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Woodlands Sunshine Munch

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Brand: Woodlands / Type: Small Pet Food

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2013 10:26
      Very helpful



      A lovely, healthy treat for your small pets, well worth the slightly higher than average price tag.

      When it comes to treating my four lovely Degus their choice is fairly limited. Degus have a sugar intolerance and as such can't be given the usual treats you buy for other small pets like hamsters, rats, mice etc. Luckily, Woodlands do a whole range of low/no sugar, Degu friendly, natural treats and we've just about tried them all now. This Sunshine Munch is by far their favourite though.

      The treats come in a clear plastic wrapper with a green cardboard covering on the top which contains the Woodlands logo, name of treats and short description. On the back you'll find the ingredients list and feeding guide too.

      The packaging states that 'this tasty Sunshine Munch is perfect for all small pets' although not suitable for small pets under one month old. The mix is made up of flaked corn, flaked green pea and carrot slices. It's easy to see why this is called Sunshine Munch as this is a lovely, brightly coloured mixture of yellow and orange food for your pets.

      I have personally only ever seen Woodlands treats in Pets at Home stores where they're usually on a two for £5 offer or £2.99 each for a 220g bag.

      My four Degus do absolutely love this. Unfortunately it does have a low natural sugar content meaning feeding to Degus and Chinchillas should be done sparingly. I personally sprinkle about half a hand full on top of their feed once a week and this has done no damage to them whatsoever. In all fairness I probably could give them more than I do but it's better to be safe! Inbetween I just stick to completely sugar-free treats.

      My Degus will quickly scurry around their cage away from one another in order to protect their share of their Sunshine Munch when I've given it to them. In fact there have been a few minor scraps between the four Sisters over this treat before which can only mean they really do love it as this doesn't happen with anything else I've given them!

      Whilst I do buy this for my Degus I do let Frank, my hamster, have some from time to time too. Whilst it's very easy to find treats for him the Woodlands range use natural ingredients only making it healthier for him than the usual things I pick up. He doesn't get quite as excited about it as my Degus do but he's still happy to munch at it and half a hand full on top of his feed gets eaten in about ten minutes which is pretty impressive for Frank given he has to be slowest eater in the world. I think he'd give a Sloth a run for their money.

      All in all Sunshine Munch is a great treat for small animals. It's a little more expensive than the usual treats although if you're feeding to Degus and Chinchillas you don't really have a choice but to pay over the odds for this sort of thing. Despite the price though it's healthy, natural and my Degus and Hamster all seem to be a fan so I'm happy to feed it to them.


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