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Lazybones LB303 Rabbit Hutch and Run

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Brand: Lazybones / Animals Equipment Type: Rodent & Small Pet Cages, Hutches & Runs

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    1 Review
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      15.11.2008 18:16
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      A great cage for any small outdoor pet

      Since I was younger I have always had a pet rabbit, my poor old mum never really had the choice as I was always coming home with a new pet whether it was a hamster, rabbit, guinea pig or dog!

      When I moved out and into my first home with my now husband, I said I wanted a pet rabbit as he was not too keen on us having a dog as we were both out at work all day and he said it would be unfair so when my brother in law offered us a pet rabbit I snapped his hand off.

      I already had a hutch which we had brought with us when we moved house but this year it had finally died and when I found a wasp next stuck to the roof in the bedroom compartment I knew I had to invest in a sturdy hutch for my pet.

      One day when I was at a local market I noticed the range of Lazybone hutches and they looked pretty sturdy and on two levels so the rabbit would get exercise running up and down as he wished.

      Priced at £65 I purchased one there and then on the spot and as it was already assembled we simply put it in the back of our car and headed home to rehome our pet.

      The hutch is said to be made from dried fir wood which has the appearance of pine wood in my opinion so it looked sturdy, the top half of the hutch consisted of a bedroom area with a small archway that led trhough to the living quarters, the floor of this is robust black plastic which is easy to clean and wipe but as rabbits are quite clean animals once your pet has adjusted to their new home then the should use just the one area as their toilet.

      In the living area is a ramp leading down to the ground level of the hutch which is pretty much and open area to the front and sides and wire allows the rabbit to view outside there is a small door that can be opened to allow the rabbit to exit the hutch and run freely in the garden, we have built a self enclosed pen at the top of the garden so when the warmer weather is with us the rabbit is allowed to run freely in his confined area without the risk that he is going to dig his way out or be attacked by cats or other prey.
      The ramp is pretty secure when it is affixed to the top level of the hutch so the rabbit has no opportunity to fall and be injured, as my rabbit is pretty crafty I have seen him try to push the ramp up but it is firmly stuck in place so he cannot move it and be stuck on the lower level. It also has an anti-slip covering to prevent the rabbit from slipping.

      There are many entry points to the cage, the roof lifts up and is on hinges to prevent it from falling down whilst cleaning out the cage or being blown down whilst feeding the animal or lifting it our of the cage.

      There are also two hooks on each side of the hutch to secure the lid down although I don't tend to use these as I have a cover on the hutch at the moment which prevents me from using them.

      At the front of the top level of the hutch there is a door to the bedroom compartment and a door that opens to the living room area and both are pretty strong and robust and now after having the cage for just over 10 months it still looks as good as new despite being out in all weather.

      There are various sized hutches mine is the smaller size and measures 104 x 52 x 94 cm and this is begin enough for the average sized rabbit.

      I use the bottom part of the cage to store his water bottle and the top level for his food bowl this is because as the bottom of the hutch is open to all the elements slugs easily find their way in and help themself to his food.

      I have also purchased a litter pan for the rabbit to use which fits into the bottom right corner of the hutch and secures to the wire to prevent the rabbit from throwing it around the bottom of the hutch and also contributes to the cleanliness in the cage.

      I have been very happy with this purchase and since investing in a matching cage cover am sure it will last a long time and the rabbit seems very happy with it too.


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      A comfortable home for rabbits / guinea pigs / ferrets.

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