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Melton Pets Hammy 930 Hamster Cage

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Brand: Hammy / Type: Hamster cage

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2012 16:13
      Very helpful



      A great cage that we are both happy with!

      Just recently my lovely Syrian hamster and only female, Maud died. Lovely little thing, I mated with another one of my hamsters called Trevor and had a litter with them, sadly she had 11 babies to start with but we only ended up with 4 survivors which was a bit heartbreaking though I now have her only surviving son Englebert who is wonderful. However I was left with four lovely hamsters in my care that I adore and that was enough for me. As much as I love my hammies I don't love the mess they create in my home and I absolutely hate cleaning out cages as they all have Rotaktaks and the likes with many different hidey holes and compartments within them which are great for them, a real royal pain in the jacksey for me and for four cages, twice a week it takes me 4 hours at least to sort them out.

      However I had a spare cage. I tried to sell it for a couple of quid, left it in my living room but couldn't sell it. My best mate Liz then said get another hamster, 'You haven't got a female' and I was dead set against it till we were at a garden centre and I fell in love with some babies there that were for sale. However those babies were not ready to be rehomed yet and so on the way home I agreed to pop to Pets at home to grab a few things for my lot and her dog and of course I got looking at the little furries, as I always do lol.

      This is where I met a tiny Syrian who is now called Winifred Agnes. Shes a little satin coated mink and white hamster and as soon as she saw me and others peering at her she squealed like a pig and was totally terrified. Kids nearby were trying to cop a gander too getting too close to her and usually I wouldn't go for what I believed was a nervous and skittish hamster like her but I felt I couldn't leave her there to suffer and felt that as an experienced hamster handler I may be able to help her and could certainly shower her with love and time.

      Wrong though, I seriously don't know it all lol. She is now called Winipig as an affection nickname cos since I've had her she still squeals like her life depends on it, she won't be handled but till today had never bitten me. Yep till today! She bit me he in several places and hit a bone and as I sit here typing one handed I can still see my blood that needs cleaning up! However I am used to it after owning 22 hamsters in my time and I know its all part of the course, of course lol.

      Now the cage she originally went in is what I call my starter cage. All the others have posh and what i do is get to see how my hamster is in a basic cage and then I can see what their likes and dislikes are. This cage is simply runged with a wheel and a few bits and pieces I treat my new baby to when I get them. I soon learnt that Winifred loves to climb and like somewhere to sleep in. Shes very active and runs around a lot and with this in mind I looked for a suitable cage for her.

      Yep usually I go for Ferplast or Rotastak but like I mentioned earlier they can be complicated contraptions and I've actually owned rather a lot of them and all but one have I been impressed with. This one I spotted in the garden centre I mentioned earlier before I got Winifred so I went back and got it for her and it cost me £22.00 which I thought was an amazing deal considering I have paid in excess of £70.00 for just one cage in the past which seemed to last my bruiser Trev about 5 minutes before it collapsed!

      The Cage:

      This got a huge thumbs up from me from the get go. It came to me unboxed and ready, all I had to do was pop some sawdust in and fill the water bottle and food dish that came with it! The wheel was attached, the shelf and the tubing too which was fantastic for someone like me who hates messing with cages!

      Well this cage comes in a variety of colours. From the tubing being different and the base of the cage, the house the lot. All I can do is describe Winifreds home to you!

      No size is stated on the cage or from the Amazon website or anywhere else I have found this cage on! Odd that but all I can say is that it is a large cage with an oblong and not too deep plastic tray to the bottom of it (ours is red) and ours has white rungs with a decent spacing to them and a side opening only that pulls down.

      To the right hand side of the cage there is a sturdy matching red shelf that can be moved to where you want it moved to and a large plastic house (our is white and with a bright green roof that attaches to the rungs to keep it safe and that has a little open doorway to it and a round window and it comes apart so its easy to clean it and to that shelf there is a green plastic ladder with integrated rungs, again that comes off with ease for cleaning and it's none slip. Tubing (10 plastic multi coloured plastic pieces) are all attached to go from the bottom of the left hand side of the cage and up and out of the cage and back into it to go to the ledge/shelf and again it comes apart to be cleaned easy enough and has integrated rungs within it once again to help stop the furry sliding doen it and using it as a slide!

      The wheel in this is a bit small for my liking though, particularly for a Syrian hammy which can grow quite large. Its pink and plastic, again runged on the inside of it and attached securely on and isn't noisy at all thankfully but Winny isn't keen on it and the issue I have with it is that if she does suddenly like it she may outgrow it and although the cage is high enough it isn't super wide and a larger wheel may not have any room to fit in there!

      This also comes with a pink plastic, large and round none slip feeding bowl and a small plastic bottle (well its half a standard sized one) which is easy to clasp on the cage via a plastic yellow holder (again in our case) and there is a hole with a dome on it to the right hand side of the cage so that you can add more tubing and attach it to there if you so desire, which I may well do at some point if the need arises.

      My Verdict:

      Winifred appears very happy indeed in this cage. Its large in size, colourful and gives her plenty of things to do. Her pantry (yes hamsters do tend to have one of these to hide food from their prey, me lol) is very nicely tucked at the moment into her tube (lol), she sleeps in the house provided with a little blanket my mate made for her and loves to climb the rungs of this often.

      It doesn't look the most interesting of cages though with what's available on the market and in its appearance does look flimsier that alot of branded and far more expensive cages however due to it being less complicated to clean I feel that this will outlive alot of those anyway in the long run. Its simple enough to clean with the tray at the bottom simply unclipping and the tubing is always going oto be a pain though again this is very well vented, wide and secure for my baby to play and run safely though.

      The biggest negative I have with this is the smallish wheel and no room really to put a bigger one in, however once again with cages nowadays that seems a big negative across the board. I'm pleased with this purchase, I like the way I could if I wanted get another cage like this and attach more tubing if I want to to make it bigger too, which again I may well do in time for her!

      Winifred's Opinion:

      I'm shy. I have not lot to say but I do like the fact I can run away from that woman called 'Mummy' and she can't catch me in my home. I like the fact I only have one side opening to my cage too and 'Mum' doesn't have a lot of room to get to me! I like my home....just wish it was as pink as Trevor's cage!

      Available from all good pet shops and from Amazon costing around the £30.00 mark (though from Amazon do be aware that this comes flat packed and you have no choice of colour options).


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