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Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food

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Manufacturer: Supreme / Type: Small Pet Food - Rabbit

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    3 Reviews
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      30.04.2012 19:58
      Very helpful



      Definitely recommended for pet rabbits to keep them in top condition!

      When I first purchased my lovely bunny, Archie, they recommended that I feed him The Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food for the rest of his life because it was top quality and contained the vital nutrients that a healthy rabbit needed!

      They gave me a free pack of rabbit food to get him started and to gradually build him up. After a good while he was settled in and he absolutely loved the rabbit food because he was always eating and munching away at it!

      I still feed it him now because I also believe that it's great for a rabbits health and that it contains the vital vitamins and minerals inorder for a rabbit to grow and develop properly!

      The great thing about this food is that its made in pellet form rather than flakes and bits! The Reggie rabbit food is in the form of flakes and the problem with this food is that Rabbits tend to be picky and throw what food they don't like out and eat what they do like!

      What's so good about this food?

      There 100% Naturally Tasty!
      No Added Sugars!
      No Artificial Flavourings or Colourants!
      Contains 23% Fibre
      Contains 14% Protein
      Contains 0.6% Calcium
      Contains only 185 Calories

      Where can I purchase it from?

      You can purchase this product from most garden centre's and pet stores over the UK! Some grocery shops may also sell this product and the rest of its range at there stores!

      You can pick up different sized bags like small ones, medium ones, and large ones.

      Definitely recommended for people with pet rabbits and for reducing selective feeding!


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      06.12.2010 14:59
      Very helpful




      I am a gorgeous black and white Dutch Rabbit - I enjoy doing 'happy flops' 'binkying' and eating! These are fun things that us bunnies get up to - a binky is a leap in the air with a bit of a twist at speed, a happy flop is where I literally flop down on to the floor on my side and lay real still and I think eating is self explanatory.

      I don't know how or why or when excactly it was that I decided to be 'selective' with my food. It just kind of happened when I was foraging around in a bowl of mixed food that was made up of flakes and pellets and other goodies, the idea of this mixture is that you eat a variety of all of it - the thing was that I only liked one or two of the coloured delights and the rest I left in the bowl. I really didn't like the green ones - yuk!

      Then one day the bowl arrived and had a really appealing scent - aniseed! Well I had never eaten this before but it sure smelt good. I was straight over to the bowl to investigate - to my delight these nuggets where delicious and I just could not get enough of them, sometimes I would look all lost and bewildered and appealing so that I would get more! I was hooked on this food and I tell you what, when the other 'mixture' was offered to me on rare occasions I just left the lot and then they never gave it to me again. I am a Selective bunster! Selective by brand name and selective by nature - but I am worth it.


      Smartie was a joy! He was full of vitality and fun. He is no longer with us now and greatly missed but the memories we have are unforgettable as he was a real character.


      This rabbit was born to be posh I think. He would not eat just anything and would root and fuss in the bowl until he dug out what he fancied if we fed him the mixed food. That is how we, thankfully, found Selective which is made by Supreme Science. We needed to ensure that the little guy got the important nutrients to complement his diet of hay and veggies and the odd seed that he was very very partial to!

      Supereme Science 'Selective' appealed initially because the name was so appropriate. The food is designed to meet all of a rabbits nutritional needs and it discourages selective behaviour - that is probably because there is no choice of mixed food in this product, it is all nuggets of the same flavour. It is high in fibre (19% alfalfa) and even includes prebiotics which is great for a rabbit to maintain a healthy digestive tract - as if a rabbit stops eliminating faeces it is deemed an emergency and advisable to contact a vet at the earliest convenience to seek advice.

      Smartie bunster (one of our many names for the lad, he must have got very confused at times) had a coat so shiny it was unbelievable (the food includes omega 3 and 6 and linseed oil) and such vitality and energy, so this food certainly suited him well. It smelled good too, just like aniseed - I didn't try it though as I took his word for it that it was good!

      The nuggets (biscuits) are made from top quality raw foods and has a low sugar content which promotes good health and a happy life. The ingredients and prebiotics also benefit the rabbits immune system. So all good stuff in here and it really does complement a healthy diet and maintain dental hygiene too!

      WHAT IS IN IT?

      Alfala - Wholewheat - Wheat Feed - Soya Bean Hulls - Linseed - Flaked Peas - Sugar Beet Pulp - Soya Bean Oil - Salt - Minerals - Llysine - DS Methionine - Aniseed and Fenugreek Oil.


