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Ferplast Olimpia Hamster Cage

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ferplast / Type: Rodent & Small Pet Cages, Hutches & Runs

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    4 Reviews
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      03.10.2012 20:56
      Very helpful



      Good cage for hamsters with lots of room.

      This review is also on my ciao account under the username alexcatt97. In this review I shall judge this cage on 5 different criteria which Design and Look, Durability, Cleaning, Hamster enjoyment and Value for Money. This cage is sold for an average price of £35.

      ===Design and Look===

      The cage is designed very well with lots of space on the base of the cage with a tube going up to the second story and ladders going up to the other three stories with a wheel on the fourth story and a hideaway for the hamster on the fifth. Because of the amount of stories the hamster would be able to explore a lot in the cage and will have lots of room for things like card tubes and toys. Also you can buy extra tubes which can fit on to the cage for more exploration. As the base of the cage is a simple rectangle shape the cage is very easy to store.

      The first story in this cage is the base which is the largest floor and where you would normally put the wood shavings on and where the hamster would usually go to play etc. It is a good size which is sufficient for the hamster to have enough room to be able to play and move around and have exercise with also room for things like toys, tubes and a food bowl so I was happy with the overall size of the base although some cages do have larger bases.

      The second and third are accessible to the hamster through a tube from the base of the cage but the tube in my opinion may be hard for younger hamsters to get up. The floors are significantly smaller than the base and you can see this if you look at the picture of the product on this website and the hamster can get too and from each one by two ladders which are not that steep which is good. The second floor doesn't consist of anything and is really just there so that the hamster is able to get to the third which consists of the exercise wheel. The wheel on this cage is a good size for an adult hamster in my opinion and was easy to use for my hamster as it was not stiff like some wheels I have found in other cages so it is easy for your hamster to get exercise in this cage. From the third floor there is a ladder which leads to a hidey hole which is great for the hamster to sleep in although quite far away from the base where the wood shavings in the cage are. Overall for the second and third floors they are alright but nothing really special as they are pretty small but well designed add more space to the cage which is better for the hamster.


      This cage has lasted a very long time for my hamster as the wire bars are very strong and so are the tubes, ladders and the upper floors. The plastic used in this cage is a plastic that hamsters are not able to chew on so that adds to how durable the cage is. The wheel is very strong and so is the hide away but sometimes you need to re attach the house to the cage but the hide away its self is quite strong. When i bought the cage, it came with a bowl which was not that strong so i suggest you get a stronger and heavier one. Overall the Durability of the cage is very long.


      The base of the cage and wire part of the cage is very easy to clean as the wire top comes of when you take the clips off. The other floors are harder to clean but still quite easy as that part of the cage just comes of. The tubes are harder to clean but I found that you can just soak them in a bucket of hot water with a mild disinfectant. Overall, the cage is not the easiest to clean, but is still quite easy but just takes some more time to get the job done.

      ===Hamster Enjoyment===

      The cage has loads of space and loads of floor's I could fit loads of toys and chews for my hamster and he loved it. Also he loved the amount of space and the amount of floor's there were in the cage as it meant that there was more to explore within the cage which is always good because that it what hamsters love to do. As hamster's love to explore getting a cage like this one with loads of space and tubes is a good decision.

      ===Value for Money===

      Considering all the different criteria I have talked about in this review, £35 is a great price for loads of room, floors, tubes and a easy to clean and strong cage. So if you are looking for a cheap cage with all of these things the Ferplast Olimpia Hamster Cage is definitely the cage for your hamster and I definitely recommend it.


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        28.08.2011 16:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not one I'd recommend!

        The main love of my life is hamsters. I adore them and at the moment in my care I have four of them and two babies, one of which I'm keeping and the other I'm hoping to find a good home for.

        The more furries you get though the more costly a business it becomes believe me!

        Like a lot of people who get a hamster I started off with basic cage but after a while I felt cruel. Space was limited and they got bored in there and I simply felt it was unfair on them and so now, well my lot have far more interesting cages than when I started out on my hamster loving ways.

        Before I got any cage and splashed some cash I did a lot of research. I was looking to pay about £50.00 for a large and fun cage and lets face it when you need a few cages it is a lot of money! I wanted to know what other people thought of the cages and how easy they were to put together, clean etc and this one got a big thumbs up from and seemed rather popular.

