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Pets At Home Wooden See-Saw

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2 Reviews

Brand: Pets at Home / Type: Wooden see-saw toy for hamsters and small pets

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2012 09:50



      A cheap and effective toy for gerbils.

      Looking at this from a gerbils point of view , suprisngly i find this to be a great product despite the fact that pets at home's products are normally awful.

      The wood is gerbil safe and my little terrorists love to chew this and its pretty strong wood and has kept them occupied for weeks. As you may know gerbils teeth grow constasntly grow so chewing is essential , my gerbils have only hslf chewed this after 3 weeks and theyare constantyl on it !

      It comes in a lovely little box and has a nice drawing on the front. The main part is a lovely looking pine wood structure holding up the main sea-saw part. The main see saw slots into the bottom structure , although this can feel a little flimsy at times it fully holds 2 fully grown gerbils ( how often run over it together at times just for the fun of it ! )

      It is a little noisy when it thuds against the floor but i can forgive this for the pure fun and enjoyment it brings my little gerbils. This accompanied with some of the other wooden PAH Toys make a good addition to your gerbils cage.

      A Very good product that id recommend to any gerbil owners.


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      16.03.2011 18:48
      Very helpful



      So so, well made and worth the money....certainly!

      Last week I was in Pets At Home (as per usual) looking for fun things for my hamsters cages. I hate to think of them bored but am limited on space. My eldest Syrian hamster, Trevor Arnold is only a few months old and tends to get very bored easily and because of this demands alot of attention as the noise from his cage can be so loud!

      Now he has two cages adjoined by tubes (they are Ferplast ones) so first important point, with these wooden see-saws make sure you have plenty of room as this is bigger than it looks on the review photograph on the top of this page!

      The Packaging:

      This comes flat packed in purple, green and light yellow box of which two sides of the box are the same in appearance. We are told that it is 'Gnaw & Claw Interaction' Pets At Home See-Saw 'Suitable for hamsters, mice and gerbils' and is made from 100% wood, is easy to assemble and helps to keep teeth trim and healthy and there is a photograph of a rat and hamster and the see-saw. Other information listed on the box includes being told a bit about the product and contact details for Pets At Home are given as always on Pets At Homes own products.

      The See-Saw:

      Well what you get is several bits of pine looking natural, untreated wood. I was a bit daunted by this as I hate having to assemble anything but it really was easy, so easy in fact that apart from a photograph of the see-saw made up on the box there are no instructions given at all!

      Basically you get two side bits that slot into a couple of rungs with ease and then the the long bit of wood that acts as the balance has two holes either side that slot into the side pieces via small thin bits of wood. Its all a tricky fit and you need nifty fingers and patience to put it together but one thing is good about it...once up it is sturdy and not going to collapse and I didn't need any tools or anything like that lol.

      What you get is a rather large wooden see-saw and the size of this when made up is H22 x W8 x D7.8cm. It has a nice woody, fresh smell to it (least when it is new lol) and it feels and looks robust and well made. I like the fact that the bit that Trevor walks on has grooves engraved within it so he can get grip, and it is very flexible so he has to watch what he is doing or to his amazement or he gets flipped off the end lol so to me it makes him think aboutt his co-ordination and actions and as he has got used to this see-saw and he really looks like knows what he is doing lol.

      The see-saw action has a rather high swing, it always when not in use goes down to one side so sticks in the air and what I appreciate about this toy is that not only does it gives exercise, teaches small pets about up and down (as hamsters in particular have no idea the difference initially about 6 inches or 6 foot as they are land dwellers of course!) it is also safe to chew on and somewhat beneficial to keep their teeth down and shorter but also this is quiet and doesn't intefere with what I'm trying to do or watch on the television or owt lol.

      The only couple of things I'm not keen on about this is the really large size, hamsters, rats and mice really don't need anything this big and also this is not suitable for Dwarf or very small pets because they can't get it into action as it is too heavy for them to manipulate. Also I think this looks a bit plain and boring in its appearance in the modern cages we all seem to go for nowadays.

      Trev likes this though, I just need to always makes sure he can always access it but if he poops or wees on it, it does sadly stain (as it isn't treated wood) so in my case this is not a toy he will manage to keep for very long but at £2.69 a time I think this is a good value product for what you get!

      Only available from Pets At Home.


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