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Double Izzy Fun House Cage

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Manufacturer: Izzy / Type: Hamster cage

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2011 15:23
      Very helpful



      A cheap and nasty cage in our opinion that is being upgraded as I type!

      Anyone who regularly reads my reviews will know that I am hamster crazy! I own five beauties (one of whom I bred myself...with a little help of course from his mum Maud and Dad Trevor lol) and they really are a massive love of my life and one day I'd love to own a little rescue centre for small furries who at the time people go mad for and sometimes...they tend to stop giving a dam (an emotional subject for me!).

      However my hamsters rule the roost here and have the very best of everything. You name it they own it and one thing I regularly like to do is buy them new cages.

      Cages can cost an absolute fortune with one in the past costing me almost a 100 pound. I don't mind spending this though as I like my hamsters to have plenty of room and interesting things to do within their homes. I hate to see hamsters bored and just living an see it as pure cruel!

      So I have recently bought 5 new cages and tried to get hamster homes to try to suit each individual hamsters personality I own.

      Reginald Arthur is a Syrian boy. Gorgeous little thing, he is a massive climber and show off and loves a big wheel so I took to Amazon to upgrade his cage a few weeks back. I have tried him with cages in the past with tubes and things and he wasn't keen on them so my main priority was levels in his cage and height to swing about on the top rungs!

      After careful consideration I opted for this Izzy Funhouse which cost me £26.00 (including postage and packaging) from Amazon. You don't get to pick the colourscheme of the cage from Amazon we are just told that the base colours may vary (including shelves ) and they can be blue, pink or green and mine was actually a turquoise colour after being told that!

      The Cage Itself:

      Comes in a box with a lots of pictures of the cage on it and lots of little hamsters and things on there too. However the first thing I noticed was that the photographs are of the much smaller Dwarf hamsters and on the advertisement for this cage on the site we are simply told that it is a hamster and gerbil cage and dwarfs are usually considerably smaller! I must almost reveal that I didn't check the measurements of this cage prior to buying it though again, they were stated on the advertisement and I just assumed by the look of the photographs that it would be big enough as it did look large! Contact details for the manufacturer are also given on the box and loads of information in Foreign languages too.

      Putting the cage together is simple enough. It measures H41cm x L25cm x W25cm and is a relatively a lightweight cage with a deep plastic base and white rungs that clip on via huge plastic yellow clips with ease to make a very tall unit with plenty of height though not a lot of width. To the top of the cage there is a hole where a plastic white house rests with an easy to remove red roof and there is a bar handle as well to transport the cage with should you want to. Inside two blue plastic trays can be hooked to where you want them and it comes with two very small turquoise wheels which are the silent (ish) type, again you pop them to where you want to and there are optional yellow plastic slides to attach to the shelves you put in. I also got a large plastic turquoise bowl for food and a small bottle that clips to the side of the cage though Reggie has worked out how to dismantle this much to my disgust meaning he can escape and does!

      My Opinion:

      This may be ok for dwarfs or mice but not ok for hamsters and that needs to be made clear on the advertising of this product in my opinion. I wouldn't put a baby hamster in this as it really is way too small. The house can me moved by your pet leaving an escape route for them and there is nothing given to conceal that hole so you have no option but to deal with it. The wheels are really tiny and there is no other space to put a larger wheel in there as there is not enough space. The dish is too big considering the size of the cage and not a none slip one, the bottle too small and actually half the size of a standard one that most of us are used to. The biggest issue with this I have is that when I was putting the cage together that I broke the two see through plastic pull down sections to the front of it to which I need to get through to grab Reginald out and the likes. Its just so flimsy and now they are secured with string meaning the unit looks rubbish and did from day one of owning of it.

      Easy to clean, I like the height of it but his living space to the bottom of the cage is tiny. I simply don't recommend this cage at all. Its cheaply made and too small for most furries and it gets a thumbs down from Reggie too!

      Available from Amazon.com and Google if interested...but seriously don't bother!


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    • Product Details

      "Izzy Fun House cages; (BASE COLOURS MAY VARY- BLUE, PINK OR GREEN) your little critter will be in orbit in this cage, its got a easy to clean deep base that clips from the cage, and inside there is a whole mountain of amusement for your pet, you might thi"

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