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Wagg Bunny Brunch

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Brand: Wagg / Food Type: Rabbit Food

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    6 Reviews
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      19.01.2014 19:18
      Very helpful



      A good supplement for a bunny's diet

      Our two large and handsome bunnies are greedy things. Whilst in the summertime they are generally content to keep the lawn trimmed nicely (not to mention fertilised), with top-ups from carrot tops, apple cores and the like, in the winter there just isn't enough grass to keep them going. Whilst of course you can give them carrots, sprout peelings and so on, to make sure they have a good balanced diet I feel that some dried food is a necessary supplement.

      Now Flopsy and Mopsy, whilst greedy, are also a bit fussy. I've tried several brands and there are always some bits of it they just don't eat, which seems a waste. Annoyingly, the more expensive the brand, the more they refuse!

      I'm pleased to say that they do actually chomp Wagg bunny brunch down to the last scrap. I'm not sure what the difference is, but they seem to prefer it! The mixture consists of some identifiable parts like carrot and cabbage and other more anonymous brown pellets. According to the label it is bursting full of nutrition, and no doubt it is (I'm not about to test it for taste personally).

      At about £2 for a 2kg bag it is reasonable value; this lasts the pair of them a couple of weeks, a couple of handfuls each per day, though I should emphasise that I'm only using this as a supplement, so if you only fed them this they would need more.

      Insofar as you can tell with rabbits, they enjoy it, and are certainly quite eager to scurry to their bowls when they hear the rustle of food. Sealing the bag is not that easy, so I tend to put it into a plastic container with a lid, to keep it fresh and away from the attentions of any other wildlife.


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      16.06.2011 12:50



      Loved by even the fussiest of bunnies

      I have a Netherland Dwarf rabbit called Upsy and she is a fussy little eater. After working my way through a variety of different Rabbit and Guinea Pig foods so more successfully than others, Upsy eventually decided Wagg Bunny Brunch was the one for her. She turns her nose up at most rabbit foods and being a fussy little bunny to say the least she divides her food into colours and eats them in order of brightness. Brightest first down to the brown!! Strange little bunny. Wagg Bunny Brunch definately keeps her occupied.

      Being a Netherland Dwarf and being only little she can managed these easily. They say fresh and the variety within the packet gives her all the nutrition she requires.

      I have checked with my friend who is a vet and she said this is the only bunny food she would recommend.

      I used to bread rabbits a few years ago and this was the only food they would all eat. I had lops, netherlands, lion heads and dutch varieties.

      A brand to suit call types of bunnies.


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      01.06.2011 08:48
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good food that gives soft silky food and good digestion

      Our lastest pet to add to our zoo is a beautiful black bunny rabbit, never having had a rabbit before we had a look at rabbit food and as Wagg is a name we know from dog food we decided to give this a go.

      Wagg do two different rabbit foods, premium and bunny brunch, the premium is £3.50 for 2.5kg whereas the bunny brunch comes in 2 sizes and sells at £1.78 for 2kg or £3.14 for 4kg. I have found this food in most supermarkets and all pet shops I have been in.

      The bunny brunch food comes in a strong paper bag which is light green on the top and dark green on the bottom, there is a picture of two lovely bunnies on the front and a picture of a bowl of the food along with the information that the food improves digestion and is for healthy teeth and bones. The food lasts well as there is almost a years worth of date on each bag before they go out of date.

      On the side there is a guide on how much to feed the rabbit and the statement that a 4 kg bag will feed an adult rabbit for 30 days. A young rabbit should have 100-130g, an adult rabbit 130-150g and a rabbit and litter should have 350g-400g a day, I personally just put our rabbit a bowlful in the hutch and then refill every day and he isn't fat so that must be enough. There is a little bit about also supplementing your rabbits diet with fresh greens and twigs or branches to keep their teeth in order.

