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Brand: Ferplast / Type: Small Pet Cage

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2013 19:46
      Very helpful



      A nice little additional to a modular cage

      We started originally with the Ferplast combi 1 cage (review written) and then added the Exercise Centre (review written). It got me hooked on the modular aspect of the Ferplast range so I started to look at what else I could get for my hamster.

      I liked the lab as my hamster enjoyed nipping about and climbing.

      The lab is a circular, domed unit with three holes one around the perimeter. This gives three different connection options when you are building up your cage.

      The main body of the unit is sturdy clear plastic, (with plenty of air holes) that comes in two pieces that fit together, they can be a little fiddly as you have to line the "lipped" edges up before holding the whole thing closed with the flexible, plastic orange seal-rings.

      Inside the unit is a blue platform that helps to divide the lab into two levels. It is shaped to create a type of funnel so that when the hamster comes into the unit, he walks around until he comes to the opening of the funnel that has a ramp where he can reach the upper level.

      The final piece is the blue plastic twist-lock lid.

      Like most of the Ferplast modular range, the holes are used to connect other units/cages together or feature a clear window.

      One of my hamsters decided that this lab would be a bedroom/toilet so I had to clean it a lot more frequently than I had initially hoped.

      As there was often sawdust and bedding dragged into it, I stopped fighting and made sure it was always full of the stuff for him. This did make it a pain to clean as the "blue platform" piece rests in a semi-circular groove in the base. This always ended up (not actually sure how) full of compacted sawdust and took a bit of time and a toothpick to clean. If you didn't get it all out, the platform wouldn't sit neatly and so it would stop the whole unit clipping back together.

      However being sturdy plastic, pulling it apart and cleaning it fairly easy and had the added bonus of just popping the hamster into the main part of the cage and closing off the connecting hole.

      For some reason it did take a while for my hamsters to venture into this new addition. Though with the lid, I could open it up without scaring them (when they were still peering in from the cage) and add a few treats and food bits to the upper platform.

      Eventually they started coming in and enjoyed rushing up to the upper level, especially if they heard me open and remove the lid. While they could escape that way, once the lid was removed, it did take them a while due to the angle of the lab's sides (amusing to watch!)

      As mentioned, Freddie, my little Chinese Dwarf hamster began sleeping in there. He would pull so much bedding in and then "vanish" within it. Every now and then you would find him pressed against the clear sides, fast asleep surrounded by bedding. So we got some good views of him sleeping which was a nice bonus.

      Amazon sell this at around £18.99.

      Ferplast have the whole modular range on their website, nothing has prices so I'm not sure if you are able to actually buy anything direct from them.

      While it does not have some of the charm of the other modular units, I did like this lab and all my different dwarf hamsters who have passed through have all had oodles of fun making a mess in it. This is a good addition to the set.


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