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Savic Roly Large Exercise Wheel

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Brand: Savic / Type: Exercise Wheel

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2011 20:10
      Very helpful



      A great quality, large wheel

      Being the owner of four fabulous hamsters I am constantly treating them to new things to keep them happy. One of my hamsters had a wheel in his cage (Reg) that was squeeky and just looked a bit on the small side for him. It clattered all the night and drove both me and my flatmate mental, then one of my other hamsters Maud Francis attacked him when in a playpen and ripped his lip open and I felt so bad that I decided to go to the pet shop and treat him. However, Reg, well he had other plans. I arrived home as pleased as punch with this very large Rolly wheel for him, popped it in his cage and left him to it. 4 days later reg was still ignoring it and getting no exercise at all and looked rather depressed so in the end my largest boy, Trevor got it instead. For a couple of days Trevor simply ignored it too. I was getting concerned that maybe no one would like this large wheel for that simple reason...its rather large but within time Trev got used to this and he loves it now.

      The Packaging:

      The wheel simply comes with a piece of large white card covering the front and the back of it and on the front of it there is a photograph of a hamster on a wheel and a little girl holding a hamster and some photographs of small rodents are shown too and we are told that it is Savic Rolly Large Exercise Wheel and that it is 18cm in size 'Recommended for hamsters, gerbils and rats' (and that information is also listed in several different languages too'. On the back of the card we are told about and shown other Rolly wheels of different sizes and contact details for Savic (the manufacturer of the product) are given. This is an easy to pull off the wheel sleeve with no instructions on how to use it given, but in fairness it is pretty self explanatory!

      The Wheel:

      18cm in size, this is the largest wheel for rodents that Savic make as far as I am aware. In green and blue colours they are the only colours you can purchase this in and so I opted for the light green one to compliment the cages I own.

      This is a very basic, sturdy and very quiet wheel of which I am really delighted with. Big and see-through it is simply round in shape with lots of raised integrated lines all on the inside of it to provide a good grip for your pet which is a really important safety aspect because rodents can sure run fast and with this being large it is imperative they don't fly off it and thus injure themselves! I like being able to see through it and its easy to wipe clean.

      It secures on with a chunky yellow piece of plastic that twists into rungs on the cage. Simple to do and I know it is very safe and there is nothing for me to dislike about this at all. Trevor has lots of room to run and I can still hear myself think!

      I bought this for £3.55 in an independent local pet shop but haven't seen them in the larger pet shops such as Pets At Home so my advice is to Google them if interested.

      Highly recommended from me and Trevor Arnold this one.


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