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Pets At Home Degu Pellets

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Brand: Pets At Home / Type: Small Pet Food

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2013 13:57
      Very helpful



      Decent food for your Degu friends.

      Tilly, Yoko, German Barbara and Amanda with the Weird Eyes (Mandy for short) are my four wonderful Degus, they're also proof that I may love BBC3's now cancelled Ideal a little too much. Finding Degu food can be a little tricky, not only do they have very strict dietary needs (any sugar, natural or otherwise, will kill them) but they're also not the most common of pets so you're unlikely to find suitable feed for them in your local supermarket. Fortunately, Pets at Home take care of this by selling their Degu nugget food.

      The food costs £4.69 for 2kg, another disadvantage of not being able to purchase Degu food just anywhere, you can expect to pay a higher price than hamster food for example. The food comes in a thick plastic silver bag containing the Pets at Home logo, name of product and a little information about it. Along with this you'll also find a picture of a Degu and a picture of the actual food. Dooyoo are displaying a picture of the Chinchilla variety for some reason. (Although I'm fairly confident they're the exact same just in different packaging anyway)!

      The bag is easy enough to open although there's no way to resealing it so I tend to just stick to cellotape over the opening to prevent it spilling everywhere should I ever knock the bag open. There's no real scent to this food either, it's smells a little bit like wood shavings actually but there's no off putting pet food smells or anything like that which I'm pleased about.

      The food contains everything your Degus need for a balanced and healthy diet all the required vitamins and minerals can be found in here along with fibre and profeed which is supposed to 'boost your Degus digestion and general health'.

      Inside the bag you can find a little brown nuggets of food, about the size of a pea. These appear to be the perfect size for my Degus and they can easily hold a nugget whilst chewing on it, which is adorable by the way, with no problems whatsoever.

      This food is an alternative to Degu Muesli and stops your pet from selectively eating the bits they like and leaving the bits they don't thus not getting a balanced diet. To be honest with any of my rodents I've owned I've never had a problem with selective eating and the only reason I really feed my Degus on this rather than muesli is because Degu muesli is even harder to get hold of! You can, however, feed your Degus on Chinchilla food also if this is easier to find. As they're both so closely related and have the same dietary requirements it's pretty much the same food anyway.

      Fortunately my four girls seem happy enough with these providing I give them the occasional treat so they still have some taste variety. All four of them eat their fair share of this food and seem to like it enough, they're always running up to their bowls whenever it's feeding time.

      Given my four are in good general health and have lovely shiny coats it would appear the food is providing them with the nutrition they need to which is obviously another strong point to this food.

      All in all, if you're a Degu owner I'd recommend this. I don't have any issues with it and neither to my four girls by the looks of things. Compared to other brands of Degu food it's easy to get hold of and of a reasonable price so five stars from me.


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