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Solid Hamster Wheel & Stand

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Animals Equipment Type: Rodents / Small Pets

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    2 Reviews
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      29.09.2010 22:33
      Very helpful
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      not bad but wouldnt by again.

      I am reviewing my new hamster wheel i have had it for about 3 weeks now and feel ready to review it.

      My daughter and myself bought this from my local pet shop. Its a free standing hamster wheel, its different from normal hamster wheels because it does not clip on to cage.

      It cost £6.50 which i feel is well worth it. Its made from plastic which is strong and good quality and is blue and yellow in colour the wheel is slightly transparent.

      The reason i bought this is because my hamster kept me awake at night when he was using his normal clip on wheel, it would scrape along the metal bars of the cage and he would run constantly for 2 hours.

      Its crazy! He is a very small robovorski dwarf hamster and his name is little fella. My 5 year old daughter picked his name.

      When we got home from shopping we popped it into his cage as it was already built up. Like normal he looked it and avoided it. We left him to it. That night when we went to bed i could hear him using the new wheel. I must say it was making a little noise but nothing as bad as before, i managed to drift into a good sleep and i now know he likes using it.

      The wheel washes up well with warm soapy water or pet cleaner.

      I have recently bought him a new ball and he uses that for half an our a day and wanders around the livingroom in it. I found this also stops him using the wheel for as long at night.

      I am pleased with the wheel but it still makes a little noise, at least i know little fellas getting plenty of exercise which is important to keep him healthy.

      I give this 3 dooyoo stars x


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        19.11.2008 00:18
        Very helpful



        ensure your little friend has plenty of stimulation

        In the wild hamsters would walk more than six miles a night in the search for food. Hamsters are very energetic creatures requiring lots of exercise. Hamsters need this exercise to keep them happy and healthy. A podgy hamster will suffer from many illnesses such as heart attacks, diabetes and high blood pressure. Really a hamster is like a human, they need the same basic rights to food, water, exercise and love as we do.

        If you sit and watch your furry friend during the early hours of the morning you will notice that they hardly rest. My hamster, Tinkerbell is fairly young and learning how to use a wheel was rather entertaining. Despite having a wheel I still try to ensure that she comes out 3-4 times a week to play in her ball and to stretch her legs even if she can't be bothered (she can be very lazy at times).

        Most hamsters love to play in 'hamster wheels'. These look like a bit like a cylindrical bowl with a pivot. The wheel can either be attached to the bars on the cage or on a stand with an axel so that it can stand up in the cage. I have opted for a wheel on a stand as the current wheel in Tinkerbell's cage is slightly tilted and she cannot use it correctly.

        The wheel should meet the 'pet safety standards' The National Hamster Council advise owner to use solid wheels as these are safe. A wheel with rungs around would be classed as 'unsafe' as the hamster can get its legs stuck between the bars. The wheel should have a surface with 'ridges' so that your hamster does not slip off.

        I think it goes without saying that hamsters grow quite a lot from birth to adulthood. A baby hamster will need a small wheel to play in but as your hamster gets older and increases in weight and size you will need to replace the wheel for a larger one. A good way to gauge whether the wheel is suitable is to look at your hamsters spine, if it is curved when running the wheel is too small. The hamsters back should look straight and your hamster should look comfortable whilst running.

        Many owners chose not to add a wheel due to the squeaking noise and disturbance caused by the hamster. I must say however that the health and welfare of your pet is paramount and it's the responsibility you take on when you buy your hamster. I must admit Tinkerbell has chosen the most inappropriate times to go in her wheel. When I am busy writing reviews, coursework or marking students work, Tinkerbell loves to get attention by chewing the bars and playing in her wheel.

        If your hamster is placed in a room of its own then the chances are the squeaking will not cause too much trouble. I think it's the price you pay for a happy hamster.

        I have seen a variety of wheels throughout the last few years. One was a whole cage that was able to revolve with sections for sleeping, eating and urinating. The main part of the cage was the revolving wheel.

        I was browsing through my local pet shop the other day and found a pedometer for a hamster cage. The meter attaches to the back of the wheel and tells you how far your hamster is travelling, how many miles per hour and how many calories your hamster is burning.

        Hamster wheels do not need to be boring or dull they can be really interesting for both owner and fun for your hamster.

        Hamsters are very inquisitive and Hamster wheels are not always used for exercise. Tinkerbell went through a phase where the wheel was used as a toilet. She didn't use it for exercise she used it to urinate in. I ended up buying a 'corner loo' with 'hamster litter' (no I am not kidding) and providing an area for her to use. Tinkerbell tends to use her wheel to hide her food under now, a few months ago she would climb underneath and push the wheel up and down making a clicking sound. Hamsters love to have items to play with even if they fail to use them correctly.

        Obviously if your hamster is determined to not play in its wheel then you can buy a ball. Tinkerbell comes out in her ball every night for about 10-15 minutes. She loves to knock cups of tea and bottles of beer over.

        For a happy, content and healthy hamster you will need to purchase some sort of equipment for your hamster. A wheel is a great addition to your hamster cage, your hamster will really appreciate the wheel and will have hours of fun playing in, around, underneath and maybe even on top.

        Hope your hamster enjoys its wheel as much as Tinkerbell has enjoyed hers!


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