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Pets at Home Guinea Pig Nuggets

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Pets at Home / Type: Small Pet Food

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    4 Reviews
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      24.09.2010 16:14
      Very helpful
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      Its the one for us

      We purchased the pets at home guinea pig nuggets after months of our five girls refusing to eat certain bits from the usual food we gave them.
      I picked up the smallest bag expecting it to be another waste of money (fussy is not the word) for these girls.

      I placed the bowl in the cage and I have to admit they all gave me that look. People say you eat with your eyes first, well these girls were not loving the first look. The nuggets do resemble guinea pig poop but I am sure taste wise they must be good because within ten minutes they were pushing each other out of the way for a taste.

      All girls now eat a good diet without picking which means less waste for our bin as well. They look healthy, sqeauk loudly, pop corn daily and have bright eyes and good teeth so all in all we give it a five out of five paws.

      I found the information on the pack useful too, and I thought I knew a lot about guinea pigs. Only improvement could the bag be made re-sealable.

      A great product at a competitive price. Ideal for the fussy cavies out there.


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        02.03.2010 21:30
        Very helpful



        A winner for my guinea pigs

        Pets at Home Guinea Pig Nuggets!

        The nuggets are an essential part of your guinea pigs diet as it contains vitamin C which is very important as guinea pigs can't make their own vitamin C. The nuggets also contain fibre, other vitamins and minerals and profeed which maintains my guinea pigs digestive health. With some of the guinea pig muesli food packs that you can buy they can leave some of the bits in it that they don't like to eat and it just gets left at the bottom of my guinea pigs bowl as they only like some of the little pieces of food in them - but not with the complete nuggets.

        The other factor that is really good about the nuggets in my opinion is that all guinea pigs teeth constantly grow and the nuggets provide a perfect food for them to gnaw their teeth down on so that they don't get too long - which saves a trip to the vet to get them cut down.

        The bags of nuggets can be bought from the pets at home stores and from the pets at home website. The bags can come in 2kg, 4kg and 10kg bags.
        But the 2kg bags are about £4.24. Which is quite expensive for the dry food - but most dry foods are not cheap - and in my opinion this is one of the best dry foods for my guinea pigs as the eat all of them.


        *Not very cheap
        *Comes in a range of bag sizes
        *My guinea pigs really seem to like them
        *Good for them to gnaw on
        *Contains essential vitamins and minerals for my piggies
        *Only available from pets at home
        *One 2kg bag lasts quite a long time for my two piggies

        Thank you for reading my review


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        23.02.2010 17:52
        Very helpful



        See review.

        After a trip to our local pet shop for some replacement tap water conditioner for my kids pet fish, we stopped to have a quick peek (as we always do!), at all the gorgeous little rabbits and bundles of fur in the store..........1 hour later and we are the proud owners of 2 beautiful baby guinea pigs who are now named Alvin and Fudge (2 boys may I add!).

        As we are relatively new at this whole pet thing we took plenty of advice from the very helpful member of staff on duty at the time and came away with a whole plethora of goodies for our newest family members, with one of those things being the subject of this review.

        The product I will now review is - "Guinea pig nuggets - pets at home own branded".

        This particular food was recommended by the staff member mentioned earlier, there were three different types of food available for purchase, but this unlike the guinea pig muesli, has everything needed for a healthy diet, though he did say some fresh root vegetables would also be beneficial.

        There are three different sizes available to buy -
        2KG- £4.24
        4KG- £7.99 though is available on "3for 2"

        These nuggets come in a sealed topped bag, which I find once has been opened has to be transferred into a airtight container, this obvious keeps them fresher but also stops them from going everywhere an making a mess!

        Each nugget is around 2cm in length and to be fair looks just like a guinea pig poo, hence the reason I find it easier to clear the entire cage and food bowl out each morning!

        A portion for an adult guinea pig should be around 30-50g of nuggets, with there being a plentiful supply of fresh water and also soft meadow hay to aid digestion.

        The whole point of these nuggets is the fact that guinea pigs tend to be quite selective in what they eat, if you were trying to get them to eat the muesli they would pick out the best bits and leave the rest, this inevitably would cause the pigs to be missing vital nutrients out from there diets, with these nuggets actually being recommended as a side dish if you will, with the said muesli.

