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Hama Digi-Klear

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Hama Digi-Klear - Lens cleaning tool - silver

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    3 Reviews
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      12.11.2011 17:29
      Very helpful



      A brilliant tool that every photographer should have

      The lens-pen is a tool, taht all photographers should have in their bag, which is used to clean dirt, grime and smudges as well as finger prints off lenses and filters. The Hama Digi-Klear features a brush, which can be retracted back into the pen in order to keep fraying at a minimal. There is also a small pad, which is protected with a cap when not in use. This of course stops either the brush or pad from getting dirty.

      The brush is very soft and will remove any loose dust particles. Though you are advised to use a blower to remove these, but the brush will do the job just as well. The pad is for smudges and dried fluids such as water and rain. By pressing lightly on the pen and making small concentric circles the smudges should be completely removed. This is aided by a chemical concealed in the pen's cap. This will eventually run out but this is such an inexpensive and useful tool, purchasing another isn't a bad option.

      The digi-klear works perfectly on the camera's LCD screen and viewfinder, as well as with other electronics such as phones, especially touch-screen phones which are smudge magnets. Its best to use it only one small screens and glasses etc. as that chemical won't last forever.

      Hama is a third person company but that shouldn't turn anyone off, this really is a great product and not just for camera owners, as it works perfectly in cleaning the screens of other electronic products, such as mp3 players, handheld games consoles and phones, especially touch screen phones, which are smudge magnets.

      The lens-pen works perfectly but a blower and lens cloth are always good to have for cleaning as well and with the digi-klear make little work of keeping lenses, filters and screens dust and smudge free. It really is an inexpensive must have tool. You should have no problem finding these online for only a few euros or pounds


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      24.11.2010 11:38
      Very helpful



      Very usefull tools for any photographer.

      Hama is a well known brand of third-party photographic accessories that range from this small lens pen to full size tripods.
      This gives you an idea that your not dealing with a cheap chinese knock-off, for such a simple and cheap tool this may not seem important but it is.

      The digi-klear is what is known as a lens pen. Its shape makes that very clear. There a many lens pens, almost all feature the brush and pad. The purpose is essentially the gleaning of your lens glass or filters.

      The front element of your lens, or the filter you put in front of it will get dirty with dust, water and finger prints. The procedure most advised to clean it from dust is to use a blower. However small the dust particles you don't wish to drag them across the glass. Whatever is not blown away you can gently brush off.
      Don't be alarmed! Although I mention these cautions, lens glass, particularly the front element is far more resilient than people give it credit. However, a good lens should last many years, so that can mean allot of abuse, which you'll want to minimize.

      The brush is a soft brush which is important because of what I mention above. You could use it to clean your camera or lens body, but this is what its designed to do, and its best you don't contaminate its with dust grain any more than needed. The brush can retracts which is nice so you don't get it dirty.

      Those specks that still don't budge are usually the result of dried water/mud/saliva droplets. I got plenty of this living in Scotland, the mist, the rain, a few shots of friends and a K10D water resistant body leads you to a lot of evidence of "abuse". Except for large water droplets from rain or fogging of the lens (under heavy mist) you shouldn't bother yourself with cleaning much (even dust). Light properties are wonderful, and are scarcely affected by some tiny obstacles.
      But if you do want to clean the "leftovers" your options are a lens cleaning cloth or the pad of the lens. The pad takes longer to work on the whole glass, but I find it more effective and it can reach the edge of the glass very easily which the lens cloth cant.

      The pad when you put its cap, takes on a some chemical which is suppose to help with the cleaning. This is the reason I wanted to go for the Hama rather than a no brand.
      The pad does a great job, especially with the finger prints, which are essential imprints made through your bodies natural grease and can be hard to remove completely. I've used the pad on the LCD screen and my glasses to great results as well. The chemicals will run out eventually, lets see what the pad does on its own.

      Almost all the lens pens are the same as I said, probably the same plastics. The only reason to spend a bit more is really peace of mind about those chemicals... Which could be a completely bogus prejudice of mine.


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      04.04.2009 16:05
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended by me!!

      Hama is a company that is becoming more and more well known in the digital photography market as not only an inexpensive company but a very, very good company and one that brings inexpensive choices of already available products as well as bringing some very innovative products of their own.

      The Hama Digi-clear is one of their innovative products and although it has its limits it is a very inexpensive and simple to use tool that I would recommend all keen photographer purchase. What the Hama Digi-Klear is basically is a lens cleaning tool but it is very small and easy to use as well as being very effective.

      I have to say I would not let this loose about my expensive DSLR lenses as I prefer to have them professionally cleaned if a simple blow out of the dust is not enough, but what I do use this for is the more simple tasks of cleaning the lens on my bridge camera as well as cleaning the LCD screens and viewfinders on my bridge and DSLR`s.

      The Digi-Klear is pen shaped and features a retractable brush at one end and a capped angled cleaning pad at the other, the triangular cleaning pad means that you can get into all the tight corners that are usually very hard to clean on viewfinders and LCD screens and the brush end offers you the sweeping effect on dust particles rather than just smudging them around.

      The pen has a non toxic chemical formula that Hama guarantee will not dry out and so far in the 7 months I have owned mine this appears to be true.

      The cleaning instructions are very simple and also very effective, use the brush end first to remove any loose dust particles then if there are marks on the screen such as finger prints or the likes, simply use the cleaning pad and the screen/viewfinder/lens (if you are brave enough to go down that route) will be left spotlessly clean and smudge free.

      The pen is very strong and will not break easy, it does not need any special care and it will continue to work time after time after time. It is also a very inexpensive product at less than ten pounds and if you have ever tried to clean a viewfinder on a camera or an LCD screen then you will know how awkward it can be and that is exactly why you should get yourself one of these.

      These are not limited to photographers either although that is the market they are aimed at, these days everyone has a mobile phone and things like MP3`s with screens or MP4 players and PDA`s are a lot more common and this Digi-Klear can be used to clean the screens of all these products so it really is a must have tool for almost everyone.

      The tool is silver in colour and can be clipped to a pocket or carried in a very small compartment of a camera bag or even a handbag. A very good friend of mine who has a tiny hand held camcorder and simply loves videoing everything she sees for her blogs and her YouTube account recently got one of these on my recommendation and she swears by it too.

      She carries it in her handbag and reckons she can clean the lens and screen of her camcorder in less than two minutes anywhere she needs to.

      This tool is available from many places online including Warehouse Express and Amazon. I recommend this highly to all photographers and anyone else who has any item with a tricky to clean LCD screen.

      Thanks for reading.

      © thebigc1690


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    • Product Details

      Hama is committed to developing and delivering products that achieve the highest performance at a most competitive price, within easy reach of everybody. Hama has dedicated manufacturing facilities and partners all over the world to meet the needs of all its customers for years to come.


      With special triangle form for corners difficult to access;
      Especially for lenses of small diameter and LCD Displays;
      Ideal for digital cameras, PDA, mobile phones and camcorders;
      With lens brush and special velvet;
      With non-toxic chemical compound;
      For cleaning of the lenses and the LCD displays;
      Will not dry out.