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Mark & Chappell Nutri Care Treat-Ums

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Manufacturer: Mark & Chappell / Type: Small Pet Food / Animal Type: Rodent / Small Pets

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2011 13:58
      Very helpful



      A great buy! I will continue to buy these in the future.

      As you probably already know I love to spoil my rabbit Peter. Every single time I go to the local Pets at home I just can't help myself and have to buy him something. So this time I was looking around Pets at home with my friend and we found this great deal across the Mark & Chappell 'Treat ums' range. The offer was two packets for the price of £2.50 where as they usually retail in Pets at home for £1.89 per packet. So I decided I would get Peter a packet of the Odour Care Treat-Ums and a packet of Nutri Care Treat-ums which helps maintain a healthy skin & coat.

      The Nutri Care treat-ums come in a metallic re-sealable bag of 30grams. It is very eye-catching. Most of the packet is bright orange, however there is a silver metallic section which is behind the title 'TREAT-UMs' which is in large bold dark blue lettering. Also on the silver metallic section is a red banner which then has upon it in white bold capitals 'HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY SKIN & COAT'. Also the packaging has a picture of the actual treat, with the apple inside pouring out. Also the front of the packaging is pictures of a rabbit, guinea pig and also a hamster, next to these pictures in white italic writing it tells you the product is suitable for Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats & Mice. Also on the front of the packaging is 3 white rectangle blocks which have a red tick in them and also say in blue capital letters 'with omega 3 fatty acids' 'with essential vitamins' and 'because they deserve the best'. I think that the packaging makes the product stand out from any others around it! Also it creates the idea that these treats are great and healthy for your pets as well as being tasty, so I just couldn't help myself and had to buy Peter some.
      The back of the packaging comes in English and also another language, however I am not quite sure what that language is! The back of the packaging tells you about the treats.
      The product claims...
      -Tasty Nutricious Treats with a mouth watering apple flavour!(They do smell good even too me!)
      -Contains Omega 3 Fatty acids & essential vitamins A, D & E that help maintain a healthy skin and coat.
      -Contains Biotin, a B-Vitamin that helps the body utilise food energy.
      -Only 3 calories per treat.
      I think this is great as it is very informative and shows just how healthy these treats are for your little bunny!

      Also the back of the packaging tells you directions for daily use.
      Hamsters and Mice-1 treat
      Pet Rats- 1-2 treats
      Guinea pigs & Gerbils- 2 treats
      Rabbits- 2-4 treats! (Lucky Peter!!)
      As well as all the other information the back of the packaging tells you it tells you the ingredients. The treat contains Wheat flour, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Rice flour, Wheat Bran, Dried skimmed milk, dried milk, water, flaxseed oil, salt, artificial apple and other flavourings, a-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), BHA, Vitamin A Acetate, Chloecalciferol and Biotin. Also the back of the packaging includes Nutritional Information in percentages and kgs. I think this is extremely helpful for us caring Pet owners!!

      The actual 'treat-um' itself
      The small treats are in the shape of a pillow, they have a biscuity outside and a juicy inside of the special apple treatment full of goodness! Now I have to admit, these treats smell absolutely gorgeous and have a very strong scent of apple so i can really understand why Peter gets so excited when he sees me with the packet or smells them. These are definitely Peters favorite treat so far, he instantly knows if I go over to treat corner he must follow me! Sometimes he gets a little bit cheeky and climbs my leg begging for the treat like a dog as I am getting him one out! I once even found him trying to climb up to get the treats himself, the cheeky boy. I often give Peter some veg and also a couple of these at bed time when he is put in his cage, and he is straight in and to his treat-ums before i even get the chance to shut his cage. He can smell them a mile of and absolutely loves them!! I also recommended these treats to my friend who also has a rabbit, and he loves them also!

      You can not go wrong at all with these treats!! Peters skin and coat are in gorgeous condition and that is exactly what these treats are meant to do, so i believe that they are working great on him. I will certainly continue to buy these treats, because I think they are better than any others I have ever bought Peter before, well he certainly seems to think so and top of that there extremely healthy! You couldn't possible ask for anything better. You would think that a healthy treat wouldn't be tasty, but Peter certainly thinks that these ones are! I am definitely going to stock up on these treats whilst they are £2.50 for two packets but even when they go back to the normal retail price of £1.89 i will still buy them as they are certainly worth it! I think also these treats would be a great help for someone who is trying to train there Pet.

      Me and Peter certainly recommend these treats to anyone with Pet rabbits or other small animals.

      Thank you for reading my review, I hope it has helped you.


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