        When I bought this I got it from a small independent pet shop rather a while ago and it cost £55.00. Since then this can be found for around the £40 mark in places like Pets At Home though Google if interested as can be found in lots of places as it is still a very popular cage.

        The Cage Itself:

        Suitable for one Syrian hamster (this has bars/rungs so anything smaller can and probably would and could escape) the size of this cage is 54 x 29 x 46cm which means its small but when put together it is tall.

        The base of the cage is bright orange, rather deep and has black bars/rungs with a hatch to open at the top of that. The cage clips securely onto the base and the rungs are reasonably wide to get a good view of your pet. This is easy to pop together, clean everything really though it isn't a massive area.

        The top part clips on with little black rubber stoppers. The back section is again bright orange plastic with air-holes and is half the size of the base and it secures on with little black rubber stoppers, this can be tricky attaching it but once secured I never had a problem with it being safe. A plastic see through perspex clips onto the front of that which is simple to remove and attach and in there you get a slot in large blue wheel area which again is easy to do.

        Then all that is left to do is situate the little clear plastic ladders and blue plastic wipe clean shelves to how you want them (you get three ladders and 2 shelves) which again is simple and they simply click into place with real ease. There is also a little blue plastic round house, again easy to pop on and off and clean etc and it looks interesting.

        There are tubes that clip together from the base of the cage to the the see-through plastic upper level and two holes covered on the outer side of the cage for which come with plastic covers on so that you can expand the cage with other Ferplast cages if you want to and the likes via tubes etc that you can buy separately.

        My hamsters though have never been keen on the cage for some reason. The living quarters isn't big or tall and they don't seem to like getting the wheel and having to walk past the see through perspex area and I guess they must feel a little closed in there.

        The ladders fall all over the place, the more you unclip the front top section of plastic perspex to clean it etc the more damaged it gets until eventually a clip that secures it together completely snapped off and the tube the hamster needs to climb up can fall off of its own accord.

        It isn't too bad to clean and look after, does take up a lot of room and to me looks a bit of an eyesore being so bright and cheap looking to be perfectly honest. Like I say any hamster I have had living in here never seemed all that happy and so me, I won't be recommending this one this one sadly. It is safe and secure but there are far superior and more interesting cages than this on offer....just ask my lot lol.

        Also included in the cage is a bright orange plastic and large bowl (too big for the cage in my humble opinion!) and a water bottle and clip.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          24.11.2010 21:51
          Very helpful



          Do NOT buy this cage.

          I have some quite strong opinions on this cage so be warned...

          This cage should not be sold. It should be taken off the market, as it is not suitable for any animal. The bar spacing is too wide for a dwarf hamster, and it is FAR too small for a Syrian hamster, even the smaller pet shop variety. The wheel is tiny and needs replacing, but there is simply no room to fit a decent sized wheel in. There is hardly any floor space, the base is the size of a shoe box. The plastic monstrosity attached to the back is narrow, dangerous and uncomfortable for hamsters. Where do they turn around? How do they get ventilation? Why would anyone think an animal wants to squeeze through a tiny plastic maze to get to a tiny uncomfortable, unsuitable wheel and a tiny box-like house?

          I have spoken to people at hamster shows who mistakenly bought this cage and whose hamsters had had nasty accidents, becoming stuck and dying while struggling to get free in one instance.

          There is nothing about this cage that is remotely acceptable or suitable for animal habitation and I am amazed that Ferplast have designed it. People who buy it are suckered in by the unusual design without actually considering whether a living creature would be happy living in it. It does not fit the RSPCA guidelines for cage size, and I would never sell a hamster to anyone with this cage. It is only fit for the scrap heap.

          On top of that, it is pricey and you can get much better cages for the money or cheaper, see the Equine Canine Feline website for examples (we use the Ferplast Duna Multy and add our own toys and a large wheel).

          I have only given it one star as I am forced to, like Gillian McKeith in the jungle it's zero stars for me.


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          06.08.2010 08:00
          Very helpful



          see review

          When I bought my son his first hamster we bough a trendy Rotastak cage complete with extra tunnels and hiding places for it to live in! Percy loved this cage and seemed to really enjoy crawling around all the tunnels.

