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Pets at Home Bluebell Hideaway

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2 Reviews
  • Lot's of space
  • Easy to clean - 4 big doors
  • Stairs could be a bit more solid
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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2014 14:38
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to clean - 4 big doors"
      • "Lot's of space"


      • "Stairs could be a bit more solid"

      Well built big hutch

      Ok, firstly I would agree this is a rabbit hutch, however, I bought this for my guinea pigs. I wanted a luxury house for them and thought this would be ideal. Sadly we lost one of our piggies so we were left with 2. We moved our 2 piggies in to this 'mansion' and at first it was great, but then one guinea decided he did not like the other and didn't like sharing the 'mansion'. So we had to buy another cage and separate them. This is our larger cage and we have a smaller cage. Every time I clean the cages I swap the guinea pigs around so the both get to live in the big posh house in turn.

      We bought this hutch from our local pet shop, I do find them very reasonable with their prices and very helpful. The the hutch itself is great as it has has 2 floors, I wanted a big hutch so my 3 piggies had plenty of space to run around ( well that was the plan but sadly didn't turn out that way)! It is also raised of the ground standing on 4 small legs.

      Inside the cage downstairs and upstairs are connected by a set of cute wooden stairs ( type of a wooden ramp with ridges ) There is 4 doors on the front of the cage, although I don't use all 4 usually only 2. Three doors have mesh over them so the piggies can see out and the fourth door is wooden. I put the bedding behind this door as it is the darkest part of the hutch.

      I love the look of this hutch because it looks so cozy, I could live in there myself! the roof is so cute, it has felt on it and slopes just like a real house roof!

      I would recommend this hutch, my piggies love it, it is well built.


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      11.12.2013 10:23
      Very helpful



      Ideal for smaller rabbits - perhaps not for older and larger ones

      We purchased Bluebell Hideaway for one of our rabbits after his previous hutch started to let water in via the roof. We purchased it at our local Pets at Home for £99.99. It seemed quite a reasonable purchase as the hutch is double storey and various similar ones at local garden centres were more expensive - some getting on for £170. Note that we only just fitted the huge box of the hutch into the car to get it home, although at a cost the shop will deliver it for you. Unfortunately, their website doesn't seem to offer this one to buy online.

      Building and Size
      The hutch comes flat packed in sections so needs to be built up - it took my husband about half an hour and the instructions seemed pretty straightforward. The hutch is quite large - it's not the largest double storey one I've come across but is still big at around 1.5m in length, 60cm deep and 1.2m high. The size was quite important to us as although we don't have unlimited space outside, we like to ensure that our rabbits have plenty of room to run about.

      There are a lot of double storey hutches out there that come with a 'run-style' lower level which essentially means that the hutch sits bare to the floor, rather than having two levels with proper flooring. These ones tend to be slightly cheaper, presumably as there are less materials used to make it. As our hutch lives on a small area of paving, it was essential for us to buy one with proper flooring and this one has, even though it was at that cheaper end of the price range. As well as having flooring, it has four small legs at the bottom that keep it raised up from the ground which gives easy access for brushing any excess sawdust and bedding up. The only downside to the flooring is that it does not come with any additional features to help with cleaning - there are no removable trays underneath each floor, nor does it have any sort of smooth covering to aid with brushing sawdust off the floor in the cleaning process. The floor is just wooden and so a bit more work in terms of scrubbing it when cleaning it out but it's still fairly easy.

      Where's the ramp gone?
      The two storey floors are connected via a ramp that has ridges on to help the rabbit move freely up and down. The ramp is also wooden and it generally works ok, or at least now that we've had a move around. They're only kept in place by a small piece of wood fixed to the lower floor that acts as a stopper and keeps them upright. Unfortunately, we used this hutch originally for our older (and much larger) bunny and due to his poor sight combined with his size, he kept knocking the stairs out of place and they kept falling down, preventing him from being able to access the other level. Luckily, he was normally on the lower level (where his food and water were kept) when he did this, but it still meant that he had no access to his bedroom and bedding. It worried me in case he managed to get stuck on the upper level, away from his food and water. Due to this reason, we had no option but to place the younger and smaller rabbit into this hutch. So far he hasn't managed to knock the stairs down and they seem to be staying in place now. He is a Lionhead rabbit, and the size of this hutch seems to suit him perfectly.

      Other features
      The hutch has three doors at the front that are meshed with wooden frames, with a further door upstairs which is completely wooden. Pets at Home advertise the mesh as being 'strong', but there is no mention of it being fox-proof, something that I did worry about due to a fox entering our garden a few years ago and trying his luck but thankfully not harming them as the hutches held up well.

      The upstairs also has a wooden separator in the centre of the floor that creates a space for a 'bedroom' behind the wooden door where hay and bedding can be placed. I think it must be quite a cosy place in there as our rabbit loves to settle there during the day as well as night! The doors each have one bolt on in order to lock - these aren't huge but are ample enough to keep the doors locked properly. The doors don't meet completely at the centre - although they open outwards so meet towards the centre, there is actually a further piece of mesh on both floors making up the very centre section. This could be used to fix the water bottle on I suppose, although our water bottle is a bit too large so we still fix it to one of the mesh doors instead. It seems to hold pretty well on there.

      The roof is covered in felt and slopes - sloping down from front to back so rain can drain away easier. The hutch has not shown any signs of letting rain in. Pets at Home suggest treating the hutch between seasons with an animal safe product to help prolong the life of the hutch, although this isn't something that we've done yet. The wood feels chunky and high quality.

      I would recommend this hutch - for smaller rabbits and guinea pigs anyway. Although the price seems expensive, it is much better value compared to others available. Our rabbit seems pleased as punch with his new home and we're pleased as it's fairly easy to clean and maintain. I've rated it three stars - two taken off for the stairs falling down in the case of our older bunny because that is quite a major design fault.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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