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Wilko Rolly Wheel for Hamsters and Mice

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Manufacturer: Wilkinsons / Type: Cage

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2011 10:16
      Very helpful



      An excellent addition to any hamster cage

      Over the summer I ended up taking in a pet hamster from a colleague who could no longer care for her. The little ham-ham came fully equipped with everything to get me started including a nice roomy cage, and the only thing missing was an exercise wheel. I trust Wilkinsons to provide good value pet items and this is the first place I looked to buy the new wheel. I chose this Wilko branded Rolly Wheel which cost just £2.49. It's available to buy in the high street stores, or you can order via the catalogue or online at www.wilkinsonplus.com.

      Product description: "Rolly wheel for hamsters and mice. The perfect addition to your little friend's home. Hours of fun. Our rolly wheel provides your hamsters and mice with a fun and traditional way to exercise."

      The Rolly Wheel is suitable for small pets such as hamsters or mice. The wheel measures in at 14 cm and was just the right size for my Syrian hamster to be able to fit inside and use it. The wheel is made from a lightweight plastic and can be affixed to any wire mesh cage by locking the integrated fixture into place. This stays secure and stops the wheel from slipping when in use.

      The wheel turns easily but it still requires some effort on the pet's part to get it going and keep it moving. The Rolly Wheel is a perfect fun exercise tool which can really maximise the use of space within a hamster cage. It enables the hamster to run for as long as they like and this helps to keep them active, fit and healthy. It also stops your pet from being bored and provides endless entertainment.

      It is very easy to remove the wheel and keep it clean as the plastic does not stain and can be washed or wiped down with pet-safe disinfectant. The wheel has proved to be durable and there is not a single mark on it even though my hamster usually likes to investigate everything by having a good nibble at it. The plastic is hardwearing and durable which is important for keeping your pet safe. The wheel is a solid plastic structure and forms a complete circular shape without any dangerous gaps or breaks in the design that could cause harm to little ham-ham feet. There are ridges spaced evenly around the inner edge so that your hamster can get a good foothold and to stop them from sliding around inside it once the wheel has got going and picked up some momentum.

      My hamster seems to enjoy using this wheel and will often jump in and out of it or go in for a longer run when the fancy takes her. She seems to enjoy using it most of all at night time, and although it is fairly quiet it still makes a distinctive squeaking sound when the wheel turns around so this can be a bit distracting. I don't really mind though as long as she is enjoying it. I have not seen my hamster use this every day, but she will at least have a little spot of running in it most days, and she has not seemed to lose interest in the wheel over time.

      I would recommend this Wilko Rolly Wheel for hamster or mice owners, as it is a good add-on to any cage that is suitable for both playing and for exercise. This will help to keep your pet active and is well worth the small amount of money to enhance their environment.


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