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Vitakraft Fruit Crossys

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Brand: Vitakraft / Type: Guinea Pig Treats

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2013 10:31
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      A crunchy, fruity guinea pig treat.

      Vitakraft Guinea Pig Fruit Crossys Raspberry and Blackberry

      My partner and I are now the proud owners of a lovely little guinea pig named Barney. We bought him back in December and he is now enjoying being quite possibly the most spoilt guinea pig in the world and enjoys spending numerous hours sitting on the sofa with me while I work during the day and during this 'us' time I like to have treats available to offer him and 9 times out of 10 he will munch them up rather quickly, especially if they are in the form of vegetables. I have had guinea pigs in the past and I remembered how they always loved to have a nice crunchy treat as well as the daily veggie mixture so when I was shopping I decided to pick up a pack of these Fruit Crossys.

      Fruit Crossys are made by Vitakraft and I am led to believe there are many different flavours available and a range of varieties for other small animals including hamsters and rabbits. The variety I will be reviewing today is the Raspberry and Blackberry flavour.

      The treats come packaged in a mainly green packet which features a couple of guinea pigs on the front as well as a picture of the treat and the fruits they contain. The packet I bought is 50g and has a resealable opening to keep them fresh.

      On the back of the packet you will find the ingredients listed in a few different languages. The ingredients seem to be mainly a mixture of wheat's, cereals, vegetable proteins and the raspberry and blackberry fruits. The ingredients list seems pretty normal as far as I can tell and the only strange ingredient in my opinion is Stinging Nettle Powder! The back of the packet also advises you to feed these treats as a complimentary treat with no more than 3 - 4 of these treats being offered daily depending on the size of your pet.

      The picture on the front of the packaging implies that the treats have a kind of liquid centre which I thought Barney might enjoy as a change from his usual vegetables and dried food. However the reality is that the treat is like a hard crunchy shell with what looks to me like a very thin layer of a slightly sticky, but not quite in liquid form, reddish coloured fruit. I was curious so I split one open to see and this was actually quite hard as the treats seem to be made to give your little guinea pig a bit of a challenge and something to gnaw on. The treats are approximately 1cm x 1.5cm and are a brownish colour. They smell kind of like cereal and in all honesty they aren't anywhere near as nice looking as the packet makes them out to be... it's a good job Barney's decision of whether to eat them isn't affected by packaging!

      Barney's Thoughts!
      Barney has surprised me with these treats as I thought he would enjoy them in the same way he seems to enjoy his vegetables and normal mix food and yet they seem to be something he will take or leave and he really isn't that bothered by them, I can tell this as he often 'talks' to me with his cute guinea pig noises when I am preparing his food however when I offer him one of these he remains quiet and simply takes it and then drops it and sniffs around as if to say he isn't interested and then will return to it later on to have a little munch. As a result of this I don't really tend to offer him them anymore and instead I usually pop one in with his food or I hide them around the run I have made him for when I am cleaning his cage, sometimes he will eat them and other times not but I have noticed that the ones which I put in with his food mix do get eaten at some point as they are never there when I give him fresh food.

      Price and Availability
      I bought these treats at a pet shop here in Krakow for what works out to be just over £1 if I convert the money back to GBP. I have checked online and I can see that they can be purchased on Amazon in bulk for £13.05 which will get you 9 packets. If you don't want this many then you can also buy them on petplanet.co.uk for just 64p reduced from £1.29 and I'm sure you will also be able to find them in the isles of the supermarkets too.

      Will I Buy These Again?
      No, I don't think I will buy these treats again, not because they are a bad product because I don't think that they are, but simply because I don't think Barney enjoys them as much as he might like some other treats so I think we will write these off in the 'tried and tested' department and move onto the next packet of goodies.

      As for a rating for this product I am going to give them 3 stars and an undecided recommendation because the ingredients seem fine and Barney does eat them, he's just not that enthusiastic about them!

      Thanks for reading! :)


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