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Trixie Ceramic food bowl for small pets Rabbit

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Brand: Trixe / Type: Small Pet Accessories

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2012 08:43
      Very helpful



      Affordable, durable bowl for any pet rabbit

      Along with purchasing our pet rabbit Tilly, 3 years ago now, we also needed a few bits and bobs a feeding bowl being one of them. I came across this bowl in my local pet store, which is a very large discount warehouse pet store, so there were plenty of bowls to choose from, but this one appealed to me the most.

      The bowl is a pale cream colour, and is around 11cm in diameter. As it is ceramic, it is quite thick, around 1cm and maybe 3cm deep, so an ideal size to fit an adult portion of food inside.

      Most pet bowls are plain, but this comes with a picture of a rabbit inside, with his bib on, getting ready to munch on a large carrot. Now I know some people might think it's silly buying your pet a designed bowl rather than a plain one especially as when there is food in it, you can't actually see the picture, but it just appealed to me more, and there wasn't much difference in prices either so the design didn't make it dearer.

      This was £2.85, where the plain ceramic bowls were anything from £2.00 so it wasn't much dearer and definitely worth the price, especially for a ceramic bowl.

      You can get plastic bowls for rabbits, which are a lot cheaper, but as they gnaw at things, I was advised to buy a ceramic bowl rather than the plastic ones and I now know why, and am glad I did. My rabbit will lie and chill out, but gets little moments where she will start biting everything and twirling around in her cage to get out. This means she stands on the bowl, knocks it over, and sometimes kicks it to the back of the cage. A few times on cleaning her hutch out, it has slipped out of my hand onto the flagged floor, or she's knocked it out of her hutch by accident when the door has been open, and all of this without even a chip. I would have expected at least a small crack or chip somewhere by now, but looking at it, there's not one after 3 years.

      Cleaning the bowl is very easy as it is ceramic so it can easily be rinsed out, and every few weeks I wash it in hot soapy water to refresh it properly. The picture is still in the centre of the bowl and hasn't yet faded or started to wear away at all.

      The bowl is a heavy bowl, so isn't easily kicked over, it's only because my rabbit is quite large and very clumsy that she knocks it sometimes. I have watched her nudge the bowl with her nose and although she can move it a little, she can't knock it over with her nose, just with her strong kicks.

      So all in all, I would definitely recommend this bowl for your pet rabbit as it is cute for a pampered rabbit, a perfect size for small and large rabbits; it's durable for clumsy rabbits, easy to clean for messy rabbits and cheap for penny saving owners!

      Mine was bought at an independent pet store, but this can be bought online at a few stores, including zooplus.co.uk, who have it for £1.99 at the minute.


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    • Product Details

      Cute ceramic bowl with hamster rabbit or guinea pig design hygienic and easy to clean

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