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Animal Species: Dogs

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    4 Reviews
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      11.03.2010 13:27
      Very helpful



      Every family should have one!

      Despite the size and overall intimidating look of the mastiff they are the softest dogs ever until they need to protect. We have a mastiff dog that we bought to be a family dog that would protect when he needs to as as we lived in the country. They are large dogs with a lot of weight behind them, so they need to be taught to lead correctly from a young age or they will drag you around and you won't have a choice in the matter! The mastiff is quite a slobbery breed and does seem to have a wind problem! You will find you have the window down in the car a whole lot more!

      The mastiff is very friendly and loves his cuddles, ours will sit on your knee if you sit on the floor! They have a great temperament and are fantastic with children. they will play for hours with them. We have three young children in the house and our Mastiff never takes advantage of them (only at feed times..) and will let them drag him about for ages.

      Although they are often used to guard properties, they aren't likely to attack anybody as such, if you have an intruder in the house or on the land, they are more likely to corner them and keep them cornered by growling at them. Our mastiff plays protector when we play fight and will get in between or tug on sleeves rather than bite, although he knows this is a game. They need a lot of space to run and are best suited to larger houses. They require quite a bit of exercise as they can get fat easily.

      The mastiff breed is also quite good with livestock, although they need to be taught not to chase from a young age otherwise should animals run you will find your mastiff running right behind them as they think its a game. Our mastiff protects our geese and if he hears them shout will go over to see what is wrong. He is also good with chickens, but if you want introduce your mastiff to chickens,l it is best to put a muzzle on the first time as they have strong jaws.

      Our mastiff has also learnt to be a fantastic ratter at the stable yard. Obviously they struggle to get into small places but if a rat comes out at the wrong time its dead meat. He killed 6 in 10 minutes the first time he did it, and unlike jack russells they don't shake them to death, just crush them. I'm not sure this is a regular trait of the mastiff or if they just aren't used because of their size, but if you have mastiff and a rat problem, its worth a try!

      I think Mastiffs are probably one of the most loyal breeds I have come across, and they see themselves as a protector as well as part of their family. They should be socialized at a young age, and if done correctly they will play with anyone once they know they are safe.


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      26.03.2009 12:17
      1 Comment



      This descendant of the Roman Molossus is an ancient breed that protects the family

      Neapolitan Mastiff

      This 2000 years old, ancient and formidable breed, the Neapolitan Mastiff is basically a good family dog, a guardian and protector of family and property. It is also commonly called Italian Bulldog and Mastino. It is loyal, calm, peaceful, serious, intelligent and friendly with family members and a self-confident owner.
      It is a descendant of the Roman Molossus and is said to have been used by Romans to even fight lions.

      Size: Males weigh about 75-90 kg and females about 65 kg. They are somewhat rectangular in shape and their length is a little more than their height.
      The males' height ranges from 25 to 32" while the females' are from 24-30".
      Colour: They are always found in dark colours. This helps the Neapolitan Mastiffs to wait unnoticed at night for their prey. They can have grey, black, brown, beige or tawny coats.
      Coating: It has short hair with a silky and dense coat.
      Face: It has a heavily wrinkled face and forms a dewlap because the folds fall below the chin and neck.
      The Neapolitan Mastiff has a large head and nose with a thick tail. Its gait is slack and elaborate.
      Drooling is very common in this muscular breed, the Neapolitan Mastiff.

      Litter Size
      The blue-eyed Neapolitan Mastiff pup must never be overtaxed with exercise. But both the adult and the pup have bursts of energy and need space to run about.

      The adult Neapolitan Mastiff eats around 7-11 cups of dog food everyday.

      Preferred Environment
      They are comfortable in a small dry kennel in a house but need to be taken out for walks at least twice a day.

      Unfortunately, this fearsome breed has a short lifespan which is mostly less than 10 years.

      This article has originally been authored by me and appeared on the site:http://www.freepuppiessale.com


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        31.10.2008 13:54



        Would have another

        A ovely dog with a lovely nature. They are extremely loyal.. ours wouldn't go for a walk with anyone else lol.. If you can cope with the drooling and smelly farts, the bullmastiff makes for a very lovely dog. They are very good natured, and would get on very well with children and other pets. Ours took no notice of the cats, and apart from being a bit on the large side, got on well with visiting children. I would have another one any day; they're gorgeous dogs. If you're looking for a pet that will sleep near you, and that will protect you to the death, then this breed is for you. Lovely coloured, too, and make for a talking point with any neighbour! Would reccomend only to people who can cope with being a pied piper, can bear smells and drooly dogs. However, if that's you, then this dog is perfect!


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          02.04.2005 20:57



          Thinking of buying a Neo or Bully dog then these are for people with experiance of large breed dogs.
          We own a Female Neo & a male bully they live indoors with our collie x and our 5 month old daughter.
          We fell in love with the Mastiff breed they are loyal and are protect their family. If you can cope with an 8 stone dog sitting on your knee thinking its still a lap dog and the slobber when it gets hot.
          If you have food then the Mastiff is your best friend and they have drool hanging down the sides which they like to shake over you and if your the one stood nearest then you get covered.
          Mastiff eat alot and you will get through a 15kg every few weeks.
          Mastiff doesn't require alot of exercise especially when they are young as their bones are still growing. Neo's take 3 to 4 years before they are fully grown ours is only 18 months old and is over 8 stone.
          Not only do they slober alot but due to their size they also suffer the other end and you don't want to be next to the bottom when they start burping. They will empty a room with one.
          With Neo's you should not keep two females together if you do then we can tell you from experience that there will be trouble.
          All our Mastiffs get on well with the new baby and our Neo loves to lick her head.
          Neo's come in various colouhave owned a Blue and now our current Neo is Black with Brindle.
          Our Bully is 6 months old and is Apricot Brindle and he is a bundle of fun he is still finding his feet and falls off the sofa when hes asleep.
          I would recommend the Mastiff breed but do your research first they are a handful and not for the light hearted.


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