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Ferplast Gym Pet Hamster and Gerbil Exercise Centre

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Brand: Ferplast / Animals Equipment Type: Rodents / Small Pets

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2013 19:55
      Very helpful



      Great addition to a Ferplast cage

      While the hamster cage we purchased (review written) did come with a wheel, we found it took up so much space within the cage itself that after the bed and food bowl there was hardly any room for other items such as a sand-bath, chew toys, etc

      So I decided not to use the wheel that came with the cage and instead opted for a self contained exercise wheel that could be connected to the cage. (The type of cage is modular allowing extra pieces to be clicked on to design and build up the cage).

      The wheel is a good size, seems a little big for dwarf hamsters but mine never had any trouble. The wheel itself (unlike the version in the photo) was a clear sturdy plastic with grows inside to give grip. It is a solid wheel, which is the safer version (rather than the metal, open-barred ones).

      It is secured to the base which is again sturdy clear plastic, giving the animal open view of everything.

      In the base there is a little (mine was blue) bridge, with grooved steps on either side. It fits into the base by clicking into place with four tiny feet. This bridge gives the hamster a boost up onto the wheel and there is a space underneath for hiding (my hamsters were always hiding food under there.

      Putting it together is easy enough, only the bridge caused me a bit of huffing and puffing as getting those feet to align with their holes was annoying. It was as if I needed to compress the bridge in order to get it lined up.

      The exercise centre comes apart easy which is great for cleaning. If your hamsters are anything like mine where, then they will spend endless hours on that wheel and it will get very grubby very quickly.

      As everything is made of a solid plastic, then cleaning is pretty easy. It can be cleaned with a soft sponge, water and your choice of animal-specific cleaning sprays.

      The exercise centre can be connected to most of the Ferplast cages/accessories I believe. They each have holes in areas around the base. The exercise centre has three, one at either end and one at the front.

      They are connected with strong, flexible plastic, seal rings. The holes you don't use to connect have little clear windows that are popped into place.

      The wheel can be used as a stand-alone unit as it comes with seal rings and windows for each of the holes. The wheel itself can be unclipped from the unit for quick cleaning.

      While this is possible, I do prefer the exercise centre to be connected to the cage - that way you do not having to keep an eye on the hamster and put it back into the cage when he/she gets tired or hungry, instead the little critter can just run back into their cage when they are finished playing in the wheel.

      All my dwarf hamsters that have gone through this cage set have always played on the wheel. In fact the last one spent a lot of time in the centre and even dragged bedding until the bridge where I often caught him sleeping!

      I've had very young dwarf hamsters, of just a few months old and they have all been fine with this wheel, none found it too difficult to climb into or get going.

      Amazon sell it for £31.34, however there are often offers on for buying modular pieces so you can sometimes get two of three different units for a combined cheaper price.

      A great product, secure and safe and has great movement. It is especially good if you have the Ferplast modular cage range as this exercise centre will free up space within your main cage allowing you to add more playthings for your hamster.


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      11.01.2009 14:46
      Very helpful



      A fun add-on for your hamster cage

      We have a bit of a tendency to spoil our hamsters, and when I saw this hamster gym from Ferplast I couldn't resist getting it for our male hamster.

      The gym is an 'add-on' feature which connects on to your existing cage. It is only compatible with ferplast cages, and only ones which have tubes on them. If there are no openings then you won't be able to connect the gym!

      The gym is made from see-through plastic which means that you can watch your hamster as it 'works out'. In the gym there is a blue plastic bench with a hole in the middle, so that the hamster can either walk over the top, or go through the hole. I had only seen them in this colour, but the one in the dooyoo picture is a different colour so I suppose there are a few colours to choose between! There is also a wheel in the gym. It is set a little back from the bench, so the hamster can climb into the wheel easily by climbing onto the bench first so it doesn't have to jump too high.

      The tubing from your existing cage snaps into one of the openings on the gym so that it will be safe and secure and your hamster can easily move between the cage and the gym. The tubing fits in perfectly to the openings and there is no way that the tubing would fall out. There are three different tube opening on the gym, so that you can position the gym in the direction you want it to face. For the two openings you don't use there are plastic 'stoppers' which securely fit into the openings so that there is no way that your hamster will be able to escape out of them.

      I would recommend putting sawdust in the bottom of the gym. The plastic can be a little cold on the hamsters paws, and also if it goes to the toilet in there it can take a while to dry and you don't want the hamster walking in it! This also makes it easier to clean as there won't be as many stains on the bottom of the plastic.

      Although this gym is for hamsters and gerbils, I can't help feeling like it is a tiny bit too small for the hamster to get around. We have Syrian hamsters, which are very common to have as pets, and our male hamster does seem to have to squeeze in order to manoeuvre around in there. I think this would be great for smaller hamsters such as Russian or dwarf hamsters, but Syrians are a little bigger and I think the hamster gym is a bit too small for them.

      Another thing with the gym is that you can't actually open it without taking the entire thing apart. There are no doors, so you would have to remove all the tubing and stoppers in order to open it. If your hamster likes using the gym, it could make it hard to get them out to handle them.

      The cage is around 25cm long and about 25cm high. It is rectangular in shape with curved corners and a curved top. I really like the design of it.

      I bought the cage for £18.99 online, and there are quite a few online pet shops that stock it, including Ardent Pets and Pet Planet.

      I really like the idea of the gym. It makes a great addition to a hamster cage and gives them more room to run around in, but I wish it was a tiny bit bigger so that there was a little more room to move around. I would recommend this product, my hamster seems to enjoy it!


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      May be attached to a Ferplast cage or stand alone.

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