      On the back of the bag there is lots of information about the company and the fact that they have been around for 20 years, then there is the claims for the food and an explanation of each, improves digestion, strengthens immune systems, healthy teeth and bones and healthy skin and lustrous coat.

      The mix is a typical museli type mix, there is wheat and oats along with dried looking vegetable type things, the food gives a good balance of everything and I personally give our rabbit apple and carrots aswell. Our rabbit seems to prefer the premium food which is shame as with this it only costs just over £3 a month to feed a rabbit but I'm soft and give into him or at least I will when the bag is finished. Our rabbit has got lovely teeth and plenty or energy, his fur is silky and smooth so the food does seem to live up to all it's claims. There are no problems with him pooing as well I know as I clean him out so his digestion must be in a good way and generally he seems happy apart from the protest of not eating his food in the hope of something else.

      I would recommend this food as long as your rabbit isn't fussy like mine.


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        14.04.2009 15:56
        Very helpful



        good rabbit food although not the cheapest

        WAGG Bunny Brunch.

        'Tasty Food for Rabbits' is the claim on the front of my 2kg bag of Bunny Brunch.
        My 3 year old rabbit is quite the connoisseur when it comes to rabbit food, he has tried practically every brand there is and has his clear favourites as well as the ones he wouldn't touch with a barge pole!

        This particular rabbit food ranks near the top on his list of favourites and is only beaten by a more expensive pellet food (why oh why does he have such expensive taste!). In fact this is the first food he ever had when he was a teeny weeny baby rabbit and I now still always have a bag on standby.

        WHAT IS IT?

        WAGG Bunny Brunch is classed as a 'nutritious complementary food' for rabbits. The food consists of small crunchy pieces which are of various shapes and colours. The food mix contains vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin D3 and Vitamin E.
        The bag states that the typical analysis is:
        Protein 14.0%
        Oil 4.0%
        Fibre 9.0%
        Ash 5.0%

        I understand that you are unlikely to need to know the exact ingredients but I will list the main ones now incase you are considering this rabbit food and your bunny has an allergy:
        Peas, Wheat, Wheatfeed, Oatfeed, Maize, Oats, Lucerne, Grass, Sunflower
        Ext., Vegetable Oil, Syrup, Carob Meal, Linseed, Vitamins & Minerals, Yeast.
        Vitamins and Minerals.
        This product may contain traces of nuts, as it has
        been made in a factory that uses nut ingredients.
        Vitamin A: 6000iu/kg, Vitamin D3: 1000iu/kg,
        Vitamin E: 40iu/kg, Copper: 16mg/kg.

        ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~

        My bag of Bunny Brunch was purchased from my local Tescos and as I mentioned above is a 2kg bag. Bunny Brunch is also available in 4kg and 16kg bags, although these larger bags are generally only available in large pet superstores. The 2kg bags are the most widely available in supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Co-op etc and small petshops tend to sell both the 2kg and 4kg bags.

        ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~

        As with most products the cost varies from shop to shop but the following prices are from my own experiences of seeing this food for sale:

        A 2kg bag costs around £2 to £3
        A 4kg bag costs around £6
        A 16kg bag costs around £10


        Whilst this food is not the cheapest available it is not too expensive either so if you don't have the money to spend on the more expensive foods, at least you know your bunny is getting something that is of a reasonable quality.

        The packaging of the food states that the food does the following:

        - Strengthens the immune system
        - optimises digestion of food
        - promotes lustrous coat and healthy skin conditions
        - promotes strong and healthy teeth

        The food is widely available and the bags sizes that it comes in are easy to store and the packaging is of a good quality so the bag wont fall apart!

        My rabbit deems the food tasty enough for him to eat which is an obvious positive!

        Each piece of the food is crunchy which helps keep your rabbits teeth down and also provides them with something to do (nibbling away on a bit of food is quite entertaining for a rabbit!)

        I usually mix this food with a more expensive pellet mix as I cannot afford to just feed Snuffles the pellet mix as he eats like a horse but he tends to like having a mix of the two.

