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Ferplast Furet Plus Ferret and Rat Cage

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4 Reviews
  • Excellent access
  • Added extras such as hammock
  • Just make sure all the pieces are present
  • Fiddly door opening
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    4 Reviews
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      06.07.2014 00:46


      • "Can be extended"
      • "Added extras such as hammock"
      • "Easy to clean"
      • "Great access"
      • "Difficult for rats to open"
      • "Great shelf"
      • "Thick plastic"
      • Sturdy


      • "Just make sure all the pieces are present"

      Great cage, but small unless you only have a few rats.

      This cage is perfect for up to 4 rats. The bar spacing allows even very young rats to reside in it safely, and is also perfect for attaching almost all water bottle brands. It is sturdy- the plastic is thick and the doors are nearly impossible for a rat to open. I had one rescue rat who was very vicious and actually managed to chew his way out of it through the top- but rest assured this is very rare and the plastic is really very thick. You also get a grey shelf with this cage which has a ladder attached to it. The ladder can be placed in different ways on the shelf, allowing you to customise the cage. A blue hammock is also included, which the rats will enjoy for approximately 3 weeks before it becomes too chewed up to be useful. I have extended my Furat by purchasing a second and- with a little DIY skill- attached them together to make a tower, comfortably accommodating my 6 female rats. The cage is very accessible, good for shy rats trying to hide. the whole top can be opened using the 2 catches on the front side of the roof. The cage is very easy to clean, as the tray can be removed in seconds by unclipping the metal part. All in all it''s good value for money, but if you have a lot of rats or plan to get more I recommend a much bigger cage, as this one only measures 78 x 48 x h 70 cm.


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      04.07.2014 23:41
      Very helpful


      • "Comes with accessories"
      • "Collapsible for storage"
      • "Excellent access"


      • "Some fragile parts"
      • "Fiddly door opening"

      Good starter cage for rat owners

      I bought this cage second hand when I unexpectedly needed an extra cage in a hurry. This is a lovely cage with a lot going for it. It''s advertised for four rats, which is reasonable for smallish females, but ideally it''s more suited to 2-3 rats. It comes with a range of accessories to start you off with your rats. The cage section is collapsible . Pros: The base area is a good size, with plenty of room for rats to move and play. The cage section is a good height for rats to climb. The accessories that come with it are very convenient - a platform and ladder (although most rats don''t need the ladder!) to create a level, a hammock, a litter tray, a food bowl and a water bottle. Access to this cage is excellent. There''s a reasonably sized door on the front of the cage and the entire top of the cage opens up (which was wonderful when I was using this for two unhandled rescue rats!). The entire cage section can be taken apart which makes it very easy to store, and I found it fairly self explanatory to put together. The base is also easily cleaned by removing the cage section. Cons: The plastic attachments connecting each side of the cage can be a little fragile - I have managed to break two but this hasn''t affected the stability of the cage. There''s also some rusting on the bars but again this hasn''t affected the cage itself. The hammock provided isn''t great - my rats tend to ignore this style of hammock, preferring ones made entirely of fleece or fabric, and with pouches. If you like using shelves this could probably do with a second one, and the attachments have a tendency to cross thread, leaving them stuck on the cage! The clips on the front door aren''t very well designed and are a little fiddly to open and close. Generally, this is a good cage for a new rat owner with a small group. Easy to store and clean, it''s good value for money and widely available.


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      06.09.2012 18:45
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lovely home for my girls with plenty of space!

      I recently bought two dumbo rats (although I'm now definitely on a pet ban) and, with these girls came the need for a rat cage. I went to my nearest Pets At Home store as I knew they would sell all of the supplies I needed to get Bob and Dylan settled and came away with this Furet Plus cage by Ferplast.

      ----- Why Furet Plus? -----
      There were a few reasons I went for this particular cage. Firstly it's made by Ferplast. My hamster Frank's first cage was a Ferplast one and, although he outgrew it and I had to replace it with a bigger one, it was a decent quality cage (I still have it just in case) so I trusted this brand to supply me with a sturdy rat cage too. It was plenty big enough too so I knew I wouldn't need to replace this one for a bigger one in the future. Secondly, it was part of a pretty good value bundle deal. The cage itself cost me £85 (it is also available on amazon for the same price) but I got a bag of food, treats, bedding and litter thrown too so I got a good deal! Lastly, the cage came with most of the accessories Bob and Dylan would require which, again, saved me some money when buying everything from scratch.

