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Wagg Hamster, Gerbil & Guinea Pig Munch

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4 Reviews

Brand: Wagg Foods / Food Type: Rodent / Small Pet Food

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    4 Reviews
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      08.05.2011 12:13



      Good value and healthy!

      My hamster, Supernoodle, has been eating Wagg food for as long as I've had her. Although she does eat it fine and seems to enjoy rooting through it when a fresh bowl is placed in her cage I have noticed that there are certain bits that are always left untouched. I'm sorry that I cannot identify which ingredient these particular little brown pellets once were, but whatever they were, Noodle doesn't like them.
      Although it is true that much of the food is unrecogniseable as the seeds or wheats they once were, I can still pick out peanuts and sunflower seeds as looking almost untouched.
      The bag recommends supplementing a small pet's diet with some fresh veg or fruit a couple of times a week, which I do. These fresh treats are always greeted with far more enthusiasm than the Wagg food which leads me to suspect that the hamster is slightly bored of them. However, this boredom does not worry me as I have faith that Wagg food is full of extra additions which make it far more balanced than any diet I could produce for her out of my own time.
      I picked up a 1kg bag for about £2, and although the bag claims it should last 80 days, I found it to run out at about 60. Whether that means I have a fat hamster, or an amount has been wasted from her stashings getting thrown out when I clean her cage I do not know.


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      19.01.2010 13:56
      Very helpful



      A good basic food supply for pets, but don't forget to supplement with fresh fruit and veg

      OK, so it seems a bit weird writing a review of something I've never tasted! And I'm not about to, not even for the sake of a 'Very Useful' rating. So I'm just going to have to try to get into the rodentish mind of my hamster, Gimli.

      First off, the stats: this is a 1kg bag. The price for this varies, but it's usually between £1 and £2, so pretty good value, considering it lasts Gimli a few months (the packet estimates 80 days). It's suitable for gerbils and mice, as well as hamsters.

      The bag claims that it will improve your pet's digestion, immune system, teeth and bones. I really don't know if these claims are true, but Gimli's still alive and well after 15 months, so it's so far, so good I suppose.

      Like most small animal mixes, it contains a variety of hard, grainy bits, flakes and little twiggy bits that look like hamster droppings. Its main ingredients are wheat, maize, peas, oatfeed and soya. These flakes and crunchy bits constitute the main body of the feed, but it's peppered with peanuts and sunflower seeds, with a minimum 4% of each in the bag. It's interesting to see that the seeds and nuts are the first things Gimli goes for when he starts eating- maybe he has a sense for the most natural foods. The grainy stuff generally gets stored in his house, where he picks at it, but leaves a lot of the brown bits for me to find when I clean out his cage. It is a bit of a waste, but I suppose he's entitled to his preferences!

      This dry food supplies small animals with all the essential vitamins for keeping them healthy. It does, however, recommend you to supplement their diet with small amounts of fruit and vegetables 2-3 times a week. Without fail, Gimli prefers fresh produce and will almost always eat any fruit or veg on the spot. But for day to day use, I haven't had any problems with this mix. I can't speak for Gimli, but he seems well and content, so I'm guessing he likes it too!


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        16.05.2009 18:26



        Great if your new to guinea pigs as contains all elements needed for their diet

        I recently bought Wagg guinea pig Munch for my guineas as it was on sale for £1.57 for a massive 2kg bag at my local pet store. With the bright orange and blue packaging it was easy to spot and the piggies on the front looked happy so I thought I'd give it a go. The Munch contains a healthy combination of nutritious ingredients with added Vitamin C to help keep your guinea pig happy and healthy. My guineas love the food, I give it to them every day as they have a constant supply of hay and I take them in the garden every couple of days to munch on the dandelions and grass. The Munch contains no artificial colurs or flavours all the ingredients are wholesome with yeasts and fibres to help with digestion and provide a strong immune system for your pet. My guineas' coats are certainly alot shinier and more lustrous since eating the Wagg Munch and can't wait for me to feed them in the morning. The main ingredients are peas, wheat, oats, wheatfeed, oatfeed, toasted soya, maize, grass, sunflower extract, apple, and extra vitamins and minerals. If you are looking for a cheap but good quality and tasty food for your pet then i recommend Wagg Munch.


