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Sharples & Grant Flying Saucer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sharples & Grant / Type: Small pet exercise toy / Available: Various sizes

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    2 Reviews
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      22.04.2011 01:42
      Very helpful
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      Superb wheel, highly recommended!

      Hi all,

      Today I'd like to review the "Sharples & Grant" Medium Flying Saucer wheel for hamsters. This one is more designed for Syrian hamsters, although it's rather spacious for dwarf hamsters too.. as you'll find a lot of them like running together.

      I purchased mine on www.1stoppetsupplies.co.uk as I had been researching the best wheel for my Boadicea for a few hours. She had completely bitten off the centre of her old wheel and it had fallen off.. to pieces.. literally!
      So I disliked the thought of my hammie without a wheel. After some research, this one definitely caught my eye.. and at the amazing price of £3.99!! Which is a total bargain as it costs £6.99 at Pets at Home.

      The product arrived today in a white box with a syrian and dwarf hamster on the front. This wheel is claimed to be 100% silent - which is a bonus! My last wheel squeaked like no other. Bloomin' horrific it was!
      It also says "Totally tail safe" - Which I guess means it's not like those metal wheels where their feet and tails can get caught in.. not to forget if it's too small, their noses getting caught too!
      It also says "Solid running surface" and "360 of fun on the run"
      The side of the box has some in depth information:
      "Silent Design" - Sqeak resistant plastic hub. - Smooth stainless steel axle
      "Totaly Tail Safe" - No cross bars. - No wire rungs
      "Solid running surface" - Sure footed treads. - Toe safe surface
      "Sturdy Construction" - Stain resistant plastic. - Tip resistant design.

      The wheel comes in three different colours - Purple, Green and Blue.

      So it says it all really, the perfect, affordable, durable wheel for your hamster.

      When I introduced the wheel to Boadicea, she immediately tried it out. Initially she was unsure. However, she finally figured out how to use it and loves it. It really is squeak free!!! Wooohoo!! (I was at the stage where I had put her cage in the living room as the squeaking was a nightmare).
      I've got a video of her on the wheel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9NpCt5lvlo

      Hope this information helps you decide the best wheel for your hammie!

      A very happy hamster and it's mummy here!


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        09.03.2011 19:28
        Very helpful



        A great, safe exercise toy for my little loves!

        With so many hamsters in my home (I have four now as I have got the hamster bug bad!) noise is a consideration. I have two Syrians....Trevor and Maud who both have their own cages as Syrians cannot live together and then I have two little Russian Dwarfs called Edna and Doris who are sisters and can live together. In total really I need three or four wheels to keep them all occupied but at night the racket would be a nightmare in my small flat and they keep my flatmate awake as her bedroom is right next to them!

        So I remember having one of these a way back for another pet hamster I had in the past and decided that although these cost £6.99 (in pets at home though do google if interested and they are available in an array of different sizes too!).

        The Packaging:

        The flying saucer comes in a mainly white box with a photograph of a couple of contented looking hamsters on there and a photograph of the 'flying saucer' is shown and we are told that it is 100% silent 'Medium' Flying Saucer and that it is 'Totally safe, has a solid running surface and has 360 degrees of fun on the run and that in size it is 16.5cm (6.5in) and is deemed to be 'One of the safest exercise toys in the world'. That information is the same on both sides of the box by the way. Other information on the sides of the box tells us a bit about the product and shows that they make this in three different colours which is green, blue and purple (I got my girls the purple one!), we are told that it is made in Malaysia and contact details for Sharples 'N' Grant are given (the manufacturer of the product). Inside you get the plastic disk and a stand. Nice informative looking packaging this is.

        The Flying Saucer Itself:

        Well this is so simple to pop together even a five year old could put this together believe me! The disc is the colour you choose, slightly domed and with small integrated raised lines on it to give your pet a little grip and it is transparent and rather smooth and well finished with no jagged bits to it at all. The stand is the same colour as the flying saucer disc though thick plastic with a little weight to it, it has two kind of feet to the front of it and there is a stainless steel axle that simply goes into a hole at the back of the disc which simply and easily slots together and stays that way.

        Whats great about this is that it is a sturdy construction so doesn't tip or sway, it has no hanging bits or wires and it is squeak resistant. It has a toe safe surface with sure footed treads so your hamster or rodent can run along safely and securely, whilst getting up a good speed and not only that it is quiet....and I mean really quiet as in silent!

        Both my girls spin around like lunatics on this together or alone and I never worry it is going to tip on them. They can try and make a racket all night long but don't and being as I live in a flat with neighbours beneath me and next door to my living room where my pets live the neighbours bedroom is.... I'd hate to think that my pets were keeping them awake at night and I really don't want people complaining about us.

        At £6.99 I did think it was a little expensive when I bought it, but its wipe clean, safe and provides fun with safety for my hamsters. Instead of them in wheels and falling out of them and that this is a tilted disc meaning they get the run and fun but like I say they are safe and quiet and this week I'm splashing out on a couple more of these for Maud and Trevor! A great buy and these are highly recomended from me!

        R.I.P Edna who died two days after I adopted her who loved this flying saucer.


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