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Betterware Lens Clens Pump Spray

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Manufacturer: Betterware / Accessory Type: Lens Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2009 20:42
      Very helpful



      Not a must buy!

      I am not an everyday spectacle wearer but I do wear glasses for prolonged usage on this laptop or when reading and stuff as I do get alot of eyestrain and am ever so slightly short sighted. I love my specs though and think they not only make me look rather alot more intelligent than I truly am but they do really help to keep horrible migraines at bay!

      As I paid an awful lot of money for my glasses I do like to keep them pristine looking and in great condition which is why I decided to buy a spray to clean my said glasses with!

      The Packaging:

      Well if you can see the product shown at the top of this review...it's nothing like that now and that is what I assume to be the old style packaging of this product! Now this 70ml, slimmish aluminium black can with an aerosol sprayer to the top of it and black plastic lid/cap that fits securely over the top. On the front of the can I'm told is silver and black writing that it is Betterware Spectacle Lens Cleaner and there is a drawn on picture of a pair of glasses and I'm told it is 70ml in size. On the back of the can now in all silver writing I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use and cautions are given and contact details for Betterware are listed. It's a nice stylish looking can and it's informative enough.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can:

      For cleaning spectacle lenses. Suitable for other glass or plastic (not contact lenses). Do not spill onto painted surfaces, e.g frames. Wipe off immediately. Not suitable for coated lenses.

      Me Using It:

      Well I simply spray a little of the wet clear liquid onto the inside and outside of my lens. It has a really weird sort of chemical smell to it however once used that smells disappears rather fast. The only thing I can compare this smell to is a bit like glue! It isn't foul though and like I say that smell doesn't stay put for long anyway!

      All you do is with a lint free cloth give the lens a really little wipe over. It's none smeary and wipes away dirt, grease and grime with total ease and no elbow grease if required at all.


      A really simple and straightforward product to use and I find that it really does clean my glasses with real ease and that it gives them a nice but natural shine that lasts for ages and in my opinion keeps my glasses cleaner for longer!

      A good product that works out to be very economical to use as you need so very little of it per application but is it totally necessary? Not really no but I like it well enough lol.

      Only available from Bettaware costing £3.99.


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