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Savic Royal Suite Rat Cage

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Brand: Savic / Animals Equipment Type: Rodents / Small Pets

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2009 12:12
      Very helpful



      for those nutters who think nothing of spending £300 on an animal that most people consider vermin!

      Rat owners are often frustrated in their attempts to find a good cage for their rats...rats need a lot of space, but narrow vertically orientated squirrel cages are too tall for them, and most of the cages you can buy that say they are rat suitable are really far too small. Despite their unsavoury reputation, rats are very clean, active and intelligent little animals, and they need a habitat that reflects their habits!

      The Savic Royal Suite is a beautiful and massive caged designed with the ratty owner in mind. it is 95 cm long by 63 cm wide and 159 cm high. The bars are powder coated and horizontal, with narrow bar spacing, and they are an attractive navy blue colour...its a very nice looking cage. The doors make up the entire front of the cage, rather than being small doors cut into the metal, and the entire thing has a rack below for storing your rattie goodies, and is on castors for ease of movement.

      All I can say is WOW...this is definitely the best cage for many small animals available on the market. First of all, its BIG. In my opinion, if you are going to cage an animal you'd better be giving it a lot of space, and this will certainly give your small creatures that! In fact its so big you might have a problem finding room for it in your home, but when you do its attractive enough to no look like an eyesore.

      There's several thoughtful features which have gone into this well planned cage, that really have rodents and their owners in mind. Firstly, its all metal. Rats aren't too prone to chewing through plastic cage bases, however some will do this in true Houdini stylee, and this cage is ideal for them, most all-metal cages are made of cheap, uncoated wire mesh...coated wire mesh that wont rust is important for rats because they do tend to pee on their cage bars quite a lot!

      The full-width doors allow great access...too many cage have poky little doors in inaccessible areas, making cleaning cage bars properly very, very difficult, but this is an absolutely breeze to clean. It also means if you have nervous pets you dont have to stress them by shoving a hand in up to the elbow and chasing them around, you can put both hands in and scoop your nervous critter up instead.

      The cage can be used as one big cage or split into 2...this is fantastic for those who have multiple pets! The base size is large enough and wide enough to allow splitting this cage but still giving all your beasties plenty of room! The half-size shelves in between the two floors are also very large, not the poxy tiny corner shelves you get with a lot of cages.

      Horizontal bars are also a great feature...for some reason most designers of small animal cages neglect the fact that rodents tend to be climbers, and the more fashionable vertical bars dont allow them to climb as much as they could. This is a constant bane to rat owners, who have to reject an otherwise good cage because it doesnt allow the rats a chance to climb, but this is just perfect.

      This is great for all ages of rat...often you need to buy one cage for when the rats are small to prevent them squeezing through big bar spaces, but then they need more spaces when they grow up, then a lower cage that prevents big falls when they get old and infirm...not with this cage, however! The design of the cage doesnt allow for long falls from top to bottom, and has a large base size, making it ideal for old rats, but also is very spacious and allows plenty of climbing space for active rats, and the bar spaces prevent baby rats getting through!

      The castors also make moving this cage around easy...it is so big that it would otherwise be cumbersome.

      Technically the cage can hold about 13 rats but this is really too large a group for most people, and I'd say a much more realistic amount is six or seven max...this allows the rats five foot of space each which is a good amount, although they are sociable little creatures they do need their own space to prevent lots of fighting.

      Because the cage is all metal, an important feature for heavy chewers like chinchillas and other rodents, the cage also makes a suitable home for degus, chinchillas, any sort of climbing beastie like a squirrel, most climbing rodents really. This cage is also big enough for a pair of ferrets, though those are very active and there are bigger base sized cages out there which are better for them.

      All in all, the major downside to this cage is the price. The RRP is £300 although it can be bought online for around £230 minimum. However, some of us crazy people think nothing of spending this amount of money on an animal that will live four years maximum, and this cage really is worth the money. The design is just so perfect, it has none of the niggly little flaws that make other cages not quite good enough, that I feel its worth it. It allows your small animals lots of space but is easy to move and clean...its amazing how often cage manufacturers get these simple things wrong!

      If you want pet rats, it is really worth putting off buying them and putting £25 away a week for ten weeks for this fantastic cage, it really i trounces anything else on the market available for ratties!


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    • Product Details

      Suitable for ferrets / rats / chinchillas / squirrels / platforms and supports are adjustable in height and the cage is designed so that it can be used as one large cage or 2 seperate cages.

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