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Wilko Squeaky Dog Toy Latex Assorted

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Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2012 14:43
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      Your dog may like it, but mine didnt!

      I like to spoil my dogs buying them a new toy every now and again. They have lots of bones and balls and so I thought I would try something different to keep them occupied. The new toy which I chose for them was this rubber chicken. As my dog Sammie is a border collie / Labrador cross who loves chasing birds, I thought that she would appreciate this toy chicken which I paid around £3 for.

      Whilst she was curious at first and played with it for a little while, she soon got quite bored. I think that part of the reason was the fact that her and my other dog Ted love to chase each other - so when one has got the toy they will run with it so that the other one will chase them which is quite comical. However, they were not too keen on this toy and I think it was because the toy is quite big and so not practical enough for them to be able to run around with it in their mouths. If I threw the toy for them to go and fetch, they would be interested whilst it was 'flying' but as soon as it landed and they realised what it was, they just weren't interested which is a shame.

      One thing Sammie liked about this toy was the fact that it squeaked and so sometimes she would like down and just squeak and squeak it which got quite annoying after a while. If I squeaked it, she would soon take notice and this would make her want to chase it. Although, she just wasn't bothered after a while and when I took the chicken with us for a walk - she wouldn't carry it and so I ended up carrying the thing! Whereas, with her bone/ball she is quite happy to carry it the whole length of the walk herself and not the other way around i.e me carrying it for her!

      The toy is made from rubber and whilst it is quite strong, I could imagine it 'tearing' after a while. As with other toys, I always made sure that my dogs were supervised at all times when playing with this toy and would never leave them alone with the toy in case they chewed it to pieces and 'ate' some of the parts.
      All in all, I think that it is a nice toy which is different, just that my dogs weren't interested at all in it and would much prefer their toy bones which they can run around with instead.

      Thanks for reading!
      May 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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