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Oldenburg Horse

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Animal Species: Horses

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2010 00:05



      A versatile horse for competition

      These horses started are credited to Count Anton Gunther who ruled as Count of Oldenburg between 1603 & 1667 as he wanted to breed a large carriage horse of quality that was also capable of agricultural work. The breed was initially a cross of East Friesian horses with Spanish and Neopolitan horses. Late in the 18th century, Thoroughbred, Barb and half breed blood was introduced to try and refine the breed. During the second half of the 19th century, they were used as military horses and pulled the mail carriages for the postal service. More TB blood was added along with Hanoverian, Cleveland Bay and Norman horse blood just before the 1900s.
      The current Oldenburg horse is a versatile, quality horse that is generally used for show jumping, dressage and carriage driving. They are long lived and quick to mature with a calm but energetic temperatment. They are powerfully built with a quality head, that may be slightly convex, and have a kind eye. Oldenburgs have a good length of neck attached to a powerful shoulder with a broad and deep chest. They have a deep barrel but can be long in the back. The quarters are usually very muscular and the legs strong and solid. They have good bone and excellent hooves. They are usually black, brown, bay or grey and stand between 16.2hh and 17.2hh


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