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Happy Pet Wheely Salty

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Brand: Happy Pet / Type: Essential salt wheel for small pets

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 16:38
      Very helpful



      Not for us!

      I am the very proud owner of four gorgous hamsters (Trevor Arnold, Reginald Arthur, Maud Francis Crook (don't ask lol) and Eric Donald (who recently had a name change from Doris Pearl!...don't ask about that either thanks its still a sore subject lol!

      Their health is incredibly important to me expecially after I had two hamsters (Colin Alfred and Edna Deidre) die on me in the space of a week with my Colin only being 10 months old and me having little Edna only two days before she stopped breathing in my hand.

      I have always bought my hamsters mineral blocks and the likes and decent hamster food and gnaws and the likes and this was one thing I recently went out and bought a load of for their cages (they all live seperatly!).

      The Packaging:

      The mineral blocks come encased in a see-through plastic piece onto a dark green and white large card and on that card we are told that they are Happy Pet Wheely Salty, Essential Salts for 'Healthy play & exercise' and that they are suitable for small pets. On the back of the card we are told that they are suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Mice & Rats and contact details for Happy Pets are given. Nice enough packaging this is.

      The Salty Wheels:

      What you get in one pack is two large, white, slightly abrasive looking thick wheels of salt with a wide hole to each of the middle of them. You then get a reddish rubber block of which it has two sort of arms you pop the hole of the wheel through and then pop and turn the rubber into the cage where it is sits securly.

      The idea is for your pet to lick and nibble this salt block and it really is salty...I know because I had some on my finger and licked it off by mistake! Salt is an essential part of a small pets diet of course as there is very little in feed and in treats however my lot....well I have never seen them take an interest in one unless its for peeing on it or taking a dump on it (Maud Fanny is the culprit here, her block is bright yellow!) or Trevor likes to use his as a step to get to the top of his cage rungs to do his acrobatics in the night.

      Because I have never seen them really bother with them mine looks as good as new (although Mauds is about to be removed as a dead loss from her cage!). They don't take up much room in a cage, once fixed in are secure enough but other than looking ok thats about it for us.

      At £1.20 a pack of two wheels and one rubber holder (in all good pet shops, I got mine in Pets At Home by the way) they are worth a go if you want to try to nutritionally balance your pets diet...but for us they were a complete waste of money sadly!


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