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Burgess Supa Dwarf Hamster Harvest

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Brand: Burgess / Type: Small Pet Food

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    1 Review
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      18.09.2012 17:39
      Very helpful



      Great food for Dwarf hamsters

      This review is also on my ciao account under the username alexcatt97. I had tried many normal hamster foods with my Dwarf hamsters such as muesli and nuggets from many different brands but my they still didn't seem to find it very good and that was because it is so hard to find a food just for Dwarf hamsters especially in such a large store such as pets at home. So when I came across this one I was happily surprised, it really stood out on the shelf in my opinion because of the use of yellow on the packaging but at first I was a bit pessimistic because it was from a brand I hadn't heard off and the only dwarf hamster food out there but when I looked at the packaging I saw all the things that it contained and saw that it was very different from normal hamster food as well. Because of it being the only dwarf hamster food on the shelf I thought that it might be quite expensive but again I was happily surprised to see that it was only £2.49 which is very cheap in my opinion so because of all of these reasons I had to buy it.


      As I said before, the packaging stand out of the shelf because of the colors it uses so it isn't to hard to find if you are looking in the correct place. The front of the packaging in my opinion is very well designed. It has a picture of two Russian Dwarf hamsters next to a bowl of the food which is an accurate portrayal of what the food looks like so you are able to see what you are getting before you buy it which I always like to do. It also says a bit about what the food contains which I will talk about later. On one of the two sides it contains information about the company and how to contact them if you have a problems which is useful but I have never had a problem which is good. The other side has information such as feeding guide and tips about when to feed, introducing a new food etc which I found very helpful especially as I had not bought a dwarf hamster food before. The back of the packaging basically tells you a bit about the dwarf hamster which is especially useful for new dwarf hamster owners like I was when I first bought this food and I did find it useful and interesting especially facts such as dwarf hamsters being omnivores. It also again has a picture of the food in the bag but this time it is labeled telling you what is in the food you are giving to your pet which I always find useful.

      ===Nutritional Value===

      This food is a complete food which means that it contain all the right nutrients for a balanced and healthy diet. The food contains the following: a variety of seeds such as sunflower seeds and smaller seeds, grains, wheat flakes, and peas and meal worms which is what makes this food special and very different from many of the others that all look relatively the same. As dwarf hamsters are omnivores like I said before, in their natural habitat they will eat insects such as these meal worms in their diet so having them in there is not just a benefit to the hamsters diet and health but also to their enjoyment of the food which is still very important when deciding what foot you want to buy for your pet. Another thing I liked in this food is that it also contains sunflower seeds and many of them because many food don't include them or barely any of them and they have always been a particular favorite of my hamsters and are good for them. Also they have fun breaking the shells of the seed to get to it and then eat it which is also beneficial. Overall I would say that the food has excellent nutritional value but doesn't forget to make the food enjoyable for the hamster as well unlike some other foods so I would definitely recommend this food because of that reason.

      ===Hamster enjoyment===

      When you think about a food will only really be beneficial if the hamsters actually enjoy the food and want to eat it because simply, if they don't like it, they wont eat it so you need to pick a food which they like and with this one I know you definitely will because of some of things it includes which I have talked about previously and the fact that my hamsters never leave any of the food meaning they must enjoy it which is as I said very important.

      ===Value for Money===

      When I came across this new brand and read the package I assumed that it would be more expensive than some of the other food in pet stores and still I would have paid a more expensive price considering the quality of the product. Despite this I found that for a 700g packet of dwarf hamster food that should last around two months only costs around £2.49 which is excellent value for money as it is better quality than most food and actually cheaper than many of those food so again I would recommend this food because of its value for money.


      Overall I was very pleased with this food. It has brilliant nutritional value, includes many things other foods don't, my hamsters love it and you can get it for a very cheap price so what more could you really want from a pet food? I would definitely recommend this to any dwarf hamster owner especially as there are barely any food dedicated just to the dwarf hamster. If you would like to purchase this food you can find it in Pets at home and on their website.


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