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Boredom Breaker Food Ball

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boredom Breaker / Type: Food ball

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2012 09:51



      Cheap product for getting guinea pigs fit.

      I bought this from my local pets corner for £3 and originally was intended for my gerbils but they didnt seem to take to it so i ended up giving it to my guinea pigs and boy do they enjoy it !

      It comes ready to go and only includes a tiny bit of cardboard , good for the envoirment may i say ! We stuff the vegetables for the day inot it and hand itfrom the side of our c&c cage. It actually makes the guinea pigs work for their food instead of just plonking it down in front of them and letting them be lazy ! Due to it being circular two pigs can use it without squabbling for it ! Their is a couple of small problems with this product but they are easily sorted.

      The first being the annyoing bell which can irritate you if your trying to listne to it ! But that can easily be removed and therfore taking away the problem. Seconldy it can hit small animals in the face if two are at it at once but with guinea pigs theyre pretty strong so it doesnt seem to effect them , but im sure for gerbils it may get a little anoying for them getting hit in the face by a ball.

      You can also put hay into this ball so the guinea pigs can knock it around and wait for the hay to fall out and then they hoover it up ! ( hay is essential for piggies ) We fill it with veggies mostly but sometimes we put hay on the otuside and veggies in the middle so they have to work to get to the centre for vegetables.

      Overall at £3 it gives them a fun workout and has been well worth the money.


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      09.01.2011 00:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      nice addition to a rabbit cage

      This is a pet products review that is not about Lennon, my hamster, but about Murphy - my housemates' rabbit. Murphy is probably one of the cutest rabbits I have ever seen; he's huge, fluffy dark fur and one floppy ear. Unfortunately he is quite a lazy bunny (he is quite old already) so we thought of ways to get him to be more active. What usually works is making him work for his treats and he seems to really enjoy it; all the attention and of course the treats are just what he wants.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      After browsing loads of pet store websites I decided to get him the Boredom Breaker Food Ball for Christmas - and yes, we do get out pets small presents for our pets. The Boredom Breaker Food Ball is a round holder for food and treats for your pet. With 3 inches in diameter it is too big for hamster or gerbils but it is absolutely perfect for rabbits and guinea pigs. We attached it to the roof of our rabbit cage and fill it twice a day with hay. This has two advantages; firstly it keeps the hay clean as it doesn't get sit on or soiled at the bottom of the cage and secondly it makes Murphy work a bit for his food. He enjoys being active and working a bit to get his hay. I sometimes put a few treats in the middle of the hay and our little rabbit goes absolutely crazy once he finds them.

      With just over 2 pounds it is a very cheap addition to any pet cage and should not be missing if you want your rabbits to stay active. It's a shame that it is too big for a hamster cage, I'm sure Lennon would enjoy it as well. I can highly recommend the Boredom Breaker Food Ball for anyone with rabbits and guinea pigs. It is available in almost all pet stores and is a safe and fun toy for your pets. The Food Ball can be filled with hay, vegetables or one of those nut/honey treats that most rabbits love. The wiring is quite open making it easy for your pet to reach the food. However, this obviously means that smaller treats fall out easily and it is not suitable for dry food or similar products.

      The only huge, massive disadvantage is that silly little bell attached to the food ball! It is the most annoying thing on earth when Murphy decides that he wants a snack in the middle of a great movie or at night. Fortunately the bell can easily be removed making it enjoyable for everyone - Murphy and us!

      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      All in all the Boredom Breaker Food Ball is a product that I can thourogly recommend and I would award it 10 out of 10 points!

      - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Thanks for reading and rating my review!


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