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Pet Hair Remover

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Brand: Wicked or What / Type: Pet Hair Remover

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    2 Reviews
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      29.11.2012 18:40
      Very helpful



      Keep it well out of the way of puppies, they might mistake it for a toy.


      Many pet owners will be familiar with the battle against fur, on their carpets, clothes and furniture, which seems to accumulate in 24-hours, faster than weeds can grow in a week.
      What I find amazing is that it spreads so evenly, that carpets can take on a somewhat mottled appearance if left too long, coated in white fur; which is a fine if you like mottled carpet or not embarrassed watching friends and family leave with half your dog hairs hanging from their clothes.

      Of course, I do not let it get that bad, but it is a daily chore, ridding the days shedding from carpets and furniture.
      Moses is the culprit in my house. Any breed of dog that does not need clipping, sheds some of its coat daily. I swear he has a self-cleaning coat; each grubby strand of fur dropped before the day has ended, for he is pristine white at the beginning and end of each day, despite romping around in muddy fields, yet I never see any of his fur falling, it just appears.

      Up until I purchased my latest Pet Hair Remover called 'CarPet,' I would occasionally use my foot or an old curry comb to scrape the bulk of the hair from my carpets before vacuuming or using the carpet sweeper and one of those Velcro type brushes to remove fur from the seats and dog bedding. Some might ask why not just vacuum and skip the scraping.

      The reason is that if I leave a larger than normal accumulation of fur for the vacuum cleaner to work on; it forms a sort of loose, candy floss structure, inside the vacuum cleaner, necessitating frequent emptying. Not only that, the longer pet hairs does tend to wind around the brushes and need combing out on a regular basis.

      Whilst visiting the vets one day, I came across two extremely useful items, one of which was the CarPet cleaner, which I was assured worked very well, since it only cost £4.99, I thought anything to save the soles of my shoes from excessive wear and tear on the carpet must be worth a try.

      I have since seen them on Amazon priced £5.92 post free.

      CarPet, The pet hair remover:
      Size: 12.2cm x 4.2cm x 4.2cm.
      Weight: 77g (on my scales)

      The CarPet is essentially a long, square tube of very sturdy, blue plastic, covered by an orange rubber coating on which are rows of short, raised pillars of rubber (126 of them on each of three sides, a few less on the fourth, surrounding the logo.)

      My opinion
      I will admit to being a little sceptical about the efficacy of this chunk of rubber -coated plastic and had it been more expensive would not have considered purchasing it. However, having got it home and eager to know whether I had wasted my money, I tried it out on my staircase carpet, which was beginning to look a shade whiter than it should where the riser meets the tread.

      Happily, it met my hopes and exceeded my expectations.... It worked. Do not take my word for it. Watch the excellent demo in the link and see for yourself.

      To use this on vast expanses of carpet would be a tad tedious, not to mention hard on the knees therefore I still use my shoe to scrape excesses from the living room carpet, before vacuuming or using the carpet sweeper but find this little tool, very useful on clothes, stairs, dog bedding and furniture. It is washable, only needing a quick rinse under the tap or in warm, soapy water and it is ready to use again.


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        12.09.2011 16:45
        Very helpful



        A graet little gadget

        When I was in York recently I visited The Cat Gallery - a fairly new little shop catering for all things feline. I got a little black cat on a keyring for my Goddaughter - when you push the button on its head its LED eyes light up and it meows!

        The other thing that I spotted was a Pet Hair Remover at a cost of £6 so I decided to try it.

        The gadget was attached to a piece of blue cardboard on which it said 'Dogs & Cats', 'Fluff & Fuzz' and the promises made were as follows:
        For the home and car - carpets and upholstery
        Lifts, gathers and removes pet hairs
        Simply wipe surface - instantly effective

        Although we have a Miele Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner we still have a problem with Mew's white hairs all over the place, mainly because I don't want to have to get the vacuum cleaner out every day and clean and the carpets and the suite. This little gadget could be just what I needed.

        The thing itself is 12cm long, 4cm square and it is hollow - a sort of elongated square. Take a look at the picture at the top of this review if you don't understand what I mean. The outside is covered in bright orange rubber and the inside is blue. On three sides there are 126 little bumps (yes I counted!) arranged in 6 columns of 21; the fourth side has just 90 bumps as there is an oval flat piece in the middle on which is the word 'carpet'.

        The idea is that you grip the gadget in your hand and draw it over the item to be cleaned and all the pet hairs will be gathered together so that you can then lift them off and dispose of them. Before I tried this I wasn't convinced that it would work, but I am actually very impressed with it.

        I began by trying it on the cushions of the sofa where it was moderately successful. It made quite a difference but it wasn't easy to do because of the fact that the cushions are soft and there is no resistance to the hair remover.

        The next place that I tried was the arm of the sofa and, being hard, that was much more successful! It removed all the cat hairs and I also noticed a lot of dust coming out too! Ooops! I just than wiped over the arm of the sofa with a damp cloth and it looked really smart and clean.

        I then realised that, whilst I wouldn't want to get down on my hands and knees and clean a whole carpet with it, it might just be good for cleaning the stairs. I find the main vacuum cleaner too cumbersome and my little hand held one doesn't get all the hairs up so I set of to the stairs to try out my little helper on there.

        Now this really was a revelation! I just pulled the hair remover across each step and riser, gathering the pet hairs as I went, transferring the pile from step to step as I descended the stairs adding to it with each step. Hey presto! I finished up with clean, hair free stairs! I needed to use the gadget with a bit of force behind it in order to remove the hairs but apart from that it was easy peasy and being so small I wasn't worried that I was going to trip over a flex or overbalance carrying a vacuum cleaner either.

        The only other place that hairs gather is on Mew himself. I didn't know whether I was supposed to actually use it on the cat but I decided to try it and see what happened. I waited until Mew was happily seated on my lap and I drew the hair remover along his back. The loose hairs were all were all gathered in a pile at the base of his spine and I just lifted them off. He seemed to enjoy it as he purred like a traction engine - no change there - I keep telling him that he will wear out his purr machine! Having said that I do think I will continue to use Mew's brush when removing the loose hairs from his coat though as it is specifically designed for the purpose.

        The Pet Hair Remover itself is easy enough to clean - you just have to pull off the hairs and dispose of them. Being rubber you can also wipe it with a wet cloth so it is easy to keep it hygienically clean.

        On the piece of card to which the gadget was originally attached there is a website address www.wickedorwhat.com and I have taken a look. There isn't much extra information there but you can order the Pet Hair Remover there for £5.95 plus £2.50 p&p. They are also on sale from Amazon at a cost of £6.50 with free p&p.

        In conclusion I am very impressed with my little gadget and it was well worth the £6 paid.


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