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        25.01.2007 12:23
        Very helpful



        Guinea Pigs Love Wagg!

        ^^^ Wagg - Guinea Pig Crunch ^^^


        2kg bag - Tasty Food for Guinea Pigs!!

        ^^ Contents ^^

        On opening the packet I could clearly see lots of bright green flakes (cabbage) also on closer examination I found:

        * Green cabbage which was crinkled on each side and half inch in diameter.
        * Light brown sausage shaped nuggets also about half an inch long.
        * Medium brown coloured pyramid shaped nuggets.
        * Yellow corregated sweetcorn.
        * Brown clover shaped biscuit.
        * Small seeds.
        * Grains.
        * Dark brown nuggets.
        * What look like green peas.

        ^^ Feeding Guide ^^

        Feed twice a day at regular times with 15-25 grams of guinea pig Crunch. (A teecup is approximately 100 grams). Always provide fresh WATER and make sure HAY is also available at all times. Small twigs also help to keep teeth in good order. They also enjoy fruit and vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, apple, pears and swede.

        ^^ Packaging ^^

        This large 2kg bag is bright red and has two Guinea Pigs at the top, with Wagg in white writing and Guinea pig Crunch below in blue writing. The packaging states that this is a tasty food for Guinea Pigs, and has added vitamin C. It is also made with wholesome ingredients.

        ^^ Why Buy? ^^

        I have two guinea Pigs called Paris and Portia who were given to me as a present. They are lovely, but reather shy little critters, and I thought I would try this brand from Asda instead of their usual brand. As they say - variety is the spice of life.

        ^^ Ingredients ^^

        Wheat, maize, grass, peas, oats, oatfeed, wheatfeed, toasted soya, sunflower, syrup, linseed, vegetable oil, yeast, vitamins and minerals.

        ^^ Typical Analysis ^^

        Protein 17.0%
        Oil 6.0%
        Fibre 9.0%
        Ash 4.5%
        Vitamin A 20,000 iu/kg
        Vitamin D3 1200 iu/kg
        Vitamin C 200 iu/kg
        Vitamin E as Alpha Tocopherol 40 iu/kg
        Copper as Cupric Sulphate 16 mg/kg

        Vitamin levels are present until 3 months after the Best before date.

        ^^ Other Details ^^

        This 2kg bag of dry food will feed a guinea pig for 50 days, if they are fed 40 grams a day.

        * A balanced diet
        * A Palatable formulation
        * Dust-free
        * Essential vitamins and minerals
        * Extra vitamin C added
        * Premium nutrition - Wagg value!

        ^^ Storage ^^

        To keep this product in top quality condition, store in a cool dry place and fold down the top of bag after use.

        ^^ Other Wagg Products ^^

        Wagg Bunny Crunch - tasty food for rabbits
        Wagg Bunny Time - premium complete food for rabbits
        Wagg Hamster Gerbil Munch - for all small rodents
        Wagg Carrot Sticks & Beetroot Sticks - small animal treats

        Other products that Wagg supply are bedding for small animals and a complete range of dry dog foods.

        ^^ Did You know? ^^

        Vitamins A, D, C and E with carefully selected trace elements help to strengthen the guinea pigs immune system.

        Added fibre and yeats stimulate and improve guinea pigs digestion.

        The improved ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids promote healthy, supple skin and lucious coat.

        Added calcium and phosphorous make strong and healthy bones and teeth.

        ^^ Want to contact them? ^^

        Wagg Foods, Dalton Airfield, topcliffe, thirsk, North Yorkshire. YO7 3HE.


        ^^ My Opinion ^^

        There is a large variety in this bag of dry food and it is bright and colourful. I do find that the guinea pigs do tend to leave the dark brown nuggets, but are very keen and eager to tuck into their dinner. I would definately buy this again if I saw it out shopping. I think the 2kg bag was around £1.99, so i think it was very good value for money.

        I'm not going to personally taste it, but the Guinea Pigs love it!


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