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Animal Species: Insect

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      17.04.2009 23:55
      Very helpful



      A little Creature Teacher with a lot to say!

      A flash of color...
      a quiet hum...
      Keeping His own beat
      upon a quicksilver drum...
      Appearing like thought
      first here
      Weaving in,
      and drumming



      "Is this Dream

      or Waking?

      Which do you choose?
      What does your heart follow...
      and what do you loose? "

      Thrumming wand of magic,
      little flash of light,
      "Look within my mirrored eyes
      to set Thy World aright...
      Every color of the rainbow is at thy command,
      Physician heal thyself!"
      Does this Singer demand.
      "Change is the only constant..."
      hums half-forgotten tunes,
      "and Change comes from within!",
      he intones...
      ..."All of this seems familiar?!
      Well, then, where on Earth have you been?!"

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >.<

      "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream. Wandering by lone sea breakers, and sitting by desolate streams. World losers and world forsakers, for whom the pale moon gleams. Yet we are movers and the shakers of the world forever it seems." ~Arthur O'Shaughnessy

      "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." ~ Buddha

      "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." ~ John Lennon

      Dragonfly would agree with all of these statements! There are approximately 5700 types of known dragonflies around the world. There are 450 different types of dragonfly in the United States alone, and this Creature Teacher will be discussed in general. Dragonflies are insects with two pairs of wings belonging to the Order Odonata. Fossil records for the dragonfly date back 300 Million years, and at one time they could have a wingspan of up to two feet!

      Their life spans may vary anywhere between 6 months and several years, depending on breed and conditions. The majority of their life span is spent in the nymph stage, during which it can shed it's skin many times before crawling onto land as a adult dragonfly. They are incredibly agile fliers who can reach speeds between 30 and 60 mph as they hunt their prey. Sometimes called mosquito hawks, this insect is highly beneficial to us and eats thousands of insects in it's lifetime. Nor, despite popular belief, are they capable of stinging people, although they can bite if they feel it is necessary to escape.

      When we examine this Guardian of Dreamtime, we see that He lives in both Air and Water and that he has mastered the art of Transformation evident in his change from nymph to Dragonfly. He needs the running Waters of the World to breed and survive, just as we need to learn to navigate the deep waters of our own emotions. These aspects make him very versatile, changeable, and aware of the many needs of both Mind and Heart. He teaches us how to break through the illusions of self and material world to reach the Truth inside each of us, sometimes seen only in our Dreams.

      "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~Albert Einstein

      "No man will be found in whose mind airy notions do not sometimes tyrannize, and force him to hope or fear beyond the limits of sober probability." ~Samuel Johnson

      "Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection of him?" ~Calvin and Hobbes

      If you are feeling overwhelmed by emotion and need to step back to find some clarity, if you are struggling with transition or addiction of any sort, if you have fooled yourself into thinking something was "real" only to find it was wishful thinking... Dragonfly can help you. He challenges us to look at ourselves clearly, face what needs changed in our selves or lives, and then implement the change. He loves best for us to see clearly through both Light and Shadow, Reality and Illusion to the illumination Truth. "Things are seldom how they appear on the surface!" He says, "Dip through the Veil." Dragonfly can help us make our Dreams into Reality, but he cautions us to Know Thyself and Accept Truth first.

      This little Magician is like a living Wand as he flashes his bright colors through the air. And like the Magician of the Tarot, Dragonfly tells us that we already have all the tools we need at our hands, we merely need to learn to recognize and properly employ them. "Listen and learn from the World you are a part of", hardly seems like advice. In fact, much of what Dragonfly can say to us sounds so familiar that we wonder why we are hearing something that we already knew. This is usually when Dragonfly laughs at me and says, "Well then, if you already know all this...why aren't you using that knowledge?" He especially chastises me when I look outside of myself for reasons why something has gone wrong in my life. It is so easy to put negative thoughts and feelings off on someone or something else that this is an aspect I struggle against over and over. Gently humming Dragonfly can help us to better navigate our emotions, especially in times of stress or trauma.

      "Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it." ~Vincent Van Gogh

      "The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy." Jim Rohn

      "When a wise man is advised of his errors, he will reflect on and improve his conduct. When his misconduct is pointed out, a foolish man will not only disregard the advice but rather repeat the same error." Buddha

      Do you wonder why you always seem to attract a certain kind of person? Whether negative or positive, Dragonfly shows us that we attract these people because they are reflecting back to us some aspect of ourselves. As Carl Jung said, " Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." Change especially from within, Enlightenment, Recognizing Illusion whether it comes from within or without, realizing dreams, transformations of all kinds, releasing addiction, combining emotion with rational thought, avoiding the blame game, and accept responsibility are all dragonfly lessons.

      It is important to note that while some dragonflies have pigment, most achieve their color by absorbing all colors save that which they reflect back to our eye. Like the Blue Jay, this illusory connection with light indicates a special emphasis on Divine Connection, Illumination, Illusion, Spirit, Spirituality, and learning proper Balance. They also make excellent Teachers on the concept of our Shadow selves.

