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Ferplast Hamster Harness & Lead

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Brand: Ferplast / Type: Rodent / Small Pets

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2012 13:49



      it scares my hamster so I cannot use it.

      I bought this for my syrian hamster and have to say that he hates it, when I try to put it around his neck he uses his paws to puch it off. I can see why this would be a good idea but they just dont like it.

      It is made up of a thin rope like material that is strong enougth to hold a hamster, it has a plastic bit that you use to tighten it around the hamsters neck, The plastic part looks and feels quite cheap and I could imagine it breaking quite easily. The only colour I could find this in is pink but I think their are others available.

      I thought it would be a good idea to take my ahmster in the garden with this on however I think he was scared by the whole experience as he is not used to being held back by something. I think if you want to give your hamster some freedom an exercise ball would be a better idea, leave the leads to the cats and dogs.


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        15.05.2011 01:43
        Very helpful



        A nice little product to be used with respect for the lead and to your rodent!

        Yep you read the title of this review right! Me being hamster crazy was absolutely delighted when I spotted such a thing in my local pet shop and even the lady selling me the item laughed along with my boyfriend as I purchased it...so I'm used to ridicule well enough lol!

        I am hamster crazy! I own three Syrian beauties, Trevor Arnold, Maud Francis and Reginald Arthur along with the cutest little Russian Dwarf who's twin died on me a couple of months back called Eric Arthur..yes I'm eccentric I'll openly admit that.

        As a hamster crazy person there is little my hamsters don't have. They have a hamtrack and various vehicles to run around on, a playpen, wheels with flashing lights and now leads!

        What alot of people don't stop and think about it exercising their hamsters or indeed any kind of rodents. However although rodents are nocturnal they still should get regular exercise and the recommended amount is no more than 20 minutes in an hour (so not to exhaust them) and I do allow mine quite alot of exercise and as much freedom as I can possibly allow.

        Although I am eccentric I'm not completely crazy and never have thought about taking them for walkies of course down my local park or beach. Never forget that these are hamsters with little legs and lots of enemies out there so when I bought mine I only wanted them for inside use and for my front garden to delight the neighbours kiddies (sadly though I was caught on video camera from my neighbours who are now threatening to facebook me and name and shame me lol. Some people really don't understand how precious rodents can be I say lol.

        This lead as far as I am aware only comes in one colour and that is a bright red and in one length which is 1100 mm. I have mooched about looking to see for other options however thus far from this brand seen none and expect to pay around £3.00 a lead or from places like Amazon near £3.00 with a couple of quid postage and packaging put on top of that initial price. (Mine was from an independent, small pet shop for £3.00 by the way and I never have seen them in places like Pets At Home and the likes though Amazon do stock them).

        The Lead:

        The lead comes on a long jade green, mustard yellow and white card and on the front of that there is a couple of photographs of rodents on there and we are told that it is is Ferplast 'New Pet Generation' and the length of the lead is stated (which I have listed already). On the back of the card there are three small diagrams of how to pop this around your hamster and contact details for Ferplast are given (which are www.ferplast.com).

        The lead as I have already mentioned is red in colour and made from a reasonably thick cord. There is a large hoop to one end of it to pop your hand through thus walk your pet and the other end has another large hoop with a black plastic toggle on it and a silver hoop and it has a fastening to that section to connect to the main lead with two silver secure clips you can't meddle with.

        Now this of course isn't just a lead but has a harness function to it too. You buy the whole thing and the lead base with the toggle on it adjusts to fit your pet so all shapes and sizes (including my tiny hamster) fit within it and I guess Gerbils and Rats could too.

        It took me while to work out how to fit this on to my pet and sure it isn't half fiddly to get to grips with in the beginning even wen following the basic diagrams on the back of the card! You have to sort of figure of eight the toggle part and pop you pet inside of it and then with the toggle tighten it comfortably and make sure that the small silver hoop is on the back of the hamster as that shows then it is fitted on correctly. You must make sure at this point that is on securely or you get a runaway on your hands though you don't want to strangle your pet either of course!

        At first I thought it would be something that we never used but I'm telling you now my pets love this! They see me with leads in my hands and almost jump up and down for joy and Trevor even tries to open his cage lid himself!

        Its a great way to not only exercise your hamster but bond with them too. At first they were scared on this and we had plenty of hopping and jumping about opposed to walking but I used treats in lines to coax them to walk and now they really do walk nicely! Its a great, safe way of giving them freedom without them vanishing and I can allow them to control where they go safely.

        Its easy enough to get them safe and secure, its a long length without me losing control at any time and it feels nice to hold and if my hamsters are happy then so am I!

        Recommended from me to adults as I'm not keen on the idea of children really dragging them about and so fine if an adult puts them on and supervises I reckon. Sturdy and wipe clean there is nothing to dislike about these leads!


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