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Trixie Corner Toilet

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Manufacturer: Trixie / Type: Small Pet Cleaning Products - For Hamsters

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2010 03:09
      Very helpful



      Not the right hammy loo for us obviously!

      Buying a hamster for me was a big decision. I take pet ownership incredibly serious no matter the pet and before I went out and allowed my mate to buy me a hamster as a gift I already had the cage and had spent a fortune on getting 'its' home all ready for it. I already knew as well that I wanted a Syrian hamster known for being docile and playful and fun to train!

      After reading up all about hamsters in several books so that I knew what to expect from my new pet I had read that hamsters were incredibly clean and that they tend to only do their toilet needs in one place and after reading that bit of information, much to my flatmate's and boyfriends total amusement and ridicule (well that was the boyfriend) I looked for a hamster toilet. It was a joke at first, I mean I never seriously believed that there was such a thing and was only half joking so was shocked when I saw that there are several toilets for small pets on the market and eventually (after yet alot more thought of course!) I opted to get this one from Amazon.

      It came in a white box with photographs all over it of the toilet and lots of information in mainly foreign languages and contact details for the manufacturer were given too. Inside the toilet came in two parts and with a little plastic, silver coloured 'pooper scooper'. My boyfriend couldn't stop laughing at the pooper scooper finally saying after catching his breath that he'd finally seen it all. Undeterred though I put it together with high hopes for being able to potty train my future pet!

      The Toilet:

      What you get is a silver plastic base in a triangle shape. It's rather large and rather deep. Over that you get coloured plastic with bits of silver glitter ingrained to it that you can see through (mine is green but other primary colours are available to buy this in). The top part slots on and off with ease and has a long and wide oblong hole to the front of it. Like I say its very simple to slot it together and to pull it apart.

      However it is large and I didn't expect it to be quite so big when it arrived. It really does take up some room in a cage thats for sure! All you do with it is slot it together and plop some sawdust/wood-shavings into it (you can buy hamster litter too from Amazon and various pet stores like Pets & Home) and generously cover the base of it. Then find out where your hamster likes to off load his/hers dinners all grab all those mucky contents and bung them in the toilet so the hamster gets the idea of what its meant to be doing in there!

      Is Colin Potty Trained Yet?

      However.....for me and Colin this didn't work out. Try as I may have to encourage him to like it I just couldn't. It's large enough but Colin I have noticed likes to poo in one part of the cage and pee in another and his favourite trick is to poop in his wheel as he runs making sure it flies through the air. My mate suggested I try to grab him mid poop but like I told her you can try that cos they just quickly pump it out in the blink of an eye!

      Keeping the toilet clean is easy as its easy to take apart and wash and the pooper scooper is mini and small enough to get into the toilet and into the hole at the top of our cage to pick up things he shouldn't have done in it, though saying that the scoop is slotted and wood shavings and bits (like poop) do fall through if your not incredibly careful.

      In concept I like the idea of this toilet but it is very large indeed and Colin Firth the second is not impressed and believes he should be able to crapola wherever and whenever he feels like it so it gets a thumbs down from us and believe me I didn't half persevere with it lol.

      I have only seen this particular toilet (so far) available on Amazon at about £5.99 a toilet.


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