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Savic Nero 4 Stand

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Manufacturer: Savic / Type: Small Pet Cages, Hutches & Runs - Stand

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2010 18:49
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      Works well for me

      I have two guinea pigs and they live in a Savic Nero 4 cage. When I first bought the cage I had it on the floor of our spare bedroom, due to the size of the cage it took up quite a lot of floor space.

      I found out that you could buy stands specifically designed for the cage, so after my last pay day I purchased one of them.

      The stand arrived flat packed consisting of four metal tubular pieces. There were two longer front and back pieces and two shorter side ones which would make the stand stable structurally. Putting the stand together was straightforward, I first attached the two shorter pieces to one of the longer front pieces using the nuts and bolts provided, once I had done this I attached the other longer piece and tightened all of the nuts using a spanner. Once the stand has been put together it should resemble a table with no top. I managed this on my own, but the stand comes with caster wheels which need to be pushed into the plastic cover which would stop the tubes digging into your flooring and I needed help from my boyfriend to do this as it was quite stiff.

      The frame of the stand is slightly larger than the base of the cage, to attach the cage you simply slot the cage into the stand. The lips on the longest sides of the edge of the cage then slot over the tubes to hold the cage securely.

      Having the cage on the stand means I can still use the floor space underneath the cage. This is great as it means I can store their food, hay and Carefresh under the cage where as before I would have had to find somewhere else to keep it.

      Another benefit to having the cage off of the floor is that when I go in the room to see them I can sit in a chair and talk to them at eye level. Previously I would have had to sit on the floor to do this and I would get a numb bum.

      Cleaning the cage out is a lot easier now too as I don't have to bend down as far to reach it.

      I don't have any other animals in the house, well not unless your counting the goldfish, but at some point in the future I would like to get a dog and I think it will be better for the piggies being off of the ground so any future doggy can't see them as easily.

      I think being higher up as benefited the guinea pigs too as it means when I do go to the cage I'm not looming over them as much so I'm not as big and threatening. They seem a lot more confident now I'm at a better level to them.

      Sometimes when they are running around and popcorning in the cage, it does look a bit unsteady, but it hasn't fallen apart or anything. I think it's just the way it's constructed as there isn't anything to support it other than the tubes.

      The stand has the same footprint dimensions as the cage 118 x 64cm but you can still use this space.

      The stand didn't come cheap costing me £41 plus delivery from Bits for Pets, but it has been a worthwhile purchase for me and the guinea pigs.


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