          When Percy sadly had to be put to sleep we decided eventually to replace him with another hamster but we kept the same cage as this made economical sense. After just a few days I knew I was going to need to replace the cage as our new hamster Jasper decided to use the tunnels as a toilet! The combined factors of hamster wee dripping through the tunnels and having to take the cage apart daily to clean it meant a swift visit to pets at home!

          **The Cage**

          The cage that we chose was the Olimpia hamster cage and cost a pretty expensive £35.99. I have since noticed that on Amazon the price is even higher! There were cheaper alternatives at the pet shop but I have to admit to being drawn to the trendy looking design of this cage.

          The cage is quite unusual to look at. There is a large base unit to the cage which has space for a food dish, which is included in the set and a water bottle which is also included. There is also ample room to put a cardboard tube or something for your hamster to play with in there. There is also a small see through plastic tunnel which leads into the upper part of the cage.

          The upper part of the cage is only a couple of inches in depth and quite tall in height, with three "storeys" in effect. There is a large see through plastic screen which goes on the front of the upper part of the cage. This gives an almost goldfish tank effect as you can easily observe your hamster whilst they are up and roaming around.

          In the upper part of the cage you have the hamster wheel, three little plastic pieces which act as the "stairs" to each level for your hamster, two long blue platforms for the hamster to stand on and the hamster bed. The hamster bed is blue plastic and fully enclosed apart from a small entrance hole so your hamster will be hidden whilst asleep but I think this is a good thing.

          There is an access point in the roof of the bottom unit which you can lift and gain access to your hamster too. This just clicks back shut when your hamster is in the cage and feels very secure.

          **Building the cage**

          The cage comes in a large box with instructions as there is quite a bit of self assembly to do.

          The bottom part of the cage is quite simple to assemble as you just need to snap together the parts of the tunnel and then attach that to the upper unit. You also need to attach the water bottle. There are two big clips on the wire cage which attach to the plastic base to ensure your hamster is safely locked in at all times!

          The upper part of the cage is a little trickier to fix together in that you have some black clips which go into the main base to hold the two parts together and I just couldn't get them to fit in properly! After around twenty minutes (and a few stresses I might add!) I finally managed to do it! The rest is quite easy to set up as there are lots of holes in the upper unit which the platforms, wheel and bed simply slot into.

          The large clear plastic front of the upper unit is easy to attach as it has some ridges on the bottom of it. These are simple slotted into holes in the bottom of the top unit and then fastened on at the top with some clips which are attached to the top of the cage.

          **Cleaning the unit**

          The cage is really easy to clean. The bottom part of the cage comes off easily as you just undo the large clips and lift the rest of the unit off. You can then easily replace the sawdust in the bottom of the cage.

          The top part of the cage is also quite easy to clean. This is the part where my hamster has decided to wee (again choosing to make it a bit more difficult for me than he has to!) and so I have to place small amounts of sawdust in the corners of the upper unit. To clean this I just scoop it out using kitchen roll and then wipe all the levels down with a pet safe disinfectant cleaner.

          The hamster bed is easily removed and splits into two parts for easy cleaning.


          I am really pleased with this cage. I like the fact that it looks quite modern and trendy and that I am able to see Jasper when he is up and about!

          The cage is quite large and so if you are limited for space I would recommend choosing one of the smaller cages, like the Rotastak ones. The cage is also reasonably expensive and there are other cheaper alternatives out there should you want one.

          An aspect I really like about this cage is the ease of access to your hamster. If they are in the base unit you have access to them via the small opening in the roof or if they are in the upper unit you can very easily take off the plastic front of the cage. The only place he can hide really is in the small tunnel or his bed which he still does quite often!

          Another nice thing with this cage is that there are plenty of areas for you to hide small treats for your hamster to sniff out which gives them a little entertainment! I like to hide small chocolate treats in the corners or up the tunnel for Jasper to find.

          In all I think this cage is a great investment. Jasper has lots of room to play and exercise and he seems happy in his home. This is all I can ask of a cage in my opinion and as such I award it 5 starts-even with the relatively high price tag.


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