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Rotastak Dreamland Hamster Cage

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Brand: Rotostak / Type: Hamster cage

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2012 17:29
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      A nice cage for Hamsters but time consuming to clean, dismantle and put back together!

      A few years ago, my children had Hamsters; 1 Syrian and 1 Dwarf. Hamsters do not live long unfortunately (around 2 yrs approx) and after the last one died we decided not to get anymore. Then my children kept going on about wanting a Dog (this has been going on for years!). Unfortunately, this just isn't an option; they need sooooh much looking after and basically its like looking after a baby. My daughter asked me for another Hamster. To be honest, I was even a bit reluctant about this (it always seemed to be me that ended upon cleaning out the previous Hamsters cages! ) I decided to get another one in the end for her and she chose a small Dwarf Hamster. It looks very much like her favourite previous Hamster; however, its personality isn't quite the same. Its odd, how even little Hamsters can have personalities or behave differently!

      Anyway, I have always liked the look of these Rotostak cages; they look like great fun for Hamsters, with the tubes, tunnels and various bits and pieces. You can also add extra pieces to them. I always thought it would be fantastic if you had a small spare room to build a giant Hamster home. It would be great fun for the Hamster and give it more freedom. This isn't an option in our case!!

      Anyway, I spotted this Dreamland Rotostak cage somewhere. I think I bought it from a pet shop, but its available on the internet too. As my daughters Hamster is a female, I thought this would be lovely. it's a pink/Purple Hamster cage and is suitable for Hamsters, Mice and Gerbils. There is a large round compartment with a metal band around the top which has gaps all around it for air. This has a round lid on the top and 2 round holes where other attachments go. These are another little round compartment where the Hamster can go up to from the large round compartment. The other hole is where you can place the tubing which goes over the cage in a semi circle towards the side. The Hamster can then enter this tubing and go along to another compartment which is a small sort of carrying carriage. This carriage has a lid on the top and can be used separately when taking your Hamster to the Vet for example. You attach to this the Hamsters water bottle. On the side of the large round compartment is another hole where you can place the Hamsters wheel. It is a covered sort of wheel, which the Hamster can then run around in.

      We started to try to set the cage up, which isn't exactly easy and its time consuming. Now, the cage can be set up in different ways, which is one great thing about it and we discovered that this is what we had to do. With regard to the tubing I found out that our small Hamster could not get over the top of the semi circle tubing!! It was just too steep for her. We worked out a way of arranging the tubing around the outside of the cage lower down so that this goes from the main compartment around to the carriage. The Hamster simply runs around it as it is layed flat around the outer compartment. This meant that we could not use the wheel as a wheel; we had to lie this flat as another compartment on the top of the main round compartment. I discovered a flying sorcery shape runner which just fitted into the main compartment. A normal wheel was a bit too big. The Hamster seems to like this flying sorcer runner.

      The cage also comes with a feeding bowl. The Hamster seems to like this cage, but it is hard work to clean and put back together etc! Our Hamster has become very clever and has managed to escape three times from this cage!!! Due to alterations we made, some of the parts were not as secure as we had thought! The cage is currently like Fort Knox though.

      Whilst the Hamster seems to quite like this cage and it is good how you can add bits and make changes, this particular Rotostak cage is a quite a lot of hassle and I regret buying it really. If we ever get another one, I will still look at Rotostak cages as I think they are fun but I will also look at more practical ones.

      The prices for this cage will vary depending on where you buy it from. It is currently available at Amazon for around £25 including post and packaging which is reasonable enough.

      So, in summary, whilst this is quite a fun Hamsters home it takes time to put together and clean and this can be a pain . Overall worthy of 3 Dooyoo stars in my view.


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