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Pets at Home Soft Fabric Carrier

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2 Reviews
  • Neat bag with nice fluffy blanket
  • Good size
  • once washed looks awful
  • Feels Heavy
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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2014 15:39
      Very helpful


      • "Neat bag with nice fluffy blanket "


      • "Feels Heavy "

      Ok for car journey

      I have a pink one of these, I have had mine for some time and I bought it from eBay for just over £10 if I remember rightly. I didn't want to pay to much for it as I knew at the time I wouldn't be using it too often. I already had a plastic carrier, but found it to be too bulky to be honest.

      The carrier looks like a bag, it is a bit rounded at the top, it has to small handles and a long handle with padding to rest on your shoulder if you prefer.

      The cat can enter the carrier through the front or back - both sides zip open ( I use this for my cat - could not use for guinea pigs they would just chew through it so I keep my plastic one for them now). Although this carrier is soft, it still has a toughness about it - what I mean by that is it does not flop it's not flimsy once the cat is inside so the cat should feel quite safe in it.

      The doors of the carrier are see through netting so the cat can have some air! and see what is going on around him. What I liked about this is the fluffy blanket/mat that came with this, my cat loved the mat and it's a nice comfort for the cat while she is in the carrier.

      Conclusion - I would use this to take my cat on a car journey only. If I was walking I don't think I would be able to manage the carrier because I would find it too heavy on my shoulder or even to hold by the shorter handles.


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      19.01.2013 02:07
      Very helpful


      • "Good price"
      • "Good size"
      • "Looks nice"


      • "Gets dirty fast in the pink colour"
      • "Over shoulder strap is to long"
      • " once washed looks awful"
      • "The mat inside"
      • "Only two colour options"

      An ok pet carrier but not fabulous enough for my Myrtle!

      The day I bit the bullet and decided I was getting a kitten I went to Pets At Home first to get a suitable pet carrier. With so much stuff I thought I needed to buy and knowing I was getting a girly kitten I opted for this fabric pet carrier suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits and so on for only £19.99 which I thought was a great price and it comes only in baby pink and a black colour.

      The reason I went for a fabric made one instead of a plastic one as well is 'cos I just thought this would be more comfortable for her and I had to travel a very long distance with an 8 week old kitten at the time in a car.

      So I opted for the light pink colour and it measures 28 x 43 x 26cm and it is only available in this one size in this carrier style and its actually rather large. My lovely Myrtle is quite a big girl now at 8 months old and she certainly has plenty of room within it to move about and I feel that even when she gets even bigger this would be fine for her size wise.

      I liked all the thought this has in design I must admit. First off it looks really nice. Its oblong shaped to the bottom of it and domed to the top of it and the material is quite hard giving it structure and not floppy. The fabric is wipe clean and although it isn't waterproof it certainly can deal with drizzle and splashes well enough, this I know 'cos I had to walk to the vets with her in this one day recently and it was raining on and off and Myrtle didn't get one bit wet....I got drowned though lol!

      It has two doors, one to either end of the carrier. Both appear the same and do up and undo with sturdy silver zips and and there is mesh over each door to allow your animal to see out a bit and get some ventilation and light. Inside there is a matching coloured mat which is slightly fluffy and a bit thin and can be taken out to be washed. I have washed this a few times due to it getting grubby and it certainly went very shabby looking and got thinner the more I have washed it but I did need to wash it as someone borrowed this carrier and it got covered in poop and allsorts from their cat. However it easy to take out and it pops back easy enough and secures back into place with four press studs. There is also a small silver collar clip in there should you want to secure your pet further within the carrier with a lead and the likes.

      It has two sturdy carry handles so it looks like a sports bag when its carried that way and a long handle with clips to each end of it so you can remove that should you want to and a long cushioned section is on there too so its easier to rest it on your shoulder and more comfortable for us to use in general and all in all this gets the thumbs up on its appearance.....when you first have it!

      I do think if you really want this you must go for black colour option though. Our light pink carrier got really dirty from the get go and although I tried to clean it up its a textured fabric and it never did come clean for me which makes this look really grotty and old. On only the second time we used it my Mum was appalled by the state it was in from fingerprints and general dirt and where it had been put down and things and assumed it was an old thing which it wasn't!

      The other issue I have with this is that I don't feel that Myrtle gets much support in it so I tend to have to use the carrier with the hand straps cos its all a bit heavy when using the longer one for me and it wafts about with my important cargo within it which concerns me. Another issue is that the mesh 'windows' have more holes in than when we first got it due to cats clawing it and damaging it, not just Myrtle I have lent this out to a couple of other people with cats as well.

      I'm quite disappointed with this though to be honest. The plus points are that when you first get it, it does look rather nice and robust. The price is great too and even a large cat would be fine in this and smallish dogs and so on but I really don't like thinking Myrtle isn't very secure in it. The shoulder strap is too long for me and I can't clean it up really don't make this a good buy in my opinion sadly. We have used this a few times and just tomorrow I have dug this out to use it as we are travelling to stay with my mum and stepdad for a few days and going in a car about 200 miles and then we'll be moving flats and so on so this will be greatly used but its getting shabbier by the day and after this next set of jobs are done this will be going in the bin and I will be investing in a new one and definitely not another one of these!

      It isn't awful but I really think I can get something far better for our next one!

      Only available from Pets At Home stores or from www.petsathome.com

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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