        Each of the food pieces are coated with the same mix which has the intention of preventing selective feeding (where the rabbit only picks out the bits it likes and leaves the other bits thus resulting in an unbalanced diet.) However there is a certain part of the food that Snuffles will not each but I will discuss this further in the disadvantages.


        As I mentioned above, although the food is coated to prevent selective feeding, there is one part of the mix (the small seeds) that Snuffles does not like and refuses to eat - infact he goes as far as to pick them out and throw them out the cage!!!! Obviously as a result, he is not getting the nutritional value for these pieces. For this reason a pellet food (where the food is just made from identical pellets) tends to be more beneficial for Snuffles as I know then that he is getting everything he needs in his diet.

        Whilst the food looks 'pretty' to the human eye as it is lots of nice colours, this has no bearing on the rabbits enjoyment of it, and the colourings used to make the food look attractive to humans actually tend to make my rabbit hyperactive!And obviously these aren't as good for him as food without colourings would be. This therefore is a further reason why I tend to use a pellet food combined with Bunny Brunch as pellet foods are bland in colour, as they have no additives or colourings in them.

        It is also important to remember that this food is only a 'complementary' food and therefore it is designed to compliment the rabbits natural diet of hay, vegetables, grass and water. So it is crucial that the rabbit also has these essential foods to maintain its health and a well balanced diet. (although this is also true with ALL man-made rabbit foods).

        ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~

        Individual rabbits will eat different amounts of food, as an owner you get used to the amount that your bunny eats and know how much you need to provide. The Bunny Brunch bag has feeding guidelines printed on it suggesting how much to feed your rabbit although with Snuffles, he never tends to eat more than he needs so I just keep an eye on his bowl and refill it when it gets empty.

        An important point to remember is that rabbits must always have food available to them as if they stop eating for even just a short period of time (a few hours) their digestive system grinds to a halt and it is very difficult (and expensive in terms of vet bills) to get them better.

        This food is designed to be provided to your rabbit in a small bowl - I would recommend a heavy one to stop your bunny throwing it around or chewing it up! I would also suggest putting the food bowl in an area of the hutch where rain water will not get to it otherwise the food can turn to mush if it rains particularly hard and water gets into the bowl!

        It is also essential to always have fresh drinking water and fresh hay available in addition to the food.

        ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~

        Overall I am quite impressed with this rabbit food. As mentioned above, it does have its disadvantages which is why I combine it with a pellet food, however Snuffles is quite happy to eat this food on its own and it is evident that he enjoys it as he is very fussy with his food and wouldn't eat it if he didn't like it!!

        If you do decide to try this food out on your rabbit, I would suggest gradually introducing it to their diet rather than just switching to it straight away as their digestive system may need time to adjust to a new food.


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          19.02.2009 20:57
          Very helpful



          A great food!

          Hello everyone and welcome to this review.
          I love my rabbit, Buffy is her name! She is so kind and of a lovely nature so I must keep her healthy. After all she loves me so I love her. Now she is a very fussy rabbit I must say! She only eats certain things, her carrots must be peeled and her cabbage must be slightly damp.. Very fussy indeed. BUT! When it comes to ?Wagg Bunny Brunch? she never refuses.

          I buy this great bunny food in my local Asda at the rather pleasing price of £1.88. That is a very good price in my opinion and I have found it to be almost double the price in other supermarkets. That is for a 2KG bag - That?s a lot of rabbit food!J
          What is this product?
          Bunny Brunch is a lovely blend of dried vegetables and fibres to feed your rabbit and know they are having a nutritious meal. The rabbit food contains many great Vitamins and Goodness that I will explain in this review. Bellow is some nutrition information:

          Vitamin A__________6000 iu/kg
          Vitamin D3_________1000 iu/kg
          Vitamin E__________40 iu/kg
          Copper_____________10 mg/kg


          The packaging of this rabbit food really is great. It looks very classy and stands out well in the shops. It is a half green and half red bag with a bowl of food on the front with a picture of two rabbits. It?s a very strong bag, made of a strong sort of brown paper / card and is sewn closed. The bags are very strong and never fail when carrying around town unlike other pet food bags.
          Feeding and nutritional information is shown on the side of the bag and is made very easy to understand.
          All of the ingredients are listed on the packaging and it is described as a complete food for rabbits.

