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Giotto's Large Rocket-air

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2009 20:25
      Very helpful



      Excellent Camera Aid

      DUST - those evil little b*stard particles which float around in the air, landing on things which they aren't supposed to, and causing no end of mischief. Pardon my French.

      Dust can be a particular problem for camera owners - especially for those of us that own an SLR model. Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras have interchangeable lenses, behind which sits a small sensor which is the equivalent of the celluloid film on a non-digital model. Unfortunately, any dust which gathers on this sensor can result in large blotches on your images. The camera sensor is extremely delicate, and although it can be wiped clean (very, very, very, gently - did I mention gently?) it's best to try and dislodge the dust from afar with a blast of air... and this is where Giotto's 'Rocket-Air' comes into play.

      There are a variety of Giotto's Rocket-air blowers on the market - but the main three are the small, medium, and large versions. This review focusses on the large model which is available in red and black, and can be purchased for around £12 from Amazon.

      As a company, Giotto is synonymous with quality, and its blowers are generally seen as the best on the market. The company is presumably named after the Italian Painter and Architect from the middle ages... although it's unlikely that he was blighted by the annoyance of dusty photographic equipment.

      The blower looks a bit like a rocket (hence its title), and is made from environmentally friendly rubber. Squeezing the 'bulb' section results in a super-strong blast of air which will blow off dust particles from whatever surface they are on. The air jet certainly packs more of a punch than the generic branded blower models which are available to buy cheaply from eBay, and the main difference between the Giotto model and the cheaper ones (apart from the strength of blow), is the fact that it features an air inlet valve on its nozzle which stops dust being sucked inside, and then subsequently out again onto whatever you are aiming at.

      Another good feature of the Giotto model is the fact that is designed in such a way that it can be freestanding - allowing the user to put it down without it rolling under a cupboard, or into the path of an oncoming tram (heaven forbid!).

      I have used this product on numerous occasions to clean the sensor in my SLR, and each time it has worked efficiently, dislodging all dust and leaving me with splodge-free photos. As well as cleaning sensors, I use this product to clean the dust from lenses before wiping (to prevent any particles from scratching them), and also to scare the cat when she's least expecting it.

      Costing around £12 from Amazon, I highly recommend the Large Giotto Rocket-air as a must-have for anyone who owns an SLR camera, and is serious about photography - it's a well made and handy device.


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