      ----- What does Furet Plus look like? -----
      The picture supplied by dooyoo provides a pretty accurate answer to that question. The cage is 70x80x50cm making is rather large and apparently suitable for two ferrets or four rats. Personally I think housing two ferrets in this cage would be a bit ambitious and probably quite cramped for them! Four rats would probably cope perfectly fine but I think this is the perfect size for just the two. It gives them ample amounts of room to sleep, eat, drink and play without them looking completely lost.

      The plastic grey base tray is very deep ensuring bedding isn't thrown about everywhere and allowing you to cover the bottom in a good couple of inches of bedding making it more comfortable my lovely little rats. The bars are black and coated metal which prevent rust making the cage last longer.

      The cage has two floors although I think it could benefit from another one. As the ladder leading up the second platform isn't very tall this has to be positioned quite low which means any suspension toys or beds can be quite difficult for my rats to reach as they're still quite high up! The cage is easily tall enough to add another floor (I'm 5ft7 and the top of the cage comes just below my hip when I'm stood next to it) but, unfortunately, Ferplast don't sell this floors separately. The good news, however, is that Salvic do. In fact their individually sold platforms are exactly the same as the one which comes in this cage only it's blue instead of grey. Granted it looks a little odd but it gives Bob and Dylan much more space to play with which is far more important in my opinion. These platforms can be picked up from Amazon for £10 and I think it's well worth getting one otherwise you have a lot of empty space in this cage!

      There's a rather large opening at the bottom front of the cage which has possibly them most awkward positioned clasps known to man. Whoever came up with that design is a complete idiot. Rather than these clasps shutting firming over the top of one of the bars like most cages the clasps need to be tucked underneath the bars instead. It's pretty hard to weave metal bars in and out of one another and opening and closing this door is a ten minute frustrating task which will leave your fingers feeling pretty sore. I avoid using this door at all costs! Thankfully, the entire top of the cage opens up to create one very big opening. This is secured shut by plastic metal clips which you simply turn to open and close, much easier! Although reaching the bottom of the cage from the top is difficult due to its height. Alternatively you can just unclip the cage walls from the base by either side and separate the two completely which is obviously the most ideal way to clean the cage.

      On the whole the cage is pleasant enough looking and will go in just about any room without upsetting your decor too much if you're bothered about that sort of thing.

      ----- What will I get with this cage? -----
      As mentioned, the cage comes with a few accessories. Firstly there is a deep, silver metal food dish which comes with a holder to mount it to the bars of the cage. I love this feature. It can be positioned low enough for Bob and Dylan to easily gain access to their food but high enough for them not to kick their bedding (and droppings) into it too. This is a problem I have with my hamster and I'm desperately looking for a similar food bowl for him too!

      You also get the mentioned grey plastic platform and matching ladder which are both sturdy enough and Bob and Dylan like to make use of these features. There's a large water bottle and wire clip to attach it to the cage. I replaced this water bottle straight away as it leaked loads and is pretty rubbish actually. Fortunately a water bottle is easy and cheap enough to replace.

      Then there's a large blue plastic corner litter tray which, if you persist enough to get your pets to use it, makes cleaning the cage a whole lot easier. I can just clean the litter tray daily and change the bedding and clean the cage properly once a week.

      Lastly, there's a blue and white hanging hammock type bed. This looks very nice and very comfortable in my opinion but Bob and Dylan seem to prefer cuddling up in a ball in the bottom corner of their cage and I've never actually seen them go onto this hammock. Having said this these style of beds seem to be popular among rats so I think it's just my two that are not keen rather than it being a pointless feature.

      Adding your own bits and bobs to the cage help bring it to life. I've added another water bottle and another platform, a large hanging tube tunnel for them to get to and from the second and third platform, a wooden house, wheel and a suspension toy. All of these features fit comfortably in the cage whilst still allowing my girls to run around, space really isn't an issue with this cage. The room there is in this cage with just having the two rats leaves plenty of opportunities to really make this an enjoyable place for your pets to live. I spent roughly an extra £40 and the cage is perfect in my eyes (hopefully Bob and Dylan agree)!

      ----- How do I assemble the cage? -----
      The first thing I will say on this subject is do not try and put this cage up alone. You won't be able to do it. You might be able to struggle through most of it by yourself but securing that platform is a definitely a two person job. This comes flat packed. A huge cardboard box with the base of the cage along with the four cage walls, ceiling bars, platform and other accessories and all the bits needed to put this all together. You might as well throw the instructions away as they are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. It took me and a friend about forty minutes to fully assemble this cage and there's plenty of tricky fiddly bits and opportunity for frustrated swearing!

