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Wagg Optimum Premium Rabbit Food

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wagg Foods / Food Type: Rodent / Small Pet Food

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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2011 13:04
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      A good rabbit food

      My rabbits are extremely fussy when it comes to any sort of food so when I tried out Waggs it was kind of the last resort for me. This product has a lot of good things written about it such as how healthy it is and easy for the rabbit to swallow so I took a chance with it and brought a small bag.

      The product is a nugget which is brown in colour and has a slight smell to it nothing to major but a slight smell and it is placed inside a very protective bag because it is like a strong paper which takes a while to get through.

      Once inside the 2.5kg bag you have the product there and I usually fill up a small bowl and they eat this fairly quickly and there is a slight residue on your hands if you use your hands to place this product into a bowl.

      The description of this product claims it has the best nutrients and ingredients for rabbits and I am not sure how accurate that is because they seem to eat it like normal rabbit food you see anywhere in a pet store.

      The bag also claims it has added fibre to help digestion well this is one thing I can safely say it does have because no matter how much I give my rabbits they have begun going to the toilet more often since using this item so that is something I can say does happen.

      What I do like about this product is the nugget is so small and easy for the rabbit to consume and even guinea pigs have had this before when I have ran out of their food as well and each of them love it. Some people seem to think this has a muesli kind of mix to it but it does not.

      I store this product in a shed out in the garden and the product inside a bag to keep it very clean and to stop it going stale as well. I think there is a downside to this product because recently it has been going missing from some of the supermarket chains.

      Tesco used to sell this then stopped and so did some of my other retail stores so I am not sure if this is being discontinued or not. I would tell people to add this gradually to the food there rabbit is on if they want to try it because mine did look at me like I tried to poison them.

      Eventually they got used to the new taste and overall they have lost weight as well and they are still on the same amount that I would give them using other food so perhaps this is good as well so overall I am very impressed.

      Sadly this bag does not last that long and it usually gets me 2 weeks' worth of food before I need a new bag and there is deals around sometimes but the usual price is around £3.50 so you have to look around for the best bargain.

      If you're unsure about how much to feed your rabbit there is guidelines on the bag and websites as well to look at which might be able to help you as well. For me the price is quite high for how much food you get but if it helps the health and digestion of your rabbit then it is a good purchase.


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      16.05.2011 15:22
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      Cheap doesn't always been poor quality

      Although I was quite happy with the rabbit food I was buying, I wanted something that was a little bit cheaper but still a good quality feed. I also don't want to buy from pet shops which actually sell animals, so I won't buy from Pets at Home etc... which meant their own brand food was out of the question.

      I had bought Wagg Optimum foods before for both my rabbits and guinea pigs, but as the shop where I was buying it from had stopped selling it I switched them over onto different brands. As I had previous experience with it I decided to see if I could buy it somewhere else. Despite no shops locally to me selling it there were plenty of online stores that sold it, I chose to buy from Chemist Direct as I was buying some anti-histamines from there anyway and I could combine the postage.

      I bought a 10 kg kg bag as this offered the best value for money. The food comes in a large sack which is made from some sort of polythene which is very strong and doesn't struggle with the weight contained in it.
      The bag is mostly dark green with some silver on the top. It pictures two rabbits on it, just to make sure you are picking the right bag up.

      Wagg Optimum is a premium complete feed, the food comes in the form of pellets rather than a more traditional muesli mix which used to be commonly fed. As it is a pellet each nugget contains all of the nutrients and means that they eat all of the food instead of picking out the bits they prefer (selective feeding).

      The pellets are quite small and measure just over 0.5cm in length, they are slightly cylindrical in shape although some have a slight curve while others are straighter. They are light brown in colour and if you look closely you can see what looks like grass in them. When you open the bag there is a smell, which is a bit like hay.

      Taking a look at the ingredients there isn't anything that jumps out at me as alarming and it all seems quite natural, including grass, apple & grape. There are added vitamins to help with the immune system, and yeasts for healthy digestion. Crucially for me the pellets are 17% fibre, as fibre is a very important part of a rabbit's diet and assists with their digestive system.

      When I was ready to start feeding the Wagg to my rabbits I mixed a little in with their existing food and gradually increased the amount of Wagg compared to the old food. This was so that their delicate tummies could get used to the new food.
      Fortunately both rabbits seemed to enjoy the new food and I didn't have any problems with them choosing the old brand of food over this one. After around two weeks they were transferred to this completely.

      According to the instructions on the packet a medium sized adult rabbit should be fed 130g - 150g of pellets each day. I personally feel this is far too much and would jeopardise how much hay they eat, because of this I only give them around 50g between them each day. Some people might feel that this is mean, but they eat plenty of hay daily, which is better for their health and helps to keep their teeth trimmed. They also get fresh veg, so they definitely aren't going hungry.
      Young rabbits should be fed pellets ad lib as they are still growing and require more protein. Elderly rabbits may need more food to help maintain body weight.

      The storage instructions for the food are keep in a cool dry place and fold over the top of the bag. As my rabbits live in a shed and their food is kept in there too I have transferred into a storage bin, as I don't want to attract any mice (or worse).

      If storage is a problem you can also buy the food in a 2.5 kg bag, this is available from some Asda, Jollyes, Sainsburys, Tesco, and Independent shops (although I have found that not all the supermarkets do sell it).

      I paid around £9 for 10 kgs of food, so even when you add on delivery costs (£3.49 from Chemist Direct) it still works out a very reasonably priced food. As I also bought guinea pig food, and some anti-histamines at the same time it worked out very good value.

      I would definitely recommend this food to other people with rabbits, it is very reasonably priced without compromising on quality.

      For more information or to find a local stockist contact Wagg on info@waggfoods.co.uk or 01845 578111.


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    • Product Details

      Contains Wheatfeed / Oatfeed / Grass / Lucerne / Maize / Sunflower / Locust Bean Meal / Syrup / Vegetable Oil / Yeast / Vitamins / Minerals

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