          As stated on the bag - A 2KG bag of Bunny Brunch will feed an adult rabbit for 14 days, this is handy for planning rabbit feedings if you are going away or would like to buy food in advance.
          Storage - This bag must be stored in a cool and dry place with the top of the bag folded down. A cupboard would be perfect. But never store this in an overhead cupboard. I did this and ended up with the whole bag of food over my head! Ha-ha.

          Quality of the food.
          Now, when I first bought this bag of food I thought it was going to be rubbish! To be honest. Because I had never used Wagg before and it seemed so cheap? But how wrong was I? Very wrong!
          The food is of a fantastic quality. There are bits of everything good inside the bag. All pieces are of a good size and feel quality when in my hand.

          My rabbit absolutely loves this food. I put a few handfuls of this in the cage, give Buffy a few minutes and it is gone! Then she holds onto the bars of her cage and asks for more, aww Bless herJ
          Information on Wagg
          As I said earlier ?I had never heard of Wagg before?, to my surprise they have been around for 20 years! Wow, I never knew. Well they do say you learn something new everyday?.
          Here is a quote taken from the packet:

          ?At Wagg we?ve worked hard to bring your rabbit a healthy combination of nutritious ingredients at outstanding value?
          I do also believe this statement made by Wagg, it really is great quality and is great value.

          Wagg believes that their rabbit food has the following health benefits:
          Improved Digestion
          Strong immune system - Contains Vitamins A, D & E
          Healthy Teeth & Bones - Added Calcium and Phosphorus
          Healthy Skin and lustrous coat - Contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty acids.
          Well hey?. That all sounds good to me! It really makes me feel good about what I am feeding my rabbit as she does not have a choice of her own.

          Wagg also have a guarantee on their foods. If you are not happy at all with the products condition you received it in or not at all satisfied with the quality then give them a call?.. They will refund you and supply a new Bunny Brunch that is to your standard. They also have and email address:
          You can email any questions that you have, whether it is to do with the food or caring for your pet?. They will help! Believe me, they are very kind at Wagg. I asked if they could give me suggestions on the size of cage that is fair for keeping your rabbit. They sent me a list of dimensions and even recommended places to buy the hutch from and even instructions to make it myself! They are great.

          Overall this rabbit food is fantastic value for money. My rabbit loves it and so should yours:) I love this product and I quite honestly cannot think of anything bad to say about it!
          Thank you for reading, I hope I have helped.


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            25.04.2008 13:02
            1 Comment



            happy bunnys

            Wagg bunny brunch rabbit food was first introduced to our supermarkets in the early 1990's.

            It is a complete dry food for your rabbit so does not need anything extra adding to it, it contains all the ingredients your rabbit will need to stay happy and healthy, it contains peas, wheat, oats, grass, vegetable oil and all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy rabbit.

            Wagg bunny brunch food is available in 3 different sizes, the supermarkets stock two different sizes a 2kg bag which costs £1.99 or a 4kg bag which costs £2.49, if you want to buy it in larger quantities you can buy a 15kg bag from larger pet stores for £8.99.

            This is one of the cheapest rabbit foods available on the market and has not scrimped on quality so is ideal for any rabbit keeper, my rabbit loves this food and maintains a healthy weight with it.


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          • Product Details

            Combination of peas / wheat / wheatfeed / oatfeed / maize / oats / grass / sunflower extract / vegetable oil / syrup / carob meal / linseed / yeast

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