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Outback Small Pet House

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Brand: Outback / Type: Small & strong pet hutch

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2011 13:42
      Very helpful



      A good hide for small animals

      The Outback Small Pet House is basically a wooden box on legs, with a drawbridge style door on it.

      I originally bought this small pet house about four years ago for my rabbits when they stayed at my parents house when I went on holiday. Rather than take their whole hutch which was quite large to their house, I could just take the rabbits' run and put this house into it so they had some shelter.

      I ordered the house from Zooplus.co.uk where it is still available today. It came flat packed but the instructions were clear and it was simple to put together.

      Recently we have got rid of their rabbit hutch, and the rabbits now have half of a large shed to live in instead.
      Holly and Archie were enjoying the extra space their new living arrangement gave them, but I felt they were missing out on having somewhere to hide away if they wanted to. We were discussing what we could use as a shelter for them, when I remembered the house at my Mum and Dad's.

      Having been a couple of years since it was last used, and being kept outdoors I wondered what sort of condition it would be in. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was pretty much in the same condition as when I'd last seen it. So I brought the house home with me and placed it into the bunnies enclosure.

      The house is a good size for my two rabbits, Archie is a medium sized breed and Holly is giant cross breed so a fairly big bunster. They can both fit into the house at the same time, I probably wouldn't say comfortably but they can snuggle up together in it and as they can come and go from it as they please it's ideal for them.

      The roof on the house has a hinge on it which means you can lift the roof up making the house easy to access for cleaning. The wooden floor base comes in two pieces, this enables you to remove it if needed so that you can give it a good scrub and clean and it will dry more quickly as it isn't permanently fixed in the house.

      The door on the house can be closed and is shut in place with quite a cute little wooden heart fastener, although I can't see why you would close it unless it was being put away from storage. When open the door drops down like a like a drawbridge and creates a ramp that the animals can use to access the house. My two don't need this as they could easily hop in and out, but it might be useful for smaller breeds or even guinea pigs.

      Unfortunately being made of timber it has been taste tested by the bunnies and since it's had a good old chew I can only assume it tastes pretty good to rabbits (why is it they don't chew the chew toys I buy them?) having said that though structurally the house is still fine.

      As the house isn't too heigh both Holly and Archie can both easily get on top of it, this is fantastic as having different levels to explore can really enrich the life and environment for a rabbit. Obviously if the house was in an open top run (not recommended due to threat from predators) you may find you have an escapee rabbit on your hands, so the house would have to be positioned away from the edges.

      When I bought the house I think I paid around £20 for it which included free delivery, it now costs £24.99 which I think is still great value for money. If I needed to I would definitely buy this house again.

      Dimensions of the house are:
      Exterior: L x W x H 42 cm x 50.5 cm x 43 cm, (rear 39.5 cm)
      Interior: L x W x H 36 cm x 46 cm x 29 cm, (rear 25.5 cm)
      Ground Clearance: 8 cm
      Roof Overhang (front): front 1 cm
      Entrance: W x H 17 cm x 25 cm


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