      The walls of the cage slide into these long tubes which attach all four walls together. You then slot this in place on the base and secure with some clips at the top and bottom of each corner. The top of the cage is in two bits, first there is the thick plastic lining which goes on the outside which is secured by about ten different clips and then the actual bars which fits between this covering again, secured by plenty of clips. The platform is secured onto the cage by plastic almost screws. You have to line the holes in the platform up with the holes in the bars and you'll need one person to position this platform and hold it there whilst the other person screws in the fixtures. Once you've done all of this you just need to add bedding and accessories and you're done.

      The most frustrating part about putting this cage together is simply working out what goes where. There are loads of different fixtures which all look pretty similar so without useful instructions it's difficult to work out. There were a couple of times we ended up completely redoing parts because as we realised we'd used the wrong fixtures!

      The good news is that this cage is very sturdy and secure. Once it's up you're going to have difficulty getting it back down again and even the most persistent of escape artists are going to have trouble escaping from this cage!

      ----- How easy is it to clean? -----
      The cage is simple to clean although obviously takes a little longer than what I'm used to cleaning out my hamsters cage because it's a lot bigger. The base is easy to clean with either warm water or a pet safe disinfect spray and be wiped clean also. The platform, being the same plastic smooth surface, can be cleaned in the same way and this should be done at least once a week.

      You'll need plenty of bedding to completely cover the bottom and it's important to remember rats need shredded paper or safe bedding which is a lot more expensive than sawdust! The big bag of bedding I got free with my cage was used up in one go! Personally, I shred my own paper as it's just so much cheaper and is basically the same as what you buy in the shops anyway.

      The litter tray, again, is simple to wipe clean and it all dries pretty quickly ready for that new bedding/litter to be placed down. I find the platform is easier to clean via the top of the cage whilst I clean out the litter tray and base of the cage by unclipping the cage walls and completely separating these from the base.

      ----- What do Bob and Dylan think about the cage? -----
      Well it's difficult to ask them! They've settled in beautifully though and don't seem to have any complaints. They love the extra platform and enjoy climbing up the walls (literally). They've already got their favourite spots in the cage and their favourite toys and make full use of the amount of room this cage offers them. They were basically no effort whatsoever getting them to use their litter tray so that makes cleaning a lot easier too!

      I'm a big fan of the cage and believe it is well worth the money I paid for it. I love to see Bob and Dylan curled up together in their house but just as much love to see them running about separately. They have plenty of room to play! They're very inquisitive animals and this cage supplies enough room and opportunity for me to hide treats and sticks for them to find out eat, chew and play with.

      This cage, to me, looks like a home for my girls rather than a prison cell. Whilst I of course let them out at every opportunity I don't feel guilty about keeping them in this cage for long periods of time and they really don't seem to mind either! I'm completely happy with my purchase and would recommend this cage to anyone looking for a good home for their rodents.


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        02.10.2010 20:07
        Very helpful



        A really nice quality cage for the price

        The ferplast furet is a ferret and rat cage made from coated metal bars and a plastic base with plastic trimmings. The fact that the bars are coated is a big bonus as it means they won't rust and thus the cage will last you for far longer than one that was not.

        As you can see from the photo this cage comes with a hammock, plastic level, food bowl, corner litter tray and water bottle which are all of a decent quality although you may want to buy a few extras to keep your pets entertained.

        The plastic base is nice and deep to prevent bedding being chucked out of the cage and each corner/edge has a plastic sheath which means there are no sharp edges. The entire top of the cage opens up as one big door and is secured shut by two large clips - if you have any escape artist rats they may be able to push their way out of this door as it's not secured down at the sides however none of my rats have tried to get out. There is also a relatively large door on the front of the cage aswell. I'd prefer it if there was an extra level in the cage - one doesn't seem enough for the size.

        Dimension wise this cage is 70x80x50cm which is a decent size for a rat cage and gives up to 4 of them plenty of space to run around and play. As mentioned above it is also adequate for 1 ferret but it's too small for 2.

        Price wise you can buy this cage, with the accessories from Pets at Home for £80 which in my opinion is a fair price when it's main competitor (the Jenny - also made by Ferplast and only slightly taller in size but with worse access) is £100. I managed to get mine for £40 as it was ex display and was missing the ladder, litter tray and hammock, but I bought extra accessories to fit myself.

        Overall I would reccommend this cage (unless your pet takes every possible oppourtunity to escape the confines of the cage) as it's good quality, durable and available for a fair price.


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