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Snuggles Luxury Plush Pet Bed

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Manufacturer: Snuggles / Type: Small Pet Bedding

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    2 Reviews
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      29.01.2012 16:44
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      See review.

      I bought this bed in mind for my guinea pigs as I have found that they adore anything soft and snuggly, they love curling up in piles of fleece and they have quite a few squishy cushions too so I thought I would treat them. The Snuggles Luxury Pet Bed is made by the pet brand Rosewood, the first thing I will say is that the product picture is slightly misleading as the size is only 43cm long by 30cm wide and so you would have to have an extremely small bun to fit in it! The bed I would say is better suited to guinea pigs, ferrets and other similar sized small furries.

      The bed is rectangular in shape and is made out of the softest brown plush fabric, it feels so luxurious and thick - no wonder my boys love sleeping in it! I was impressed by the quality of the fabric and the entire bed seems really padded and comfy, the base is also made out of fabric and is practical due to it being wipe clean.

      Due to my guinea pigs being piddly wee creatures I do wash the bed quite a bit in order for it to remain hygienic and also to keep any nasty whiffs at bay; it is easily washed as you simply pop in into the washing machine at 30 degrees and it comes out as good as new. Generally I leave mine to dry on the radiator as I don't want it shrinking in my tumble dryer!

      So, what do my lads make of it? Quite simply they love it! By nature guinea pigs seem to be quite lazy little things, or at least, my 4 definitely are! If they aren't stuffing their faces with hay, pellets or scrummy veggies you will usually find them having a rest - all that munching is hard work you know! The bed is so popular with my pair, they will snuggle up side by side in it and it's so cute to see them all curled up together.

      Their pee also seems to whick through quite nicely which means that the surface doesn't get all soggy and results in them not lying in their own wee wee! I purchased my bed for around £13.00 off Amazon and although it may seem expensive in my view it is money well spent as they use it so much, only problem is I will have to buy another 2 so my other lads don't feel left out!

      I imagine this bed could be destroyed by competent chewers but my boys haven't so much as nibbled it, a rabbit on the other hand may well make short work of the snuggly fabric; I guess it all depends on the individual animal. Overall I am very pleased with the bed, would recommend it to other piggy owners for sure!


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        20.09.2010 12:30
        Very helpful



        A nice looking comfortable pet bed that I would recommend for well behaved bunnies!

        I am not very much of a people person, I love animals and my pets are hugely important to me. I have two pet bunnies that live inside as house rabbits. There is a Pets at Home store within only a 10 minute walk of my house, so this is usually my first choice for pet products. I bought the Snuggles Luxury Plush Bed can be bought from my local Pets at Home shop almost two years ago, and they no longer stock it. However, you can easily find this via online pet stores or even at www.amazon.co.uk where it is currently selling for £11.84.

        Product details: "Snuggles Luxury Plush Bed For Rabbits, Ferrets Guinea Pigs.
        Designed exclusively for small pets the NEW 'Snuggles' range from Rosewood Pet Products is fantastic!
        This Snuggles Plush Bed provides a snug nest to keep pets warm and secure - indoors or out.
        Luxury, plush fabric to pamper, with a practical and tough, wipe clean fabric base.

        Machine Washable at 30 degrees.
        Luxury Plush Bed.
        Wipe clean Fabric Base.
        Use Indoors or Out.
        Size: 42 cm (l) x 30 cm (w) (inches 16" x 12")"

        I have 2 rabbits and one guinea pig, all of which live within my house in their own special bedroom, and they each have their own cage where I put their food, water, and sleeping areas. I bought this bed with the intention of providing a safe snuggly sleeping area for my rabbits.

        The Snuggles Luxury Plush Bed is made of a luxurious thick faux fur fabric. The underside has a plain black strong fabric backing and the interior is stuffed firmly to make it comfortable and plush for pets to lie on. It feels lovely and soft to touch and the design is really cute looking. The dark brown colour is natural so it will not look off-putting to small pets, and if using the bed indoors it will look nice and discrete against your home furnishings. In fact, I have some cushions on my sofa that look almost identical!

        This pet bed is really cushy and cosy. The stuffing provides a soft and comfortable base and the fluffy fur is nice for small pets to snuggle up against so they get that reassuring comforting feeling. I really loved the look of this bed and hoped that my bunnies would too, I couldn't wait to see them all cuddled up and sleepy on this cute little bed.

        Unfortunately for me the bunnies had other ideas in mind. I don't know if maybe they really hated it, but instead of using it as a comfortable and warm sleeping area they decided it could be put to much better use as a toilet!! Now, my bunnies live indoors permanently and they have not only a toilet corner in their cages, but also a toilet area which I have placed in one corner of their room. I use a kitty litter tray and they seem to be happy using it as they can hop in and out of it easily. Perhaps because the plush bed is so comfortable, the bunnies thought they would do their toilet business in style! After only a couple of days it was literally soaked with urine and covered in droppings.

        Sad to see such a lovely item be abused in this way, I decided to try and salvage the situation and try again. I bravely went in and cleared out the mess, and then put the thing through the washing machine. The manufacturers claim this bed is machine washable, and it held its shape nicely after going through a wash. The filling was still plump and full, but the fur became a little clumpy and was not as soft and silky as before. Once it was properly cleaned and dried I put the bed back in the bunny room, this time in a different area of the floor to see if they would get the hang of it this time. Annoyingly, they just did the exact same thing again.

        I was loathed to keep cleaning the bed just for them to use it as a toilet, and they were not sleeping or even resting or playing on the bed. It was a big failure for my pets, although I think the bed itself is a lovely item. The bed has a cushiony feel and the fur is nice and soft against the skin. The bed has raised sides and the corners provide an interesting area for rabbits to have a bit of a scrabble and dig about on. Mine got thrown out in the end, which was a shame but my rabbits were really no better off from having it, it was just another area for them to mess in.

        All in all I think this is a lovely item that would be great for pets that would use it correctly. The bed is soft, comfy and looks really nice. It washed well and I'm sure it would have stayed in good condition for longer if it had not been messed on! This is a really cute bed, I hope that other buyers have more luck with their pets than I did.


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