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Green Clean Wet & Dry

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2008 13:08
      Very helpful



      Better than just wiping!

      I am sure everybody who owns a digital camera, be it point and shoot basic or top of the range DSLR will experience the problem of keeping the screen on the rear of the camera clean. On a daily basis or as required the screen can simply be wiped either with a very clean soft cloth or with proper screen wipes of which there are many types available.

      This type of cleaning however is not good enough alone to keep your screen properly cleaned and free from harmful build ups. Wiping the screen down will get rid of dust light marks and fingerprints but what about the general build up of grime that is left behind and can become harmful to the screen? For this we have Green Clean Wet & Dry sensor cleaner.

      Now these are actually designed for cleaning the sensors on DSLR cameras and are built in sizes to fit the two types of sensor but they are a great product for the cleaning of rear screens also as they are designed to clean streak free and also to avoid leaving behind any fluff or dust particles as many wipes do.

      When using these for sensor cleaning which is there first and foremost purpose you must choose the size of kit you need either full frame size sensor or non full frame size sensor then they will fit exactly into the sensor space requiring cleaning.

      Green Clean Wet & Dry sensor Cleaners come in various pack sizes the ones I use is the Wet & Dry SC-4070-3 Kit which consists of 3 x wet foam swabs & 3 x dry sweepers which are all individually wrapped. This pack costs £12 - £18 depending where you buy it; this may seem expensive but when you weigh it up against your lens, sensor or screen of your camera becoming damaged there is no comparison especially if we are talking DSLR equipment.

      To use these for their main use which is the cleaning of sensors the following instructions should be followed, remove a pre-soaked wet foam swab from its packaging and gently wipe over the sensor from left to right and back again. Once this has been done for the whole sensor dispose of the swab as these are single use only.

      Next take the dry sweeper and again wipe this gently across the sensor from side to side, use this directly after the Wet Foam application, in order to lift off the dissolved grime before the moisture from the swab has time to dry.

      When using these to protect your rear screen you will need to do this maybe once a month or so to keep it completely free from grime build up. Take the exact same steps as you would when using for the sensor cleaning only make sure to press lightly into the corners of the screen where the grime tends to get pushed by other methods of cleaning. Again make sure to use the dry sweeper immediately after the swab to prevent streaks.

      You can buy these kits and various other Green Clean products from many places online including Amazon.co.uk. You will also find these products available in many camera specialist stores such as Jessop's. There are many types of cleaning products available from Green Clean and if you are not sure exactly which product is right for your camera, whether it be for lens cleaning, sensor cleaning or screen cleaning each product will have clearly explained on it what it is for and how to use.

      They do make separate cleaners and wipes for screen but I find this way of cleaning to be far superior to any other so if we are talking expensive equipment then I strongly suggest this cleaning method over simple wiping. Where as wipes will remove simple marks and finger prints this method of cleaning is designed to remove built up grime and even oily marks or sticky residue without leaving behind streaks.

      I can vouch for this product being streak free but only if used correctly, even though I have given a low down on how to use these swabs and sweepers always follow the instructions on the pack very carefully!

      Thanks for reading!

      ©2008 thebigc1690


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