimises odours in this area too. It also works well as a foot powder - if you suffer from sweaty feet this is a good way to minimise that.

      The only thing I really don't like about Vagisil powder is the price. I have tried using baby powder but it just isn't as effective and isn't as comfortable either. Although 100g does last me a month or so with daily use it still seems costly for what it is. However at the end of the day it's a price worth paying for me because it definitely works.

      If you have experienced a yeast infection on the skin or endured any kind of chafing this is a brilliant way to both help it heal and to prevent it coming back again. Since my infection several years ago I've never had another one thanks to careful washing and use of Vagisil feminine powder. It also improves my self confidence and increases comfort in areas which can sometimes cause embarrassment if there is noticeable odour or discomfort.

      So while I still get annoyed at the price, it's the only thing I don't like about this product and if you are a woman who "glows" often, then I heartily recommend it.


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