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Bob Martin My Little Friend Spot On

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Brand: Bob Martin / Type: Spot on flea treatment for small pets

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2011 17:12
      Very helpful



      An ok product that did do the trick!

      When it come to my three hamsters I care for them all the very best way that I can and consider myself to be a very responsible owner indeed (well I am 36 years old lol). After spotting a couple of them itching and a small tick/mite or something in a couple of their cages which I think came out of some untreated straw/hay I bought and was trying out with them I was a bit frantic about it and the thought of fleas or anything any where near my little ones so I ran off to Pets At Home to seek advice and this was what I was told to try!

      The Packaging:

      You get a small, plain plastic white squeezable tube of the solution which is attached to the front of a blue card and on that card we are told that it is Bob Martin 'My Little Friend' Spot On and that it offers 4 weeks of protection and that it 'Protects from flies, fleas, ticks, lice and mites' and that it is specially developed for pet rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets and other small rodents and there is a small picture shown of some small animals on there looking rather cute and healthy of course. On the back of the card we are told a bit about the product, directions for use are given and we are told how to use it, warnings are given too and contact details for Bob Martins are listed. As I said earlier the tube is white, small and plastic and on it we are simply told what it is and that it is 2ml in size in blue writing. Nice enough, simple packaging and more importantly enough everything is very well explained about what to expect from it and exactly the dosage to use on your pet without it causing any kind of harm (though I found it difficult to understand slightly, please read on lol!).

      Using It:

      Following the directions given on this is card is incredibly important as the dosage not only depends on what pet your treating but also the size of it and remember that this information is not regiven on the tube so you really do need to keep the card safe for future reference and although this is a 2ml size and not a very big tube if you only have a small mouse say this tube could last you ages and rather a few treatments. My quibble with that is that you have to snip the top of the tube which means you can't reseal it and we are advised to throw it away straight after its first use which means it isn't as economical as using it on three (like me) per treatment or on larger pets such as Guinea Pigs and rabbits. Also another gripe is we are told on the front of the card that we can use it on ferrets but no dosage advice is given for that so you'd have to go on the weight rather than what it is by following the chart given underneath and if like me your useless at estimating weights you need some scales!

      The Dosage Advice Is This:

      Mouse of around 30g 3 drops
      Hamster of about 125g 6 drops
      Rat of about 550g 12 drops
      Guinea Pig of about 1125g 25 drops
      Rabbits of about 4.5g you give the hole tube to

      Using It:

      To use this none sticky or smelly clear liquid you simply point the opened nozzle to parted fur at the back of the neck. I found this a bit difficult due to my three wiggling all over the place and the liquid being quite drippy and I was concerned about using too much and tried really hard to follow the instructions given. I generally follwed the dosage for hamsters however I was worried about using it on my tiny Russian Dwarf (Doris Pearl) as she is very much smaller than the general weight given for hamsters on the dosage advice list. In the end I simply (with advice from Pets At home) used 1 drop at my own discretion (which really did take me some thought!). All of my hammies were fine with this and suffered no adverse reactions at all. It did matt their coats up slightly and the lotion seemed to spread through the fur making them look a bit grotty and greasy but in two days that appearance to the fur went and buisness resumed to normal! It did worry me that it took a few minutes to dry on them and I was slightly concerned it created a pool of wet on their little necks but it dried in within minutes thankfully!


      Well they are pest free and I've seen nothing go near them at all since applying this. If they had anything they do not now and their skin is pink and healthy. I like the solotion well enough though I did find the dosage instructions a bit tricky to follow and did actually weigh all of my hamsters first however I wouldn't buy this one again because of that but also because 'Belphar' sell a similar product to this which within it, it also protects roundworms which is a bonus and still is effective for four weeks and about the same price as this one is.

      An ok product, shame you can't save some solution for the future but it caused my lot no harm and seemed to keep fleas and things at bay as I never did see anymore and they stopped annoying scratching when the soaps were on too!

      Available in all good pet shops at about £3.59 a tube.


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