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Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse With Catnip

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Brand: Trixie / Type: Cat Toy

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2012 18:52
      Very helpful



      A great little inexpensive toy to keep a moggy happy!

      Ever since I bought my rag-doll kitten home and called her Myrtle I have spoilt her and played with her very often indeed lol! I would never have described myself as a cat person before I got her and to be honest although I rather like cats and have owned a couple in the past always preferred a dog however in my current flat I am not allowed a dog, do share one already with my best mate and also I didn't want the commitment of a dog and having to walk it and so on with my current health issues. However I have decided that I am now very much a cat fan, particularly a Myrtle one (lol!) and buy anything and everything that I see for my little baby!

      This I spotted in my local independent pet shop and to be honest I'm not sure why I bought it really as she does aready have little mice toys and things similar to play with however this one contained catnip and I know already that Myrtle rather likes that and that it makes her rather excited so I was more than happy to treat her to it!

      This little mouse is referred to as a plush toy which means basically that it is completely soft with no hard bits to it and is furry. It only measures about 12cm in length and so is a perfect size for any cat really, particularly a small kitten like mine to play with.

      It is mainly a very cute grey coloured mouse with a light brown tail, inner ears and feet, two small black eyes well sewn in with like a pom pom black nose and black cotton like whiskers which are all soft to the touch. It has no fragrance to it that I can detect at all and it is really, really cute to look at which is why I bought it in the first place.

      Myrtle adores this toy, but saying that Myrtle loves all toys being only about 10 weeks old at the moment. Its a safe toy even though she scratches and paws at it and so on and its had no damage made to it at all and this really does get her up, moving and motivated and not only will she play with me and the mouse she'll quite happily keep herself entertained for ages with it sat on a mat in my living room lol.

      The catnip gets her excited and she runs about and all in all I only paid £2.50 for this and I feel that it is worth that as not only does Myrtle love it but its a good, safe quality too which keeps her anxious mummy (me) very happy indeed!

      Available in all good pet shops and so on and Google online for special deals on this too!


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