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Tesco Hamster Food With Peanut And Sunflower Seeds

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Hamster food

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2011 22:47
      Very helpful



      My lot love it!

      I am the very proud owner of four beautiful hamsters. I have three Syrians..... Trevor Arnold, Maud Fanny and Reginald Arthur and I have a gorgeous tiny Russian hamster called Eric Donald (up until recently he was a she to me and called Doris Pearl!).

      Their cages and food and basically everything to do with their care is really, really important to me. I chose to have them and its up to me to give them the happiest, healthiest life I can and I spend a fortune in my quest to achieve this (much to the horror of the people around me lol).

      I realised that I haven't reviewed this hamster food yet just as I spotted Maudy jumping for joy in her fresh bowl of the stuff. All my hamsters love this and its cheaper than many premium brands and the only reason I ever diverted from Pets At Home Hamster Museli that I normally get was because I was late night shopping in Tesco, realised I was running low on food for my lot and there was an offer on pet food at the time of buy any three items for the price of two so I was able to get them not only food but some much needed treats too!

      However I was concerned about giving them this food as all mine have these days is, like I stated earlier Hamster Muesli from Pets & Home, but I was making a saving and so thought it was very worth a trial run.

      The Packaging:

      This comes only (as far as I am aware of) in a 1kg and that comes in a black paper bag. On the front of it there is a cartoon picture of a hamster on there and some of the food is photographed and we are told that it is Tesco Hamster Food With Peanut & Sunflower Seeds and that it is 'A complete food for all hamsters, contains the right mix of protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals' and is a tasty mix for variety as well as being highly vitamin enriched, good for oral care and teeth as well as helping give a healthy coat & skin. Other information on the bag includes ingredients and a feeding guide, storage advice is given and contact details for Tescos are listed too. Nice enough bag though it isn't resealable at all but saying that, that doesn't present a problem for me as my hamsters food goes in their own cereal container to keep it fresh anyway.

      The Food Itself

      What you get is a rather colourful, dry mix of food which is simply for hamsters and no other rodent or pet. You get a hefty mixture of green pea flakes as well as wheat and maize flakes, a few peanuts (which look like monkey nuts without the shells on to me with the skin on), sunflower seeds and bits of green grass as well of pieces of dried apple chunks and grapes and of course there are a few other ingreidients in there too!

      What you get is a chunky mix rather than a bitty one. I hate dusty food with a passion and this looks quality to my eyes.

      Of course it all depends on the size of your hamster how much food you give to them. I offer the recommended food amount a day which is around 15g which they all eat this or a little more depending on their moods and of course on top of that I give treats etc.

      I find this to be a great food. They seem excited when it arrives, they all have their preferences...one don't rate sunflower seeds very highly the other the yellow flakes of maize but on the whole it hasn't upset their tummies or made them unhappy and they seem to enjoy picking through it and storing what they don't want lol.

      Not only is this food a hit with them in the taste stakes which of course is very important but I also trust this to be a healthy feed for them too. The whole bag contains 16% of protein and gives other amounts of Vitamins such as A, D3, E and some zinc and copper and I must say my hamsters have plenty of energy and are usually bright eyed and bushy taled with the yellow front teeth that all healthy hamsters should have!

      I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing this again in the future at all. I'm really pleased with the obvious good quality this has to it and feel that we're all happy! Nice one Tesco!

      Only available in Tesco stores costing £1.93 a bag.


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