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Yellow Dog Campaign

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2014 18:21
      Very helpful


      • Easy
      • "Encourages safety"


      An excellent idea!

      The Yellow Dog campaign is a very important one. It aims to give people a warning dogs may not like being approached and it is better to leave them alone. It is especially good for children as it isn't difficult to understand. Everyone knows that you should not approach, pet or interact with an assistance dog whilst they are doing their job, and when they have their vest on they are working. This works on the same principle if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon tied on his or her leash you shouldn't approach them.

      If you have a dog you are well aware that when you are out walking every second person wants to stop and pet the dog. That's great if your dog loves attention and rubs like mine but for many reasons some dogs do not like being approached like that. It could be an older dog with little patience for small children, or a who is hard of hearing and may get a shock if someone approaches them from behind. Or even just a dog who is being trained. If you have a dog that does not do well in certain situations, taking them out can be very stressful as you do not want to be approached, other people don't know not to approach, now there is an easy way to get the message across.

      I really this is an excellent idea, it gets the message across quickly and easily for dog owners and approachers alike. What is important now is to get the word out there about what the yellow ribbon means.


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      04.06.2013 21:13
      Very helpful



      A fantastic project that needs advertised and used.

      I want to talk about a brilliant project I came across toward the end of last year.

      It is called YELLOW DOG PROJECT.

      It is incredibly simple and aims to encourage the public to join the project in two simple ways.

      1/........ If you have a dog who is unapproachable .....FOR ANY REASON.......then you are encouraged to tie a simple piece of yellow ribbon to his or her leash .

      That way the general public can see to give you and your pet a wide berth.

      2/ ......... If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon on their leash then please respect the fact that the owner knows his or her dog well enough to know it does not want contact with either people or other dogs. Please respect that knowledge and give them their space.


      It sounds so simple,but lots of us have been in situations where our pets are fragile and can't bear the stroking and fur ruffling that they might normally enjoy. And yet there are ALWAYS people who insist on contact, imagining that a verbal warning of "No, best not pet him, he has just had surgery and is feeling cross and out of sorts and might snap" doesn't apply to them.

      It most certainly happened with us when we got Kizzy the wonder dog from the Rescue Centre. She had been taken off the streets starving and ragged and near to giving birth and had to have the dead puppies removed by a vet. She was incredibly fragile physically and mentally and when we got her home it took a long time for her to regain her trust of humans and other dogs. Walking with her was awful. She is adorable to look at and was constantly being approached and she used to tremble uncontrollably every time it happened. If I'd known of the yellow ribbon project it could have helped her and us.

      There are many reasons for a pet being unapproachable so I'll list them in the manner the project does on their poster/site, but with my own comments added.

      1/ ___ Maybe it is a pup in training ...........and the owner needs it to focus,not play and scamper distractingly with strangers. Training in the early months is very important for safety and ease of handling later.

      2/___ Maybe the dog has just had surgery and is cross and sore.
      Leave him be, he really can't be bothered.

      3/___It could be a nervous dog. There are lots of those who tremble if you so much as look at them.Like our pup did for some weeks. They need space to learn to trust.Or just for their own sense of well being.

      4/___It might be elderly and bad tempered and doesn't want bothered. Just like some humans.

      5/ ___A bitch might be in season. Self explanatory.

      6/ ___The dog might be just temporarily unwell, possibly under vet treatment, heavily medicated and not up for fun and frolicking with strangers.


      OK , I can't see this working for the type of swaggering hard man with a tough looking dog in a heavily studded leather harness that he uses as an accessory to boost his macho image, but for those of us who care about the pets and not our image I think it a great project and I would encourage people to spread the word.

      If a yellow ribbon actually does offend your masculinity (and I am realistic enough to see that for some it might) then you can use a yellow bandana tied round the dog's neck or attached to his collar in some fashion.

      I've only seen one other owner use this technique and I asked him if his dog was ill or just not a 'people dog' . He was delighted someone had realised the purpose of the bandana and we are now friends........ at a safe distance (his dog is just grumpy, full stop, and needs his space).

      I also gave a little piece of yellow ribbon to an elderly lady with the most horribly ill tempered old poodle you could imagine and explained the purpose. But she never uses it and just growls in much the same manner her poodle does at anyone who approaches them uninvited . Ah well, you can't win them all .

      So, SPREAD THE WORD, and help keep both dogs and people unwittingly approaching them safe and happy.

      A brilliant scheme that I'm proud to award 5 stars.

      I'm not sure if posting links is allowed in reviews ,but you can google the site on,


      I hope this was interesting and that someone somewhere finds it helpful.Thank you for reading ~~~myloh.


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