      The way that I get satisfaction from this product is that it comes in a quality and appealing bag (differing sizes available) and the cost is reasonable for a high quality food. Of course I can't vouch for the texture or flavour of these nuggets but I am very satisfied of their quality and yumminess because I have seen first hand how quickly a bowl is emptied of them ( not just when the bowl is tipped down the ladder!) and the glossy coat, clear eyes, dry nose and obvious health of the rabbit was obvious. So we both got satisfaction!


      We purchased this from our small local pet stores or online where there is a good selection of retailers including Amazon. Pets at home did not stock it which surprised me but they mainly stock their own brand - Smartie did not like it.

      350g £1.49
      1.5kg £3.99
      3kg £6.99
      5kg £9.99


      Presented in a quality bag that keeps food clean and fresh and is thick enough not to burst or rip. Price is competitive and you can shop around to get a good buy. Lasts a good amount of time (approx 50 grams per day) as a complement to the hay and veggies in the diet. Tastes good and promotes health as it includes complete nutrition for a rabbit. A great option for a fussy eater but just remember that once this is tasted the non fussy bunny may become a Selective fan too! Good stuff!

      Thank you for taking the time to read our review - Smartie x


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        08.09.2010 17:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        It gets the paws up

        I have been buying this rabbit food for as long as I can remember, quite simply because it is one of the best foods readily available. I first found out about it when I joined a rabbit forum around five years ago and started buying it when I adopted my rabbit Archie.

        Science Selective Rabbit is a complete pellet food, which means that rabbits cannot selectively feed as they may with muesli type foods picking out their favourite bits. Not only is selective feeding wasteful as you end up throwing away the bits which don't get eaten it can mean that your rabbit isn't getting everything it needs nutritionally.

        The food comes in a pale green bag with a picture of a brown and white Dutch Rabbit on it. It tells me that it is
        Nutritionally complete and balanced food
        High in fibre 19%
        With linseed, an excellent source of Omega 3
        No added sugar
        No artificial colours

        I am also told that each 70 g serving contains 19% fibre, 14% protein, 0.6% calcium and 185 calories - these are all 100% of a rabbit's recommended daily allowance.
        It is apparently Aniseed and Fenugreek flavour however as I have never tried this myself I cannot comment.

        The pellets are a pale brown grey colour and are thin cylindrical shapes, around one inch in length. The shape of the pellet has apparently been designed to make the rabbit chew in a way that helps avoid dental problems. They have a slight smell to them but nothing to note and not particularly strong.
        They don't look very appetising to my human eyes however the bunnies really enjoy them. At feeding time they get very excited and try and get into the tin I store it in as soon as I open it up.

        The high alfalfa based fibre content means that it aids gut mobility of the rabbit and helps with healthy teeth.

        I have to admit that I don't feed my rabbits the recommended 60-70g each, they would think they had gone to bunny heaven if they got that much food. I would estimate that they probably get around 50 g between them which may sound quite mean to them, but I believe that dry food should only make up around 10% of a fully grown rabbit's diet and they other 90% should be made up of 80% hay and 10% fresh vegetables.
        Feeding this diet I have touch wood never experienced any dental or health problems with either of the rabbits and they are both a nice healthy weight. When I took them for their last vaccinations the vet commented on how well they both looked.

        Science Selective Rabbit is available in the following sizes and price (RRP):
        350g (Sample size) £1.49
        1.5kgs £3.39
        3kgs £5.99
        5kgs £9.99
        10kgs £18.99

        I have found that the rabbit food is more readily available than the guinea pig food. I currently buy mine from my Veterinary Clinic but quite a lot of independent pet shops and online pet stores seem to stock it.

        Unfortunately the bags in which the food come in do not have anyway of resealing them, so I would advise transferring to an air tight container once opened.

        I have always found the food to have good best before dates on them usually around eighteen months, so if you have space for a larger bag you may save money by buying the largest bag you can store.

        Science Selective Rabbit is also available in Junior (4 - 20 weeks) and Mature ( 4 years +). Although Archie is now four years old his partner in crime Holly is only three so I will leave them on the Adult pellets for now, I might consider putting them on the Mature food when Holly gets to that age as it is higher in fibre at 22%.

        If you are interested in feeding your rabbits Science Selective then I would recommend introducing it gradually over a fortnight by adding a little SS to their current food to begin with and increasing the amount of SS and reducing the current food each day until they are completely on the SS food. This is because rabbits have very sensitive stomachs and a sudden change in food can upset them.

        The food is slightly more expensive than other complete foods on the market, but a 5 kg bag will last my rabbits for months so the price doesn't really matter to me and I would rather pay a little extra in the knowledge they are getting a healthy food.

        I would also recommend contacting Supreme via there website as I have always found them to be very helpful and will usually send a sample if you ask them politely.


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