        The nuggets themselves are a mixture of cereals, fibrous grasses, soya, peas, oat bran, essential oils, minerals and vitamins.

        The most important vitamin added to these nuggets is vitamin C, as apparently guinea pigs cannot make this vitamin themselves.

        This product states that the nuggets help aid digestion, contains balanced calcium and phosphorous for strong and healthy teeth and also zinc and oils to maintain a healthy shiny coat.

        The new babies seem to really relish these and have no problem wolfing them down, though I am told guinea pigs are really greedy, so I do have to watch how many I put out else they would eat far too much!

        For more information visit - www.petsathome.com

        Alternatively ring - 0800 328 4204 Monday - Friday 8.30-5.00pm or drop instore where there is always a helpful member of staff available for advice.

        Thanks for reading x


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          21.01.2010 11:12
          Very helpful



          Thank you FourPaws for the recommendation

          I have two guinea pigs and when it comes to feeding them I want to know that they are getting a good quality food, which is also good value for money and that when I need to buy more I can get hold of it without too many problems.

          My eldest guinea pig Bailey can be quite a fussy old man, I have found with some foods he will quite happily munch on it for a few months and then he seems to get bored of it a prime example of this was when I was feeding him a food made by a company called Burgess. The pet shop around the corner from my house sold it, Bailey happily ate it for ages then all of a sudden he turned his nose up at it. He was still eating hay but leaving all of the food, so I took a precautionary trip to the Vet with him, of course as there was nothing wrong with him so he wasn't very happy about his little outing.
          I tried a muesli style mix which he would pick a couple of his favourite pieces out of and leave the rest, this is called selective feeding and can mean they aren't getting all that they require from the food. I was keen to avoid this so found another complete food he loved but I couldn't guarantee I would always be able to get it which wasn't ideal.
          I also have a younger piggy who likes to eat anything put in her bowl, so it's only Bailey who causes me headaches when it comes to feeding time.

          It was actually through Dooyoo that Pets at Home guinea pig food was recommended. My best friend lives very close to a Pets at Home store and I visit her at least once a month so this was an ideal pet shop for me to get food from.

          The food was easy to find in the store and was placed amongst the other small animal such as rabbit and hamster food. The store stocks other brands as well as their own, and there is a choice of two types of food in their own range. They do a muesli style food and a nugget food, both come in silver and purple bags, with two guinea pigs on the bag and a small photo of the food inside the bag. The nuggets bag is predominately silver and the photo of the guinea pigs is different so it was easy to make sure I was buying the right food.

          I buy the 2kg bags which unfortunately aren't re-sealable once opened so I empty mine into an old Quality Street tin to keep it airtight although the storage recommendation is just to store in a cool dry place.
          I use a shot glass to measure how much food I give them and give just under a full glass of food, as I supplement their diet with fresh vegetables and lots of hay. By feeding this amount a bag usually lasts for a few months.

          Each nugget is a small brown pellet which doesn't look that yummy to me but the piggies enjoy it and never struggle to eat them. Importantly the pellets contain added vitamins with the most vital being Vitamin C which guinea pigs cannot produce themselves so it essential they get it through their food. The vitamin levels of the food are guaranteed until the best before date which is printed on the bag. On my bag this is November 2010, From memory I would have bought the bag in October or November so this seems to be around a year.

          Bailey and Amber both seem to love this food, it doesn't stay in their bowls for very long and the both of them get very excited and wheek loudly when it is feeding time. Obviously I haven't tried this food for myself but from their reactions I would say that they would recommend it to their piggy friends, but maybe if it meant they had to share it!!

          If you think you would like to try this food with your guinea pigs please remember to introduce it to their diet slowly by mixing it with their current one for around 10 days, gradually increasing the amount of P@H nuggets to the old food. This is to make sure you don't upset their delicate tummies.

          The cost of this food is:
          £4.24 - 2 kgs
          £7.99 - 4 kgs
          £16.99 - 10 kgs

          So you can save money by buying larger bags of it if you have somewhere to store it.

          You can buy this in Pets at Home stores or online via their website (delivery is £4.95 or free on orders over £49)

          Both of my guinea pigs give this food the paws up.


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