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Ferplast Furet Tower Cage

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Brand: Ferplast / Animals Equipment Type: Rodents / Small Pets

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    2 Reviews
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      24.04.2011 14:16



      I also keep pet rats in furet tower cage. The possibilities of furnishing are amazing. The cage is really solid and worth of recomennd.


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      28.08.2009 11:46
      Very helpful



      A cage I will recommend again and again....

      I haven't used the Tower for any animal other than rats so can't comment on it's suitability for ferrets for example - this review will be based on my experience with this cage as a pet rat keeper.

      I absolutely love this cage, although it does seem as if it has the "marmite effect" - you either love it or hate it.

      Although originally made for Ferrets, I (as do many others) keep pet rats in mine and find it is absolutely perfect for my needs.


      Length - 80cm
      Width - 75cm
      Height - 161cm


      Average online price seems to be around £170 mark, although there are some great deals to be found. I bought my Tower, brand new, from a seller on Ebay (auction style sale) for £80 :o)


      A very large cage, with 2 sections, one on top of the other, thus creating the "Tower". The plastic base of the top section is the top of the lower section. The bases are very deep compared to many cages - being about 6 or 7 inches in depth. This is great for not allowing cage litter to be kicked out of the cage - a problem that many small animal owners will sympathise with!

      The bars of the cage are coated, so won't rust, and the width between the bars is very small compared to many of the larger cages. This makes the cage perfect for housing Does (female rats) or baby rats at 6 weeks old.

      Access to the cage is a controversial issue. There are 3 large doors on the cage. Two on the front (one in each section) and one on the roof. The doors are like a flap that fold down (or in the case of the roof door, pull up to fold back). Personally I find the access very easy. But as I stand at around 5ft 3in, and am small in build, I can practically fit in the cage! This makes it very easy for me to clean it out and attach the all important hammocks and toys. Some people do complain that the access isn't good - and it has been mentioned that some would prefer a couple of smaller doors on the side of the cage in addition to the large ones.

      This cage is quite unusual for a large cage, as it can be "flat packed". This makes storing it when not in use relatively easy, you only have to really worry about finding a home for the large plastic bases. Re-assembling it again is incredibly easy to do. I managed to put it together on my own without the use of instructions quickly. It really is just a matter of slotting the bars into the corner rods, and using the end fixings to hold them together. I can assemble it from scratch in about 10 minutes now.

      You can separate the two sections of the cage with ease, it's really just a matter of covering up the hole that gives access to the top from the bottom, or swapping the bases around. You can also just use one section, effectively creating a cage called the "Furet XL" which Ferplast also sell (priced at around £90).

      Going on the usual "allow 2 cubic feet per rat" guideline, you could fit 17 rats in this cage should you so desire. Personally I think that's a few too many as I do like to give my rats as many hammocks, tubes, boxes, shelves, and toys for stimulation as possible, whilst allowing lots of room for general pinging around! The most I have kept in the Tower at any one time is 12. If you were separating the cage into two, or just using one section of it, the guideline would be 9 rats. Again, a few too many in my opinion - I would probably keep a maximum of about 6 or 7.

      **My Thoughts**

      Well, if you haven't already guessed - I love my Tower. It fulfils my needs completely.

      - Easy for me to clean. For "thorough" cleaning, it is easy to take apart and re-assemble.
      - The coated bars meaning no rusting and they are easy to wipe clean.
      - Small width spacing between the bars, meaning suitable for housing all rats, be it does, small or large males, or babies. No need for chicken wire!
      - Great deep bases.
      - Horizontal bars, meaning easy climbing for the ratties. Some of the large aviaries and other big cages that are suitable to house ratties in, have vertical bar spacing, making it awkward for rats to climb and also for hanging toys and hammocks.
      - Has caster wheels on the bottom base for ease of movement. These wheels are screwed on during the first assembly of the cage, although they can be left off if preferred.


      For me, this cage is almost perfect. I have very few complaints about it. However, one thing I do wish, is that the lower section had some sort of roof panel other than the plastic base. This would make hanging things in the bottom section much easier - although you can get around this problem with a little thought and creativity. Wooden doweling across the the width of the cage does give a little hanging space for example.

      Some people complain that it feels a little flimsy - personally I don't. When put together it feels very secure.

      The cage door flaps at the front lower completely, practically resting against the cage. This is great for access, but I like to make them into a "shelf" when opening them for my rats to climb out. I get around this by tying a loop of string to either side of the door at the top, and hooking it to the door when it is open. This creates a shelf like door, giving the rats a platform to stand on as they enter or exit the cage.


      I have kept rats as pets for many years, and during that time I have had a variety of cages. This is, by far, the best cage I have had, and one that I recommend to friends over and over. I like the accessories that you get with the cage - a few tubes, shelves and a hammock - these can also be bought separately, so you can add more to your cage set-up if you wish to.

      This is definitely the cage that I will keep for years to come, and the fact that it flat packs for storage means it isn't in the way when not in use.

      One that I recommend for happy ratties too - they love the huge amount of space it gives them!


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    • Product Details

      Two living areas connected by a clear tube / Includes three corner shelves / two grey ladders / corner litter tray / water bottle / food bowl / hammock / several tubes.

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