      "I think it ticks God off when you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it." ~ Alice Walker

      "Be though the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray." ~Lord Byron

      "Today I saw the dragonfly
      come from the wells where he did lie.
      An inner impulse rent the veil of his old husk;
      from head to tail came out clear plates of sapphire mail.

      He dried his wings;
      like gauze they grew;
      through crofts and pastures
      wet with dew
      a living flash of light he flew.

      - "The Two Voices," Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1833

      Ted Andrews, author of Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, said, "Dragonflies remind us that we are light and can reflect light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. "Let there be light" is the divine prompting to use the creative imagination as a force with your life." In other words, we are what we believe, what we think and feel, and this reflects on those around us. Panic, joy, irritability; We can spread our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs to others without even consciously choosing to do so! Dragonfly asks us to be aware of this, to see clearly, and to reflect gently back upon the World.

      Dragonfly also speaks to us about the importance of color in our lives. It is proven that certain colors prompt specific emotions. For example, Red is often seen as an angry aggressive color, but pastel pink is very cool, soothing, and passive. Brown is earthy, green is vibrantly healthy, and blue is calming. Different colors can mean different things to any given individual, of course. Red could symbolize passion and the blood of Life, but it could also symbolize that same life lost in the red flood of Death and War. Dragonfly recommends that you examine the Colors in your life.

      Are you perhaps longing for new horizons and adventures, but wearing very boring drab colors? Perhaps you don't long for those changes as much as you think! It's a good idea to take a look at what each color means to you and how you use it in your own life. I know that when I am starting a new job, for example, I always feel better if I am in clothing that is not only comfortable, but in colors that soothe me and promote my confidence as well. The study of color, light, reflection, and dream imagery is of great benefit to Dragonfly people.

      "Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world." ~ Hans Margolius

      "There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it." ~ George Bernard Shaw

      "People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives." ~ J. Michael Straczynski

      In Buddhist philosophy Addiction/Desire/Clinging/Delusion are all double edged concepts. Even something good can become a negative thing if we don't see it clearly or cling too hard to it. In moderation, love is beneficial for example, but if we are allowing others to beat or abuse us simply because we don't want to loose their "love"...we are addicted to our own illusions of what love is or should be. "What do you really loose by letting go of those things you are addicted to or deluding yourself over?" He asks. Dragonfly teaches us to break through our self-imposed illusions and make our best dreams a reality. By looking into His mirrored eyes, we can see more deeply into ourselves.

      Associated with Hiro (the shadow of the god of thieves) , Faeries and Dragons, the Winds of Change, Freya, Anqet, Satet, and Sekmet, Dragonflies are the heralds of change and transformation. Just days before our young grandson was struck and killed by a car in August 2008, I dreamt of being chased by a swarm of dragonflies as I tried to take a child, whose face I could not see, to a specific trolley stop within the dream city we wandered. The day of his death, a large swarm of dragonflies settled around him far from his home where he was camping with his mother. I picture him often dancing and laughing with this herald of transformation. In hindsight, it is easy to see that this Teacher was indeed bringing news of a great transformation, although his messages are not always about this greatest transformation that we as living beings all experience eventually. Are we being too rational in our decisions and not listening to our emotions and intuition? Are we being ruled by our emotions? Are we caught in a self-created illusion of reality? Are we being inflexible or resistant to necessary changes? These are all Dragonfly lessons.

      Well balanced Dragonfly people tend to have developed a healthy blend of rational thinking and intuition. They are very helpful in helping others to navigate emotional waters and are capable of cheerfully welcoming changes of all sorts. Being inflexible, overly rational or overly emotional, believing self-imposed illusions over reality, and fearing or refusing change are all signs of imbalanced Dragonfly energy.

      To the Navajo, they represent renewal after long hardship, and skillful action coupled with a free and joyful sense of being. In Japan they are symbols of courage, strength, and victory. In one Japanese legend, an Emperor named Japan (or sometimes specifically just the island of Honshu) "Akitsushima" or "Isles of the Dragonfly" in honor of this Creature Teacher. Japan remains as the foremost leader in the study of this Creature today and has a scientific journal dedicated only to the Dragonfly. Known across Europe by such fanciful names as: Devil's Darning Needle, Goddess' Horse, Water Witch, and Hobgoblin Fly, this Creature Teacher is found in lore dealing with the weighing of one's soul, and the removal or sewing shut of the eyes of people, usually those who slept in the wrong place or didn't listen to their parents. Associated with the realms of air and water, with activity, transformation, flexibility and maturing from an overly sensitive and emotional being to a well-grounded but intuitive being, the Dragonfly has much to teach us; a little Teacher with a wealth of unfolding Wisdom! How does Dragonfly appear in your life?

      "There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it's up to you to draw it. " B. Quilliam

      "An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

      "Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it's in my basement... let me go upstairs and check." ~ M.C. Escher


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